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20 South Korean Horror dramas | Best Horror Kdramas

by Naz khaliq
south korean horror dramas
best south Korean horror dramas

Looking for South Korean horror dramas that also have spirits, dead people, zombies, evil and funny ghosts? Here is a list of the best Korean horror dramas that will serve your purpose. Some of these horror Kdramas are serious and mysterious while others are horror comedies.

Before mentioning the names, let us clear the numbering is random and without any competition. Kindly scroll down to find out your favourite horror show.

1: Children of Nobody (2018-2019):

Children of nobody/ South Korean Horror dramas/ spirits and ghost

Children of Nobody is one of the South Korean horror dramas that is also known as Red Moon Blue Sun and it revolves around a happy couple whose life is shaken after the death of their second child. Cha Woo-kyung is a psychologist who after the death of her second child finds a mysterious child. She starts investigating to find out the truth. Her husband Kang Ji-hyun believes that every crime should be punished by the court. The story also revolves around a child centre and there is lots of mystery involved in it.

2: The Ghost Detective (2018)

The Ghost Detective/ South Korean Horror dramas/ spirits and ghost

The Ghost Detective is one of those South Korean horror dramas that is about a detective Lee Da-il who catches evil ghosts and tries to solve different cases with the help of his assistant Jung Yeo-wool. The younger sibling of Jung Yeo-wool dies and at every crime scene, a mysterious woman appears. They both try to solve the mystery and find out the truth about that woman.

3: The Master’s Sun (2013):

The Master's Sun/ South Korean Horror dramas/ spirits and ghost

The story revolves around Tae Gong-Shil whose life takes a turn when after an accident she develops the ability to see ghosts. The ghosts start making her life hell and in the beginning, she feels trouble coping with them. Joo Joong-won is a self-centered man and in the beginning, he uses Gong Shil to communicate with his dead girlfriend so that he would be able to get the money that she has buried somewhere.

With the passage of time, he develops the feeling for Gong Shil and learns the importance of human relations. It is one of those South Korean horror dramas, where you will also see romance.

4: Nightmare Teacher (2016):

Nightmare Teacher is one of the South Korean Horror dramas that has spirits and ghost

Nightmare Teacher is a web drama series and it is also available on Netflix too. The main cast includes Uhm Ki Joon, Kim So Hyun, Lee Minhyuk. Kang Ye Rim played by Kim so Hyun is a brilliant student who starts developing the feeling that there is something wrong with her teacher and her other classmates. The dreams that one of her classmates sees turn into reality.

5: Hotel Del Luna (2019)

Hotel del Luna/ South Korean Horror dramas/ spirits and ghost

Hotel Del Luna is a strange kind of hotel that is visible only to those who are dead. They stay here for some time and then the hotel management sends them to their final destination. The drama has the element of comedy and romance. Jang Man-Wol played by IU is the owner of the hotel and she is stuck in this human world.

She is stuck in this world due to her past which is unforgivable by nature. She will serve in the world until fate will decide her final destination. She also fell in love with a human. This is one of those South Korean horror dramas where you will see glimpses of the past with the present.

6: A Korean Odyssey (2017)

A Korean Odyssey/ South Korean Horror dramas/ spirits and ghost

A Korean Odyssey has various supernatural elements in which many creatures who have turned into humans after hundreds of years are living among humans. Seon-mi is a girl who is cursed since her childhood and she has the ability to see ghosts. She tries to save people from evil ghosts and many evil creatures are after her because of a belief that she has the ability that can make them mortal. It is one of those South Korean horror dramas where you will see every kind of supernatural element. The genre of this horror Kdrama is a horror comedy.

7: Bring it on Ghost (2016)/ Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight:

Bring it on Ghost is one of the South Korean Horror dramas that has spirits and ghost

Bring it on Ghost is one of the South Korean horror dramas that also has a love story. Park Bong-pal has the ability to see ghosts and he tries to solve ghost cases with his two friends. One day during the investigation of some cases, he encounters a girl ghost and she starts to live with him. They both develop feeling for each other.

Later the audience comes to know that the girl is not dead, but she is in a coma and after recovering from a coma, she forgets Bong-Pal until then they figure out who is the person who tried to kill her and leave in before death state. During her stay with Bong-Pal, they solve many cases of ghosts. This is also a romantic horror comedy.

8: Oh my Ghost (2015):

Oh my Ghost is one of the South Korean Horror dramas that has spirits and ghost

The drama revolves around a weak and timid girl Na Bong-sun who works at a restaurant and also has low self-esteem. She has a crush on her boss Kang Sun-woo who is irritated by her presence. Soon the ghost of a girl who possesses her body is looking for his murderer. Bong-sun becomes confident and gains the attention of her boss. Moreover, the ghost tries to solve the mystery of her murder. Oh My Ghost cast includes Park Bo-young, Jo Jung-suk, Lim Ju-hwan and Kim Seul-gi in lead roles.

9: Cheo Yong (2014):

Korean ghost drama

This series has two seasons. The first part is about a man Yoon Cheo-yong who is a detective and has lost his family in a tragic incident. He goes undercover for several years but he has the ability to see ghosts. One day, this ability makes him alive after being dead. The second season of Cheo Yong came in 2016. Cheo Yong cast includes Oh Ji-ho who is playing the lead.

10: Arang and the Magistrate (2012):

Arang and the Magistrate is one of the South Korean Horror dramas that has spirits and ghost

Arang and the Magistrate is one of those South Korean horror dramas that are also historical and has supernatural elements. Kim Eun-oh is a nobleman who comes to a village to find his mother and he has the ability to see spirits. However, he always pretends that he cannot see them.

