10 BTS Songs That Can Make You Fall In Love With Them

With the growing popularity of the Kpop band BTS, there is hardly anyone in the world who are not familiar with BTS songs. These songs are getting popular day by day and every song is enjoyable.

There is hardly anyone who did not hear the name of BTS, even people who are not their fans cannot stay away from their charisma.

Although it is very difficult to pick the best one from BTS songs we have picked our 10 most favourite BTS songs.

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1: Life goes on:

This song from their recent album ‘’BE’’ proved to be the warm hug for the ARMY in the cold winter. This song released during the pandemic and is among our favourite list due to its hopeful lyrics and the soft melodies.

2: Boys with Love:

This song of BTS released in 2019 in collaboration with Halsey and has over one billion views on youtube. This song is treated for your ears and light up your mood.

3: Dynamite:

BTS first-ever English song that has taken over the world by storm. The song received appreciation everywhere in the world and became the first song to be on Billboard by a Korean band. This song is fun to watch and listen.

4: Black Swan:

This song is in our topmost favourite list due to its catchy music, amazing lyrics, brilliant cinematography and our handsome BTS members. Once you have listened to this song there is no going back and this song will be forever in your playlist.

5: Fake Love:

Released in 2018, Fake Love has over 800 million views on youtube. The song is based on the concept that if your love is not genuine it cannot last long. The melodious voices of the vocals combined with the intense voice of rappers make us listen to this song again and again and it became our favourite.

6: Idol:

Idol released in 2018 that celebrates the success of the BTS and the unconditional love of ARMYs for them. If you want to do a party, there is nothing better than IDOL. It can make anyone dance. This song is exciting and its music video is funky and catchy. The graphics used in the video are treated to watch and it is one of our favourites.

7: Blood sweat and Tears:

Released in 2016, this song has over 600 million views on youtube and it is also one of our favourites. This music video is fun to watch because of the cinematography and the dance moves of our lovely BTS members. The music and the voices of BTS members can make you hooked to this song.

8: Spring Day:

Spring Day is another favourite song of ours. Released in 2017, the song is based on the grief after losing your loved ones and moving on. The lyrics of the song has a beautiful meaning. This song is a masterpiece and if you want to enjoy it fully you have to understand the lyrics.

9: Mic Drop:

Released in 2017, Mic drop has over 800 million views on youtube. The song can make you dance with its music and beats. The music video is also fun to watch due to the powerful dance moves by our favourite BTS members. Mic Drop is also one of our favourite songs.

10: Fire:

You can listen to this song when you are happy and also when you are sad. The music video can uplift your mood with its amazing cinematography and dance moves by the handsome BTS members.

These are our top favourite BTS songs, although each member of BTS has also their solos that are favourite of everyone but we picked our top. You can also share yours in the comment section.

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