Arang is a ghost and she has lost all her memories of when she was a human. Her spirit cannot go to the final destination until she finds out the truth about her death. When she finds out that Eun-oh can see her, she requests him to help her. He finds out that there is a connection between his lost mother and this ghost, so he decides to help her to find his mother. The cast includes Shin Min-a and Lee Joon-gi in lead roles and it has 20 episodes.

11: Priest: (2018)

Korean horror drama

Priest is a 2018 South Korean horror drama. It is the story of doctors and exorcist that protects people in a catholic hospital. The drama cast includes Yeon Woo-jin, Jeong Yu-mi and Park Yong-woo. This Korean horror series has 16 episodes.

12: Black (2017):

Black/  South Korean Horror dramas/ spirits and ghost

Starring famous names like Song Seung-Heon, Go Ara, Lee El Black story revolves around a detective man and a woman. However, the detective is dead long ago and his body is now possessed by a grim reaper. The woman played by Go Ara can see death shadows and she knows when the person is going to die. She always wears back glasses in order to avoid ghosts and dead bodies. They start solving many cases together, while the grim reaper fell in love with a human being Kang-Ha ram played by Go Ara. This Korean horror series cast includes Go Ara and Song Seung heon in lead roles and it has 18 episodes.

13: Sweet Home (2020):

Korean horror drama

Sweet Home is one of the best South Korean horror dramas that was released on Netflix. The story is about a man who moves into a new apartment but that building is surrounded by monsters. The drama has 10 episodes and it is based on a webtoon. This is one of the scariest Korean horror series. Sweet Home cast includes Song Kang, Lee Do-hyeon and Lee Si-young in lead roles. This popular horror Kdrama has 10 episodes.

14: Strangers From Hell (2019):

Korean horror dramas

Strangers From Hell is a 2019 Korean horror drama. It is based on a webtoon. The story of this horror drama focuses on mysterious murders of people. These murders are not normal as the people seem to b tortured brutally before killing. A police officer starts an investigation into these murders and lives in a building as a tenant for this purpose.

Initially, everything seems fine but soon he realizes nothing is normal with the other tenants. He also notices a handsome man is taking so much interest in him. However, things are turned ugly. This is definitely one of the most disturbing Kdramas that will haunt you even after many days. Strangers From Hell cast includes Lee Dong-Wook and Siqan in lead roles. This horror Kdrama has 10 episodes.

15: Sell Your Haunted House (2021):

Korean horror series

The story of this Korean ghost series revolves around a real state broker who becomes an exorcist. She joins hands with a con artist and saves people from evil ghosts. The woman played by Jang Na-ra wants to know about the mysterious death of her mother. The drama covers many ghost incidents and has lots of mystery in it. It is also an evil spirit Korean drama. Sell Your Haunted House cast includes Jang Na-ra, Jung Yong-hwa, Kang Hong-seok, Ahn Gil-kang and it has 16 episodes.

16: Kingdom (2019):

korean horror dramas

Kingdom is one of the scariest Korean dramas. The drama is set in the Joseon era and it is a horror thriller drama. The story revolves around a crown prince who is trying to reveal the reason behind a plague. The plague is turning humans into Zombies. There is a lot of horror and zombies in this drama. Korean horror series Kingdom has two seasons and episodes are 12. The list of horror Korean dramas 2019 is incomplete without Zombie Kdrama Kingdom.

17: Squid Game (2021):

Korean horror shows

Squid Game changed the game for all Kdramas. The drama is scary in the sense that it includes all the deadly games. The participant has to choose between life and death and there is no escape. Squid Game is the most popular Korean show on Netflix. Korean horror series Squid Game cast includes Lee Jug-jae, Hoyeon Jung, and Lee Yoo-Mi along with many other actors that have equal contributions to its success. It is also one of the scary Kdramas on Netflix.

18: All of Us Are Dead (2022):

The Korean Entertainment Industry is again in news with their new Korean horror series All of Us Are Dead. The drama is based on Zombies who make the lives of high school students hell. The students are stuck in a school where their fellow class fellows and friends start turning into zombies and killing others. This show has become top rated in many countries across the world. It is also one of the top trending Korean horror dramas on Netflix. All of Us are Dead cast includes Lee Yoo-Mi, Kim Byung Chul, Park Soloman along with many new actors.

19: Happiness (2021):

Korean horror dramas

The story of this Korean horror drama is based on a virus that is outbreaking because of a dose. The dose’s purpose is to treat Covid-19 patients but it reacts negatively and humans start turning into Zombies. The patients are kept in observation in the hope that they will be cured after the treatment. Han Hyo-joo and Park Hyung-sik are the lead actors in this Korean horror series where they are playing the characters of childhood friends who pretend to be married in order to save the people. The drama has 12 episodes and right now it is trending on Netflix.

20: Hellbound (2021):

Korean horror dramas

Hellbound is one of the South Korean horror dramas that are Netflix original. It is based on a webtoon with the same name. The series starts with the prophecy that has the message that certain individuals are bound to be in hell and this can happen after some months or years. When the time comes, three giant monsters come and take these people to hell. there are also some organizations that gain power by using people’s fears. It is a short Korean horror series with 6 episodes.

Korean horror dramas are available on KissAsian.com and Asian.Tv. You can also watch all these dramas on Netflix.

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