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Hande Ercel is one of the most famous Turkish actresses that are also equally famous in Pakistan. We have a list of Hande Ercel dramas that will help to find her best series to watch.

In Pakistan, she is mainly famous for her role as Hayat. She is also extremely beautiful, and there is no doubt about her acting abilities.

There is no doubt that she has done different kinds of roles in Turkish dramas. Here are the top 7 Turkish Hande Ercel dramas that you should watch. Some of Hande Erlcel Turkish series are available with English subtitles while series like Hayat Murat and Sunehri Titliyan are also available with Urdu dubbed.

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  1. Halka:

This is one of the most powerful roles of Hande Ercel and in fact of Turkish serials. If you want to see how better a girl handles a gun, you should see this drama. The drama is available on Youtube but the sad thing is until now we are unable to find English subtitles. (Some episodes are available, some are not). The drama revolves around a mafia gang. Hande is playing the role of the daughter of a wicked business. She is strong, independent and an intelligent woman. It is one of the Turkish series where we can see a strong female lead. This is one of the Hande Ercel dramas where you can feel the power in women’s hand.

2: Ask Laftan Anlamaz/ Hayat Murat

This one is also one of the most famous Hande Ercel dramas and it is also dubbed in the Urdu language. This is about the love story and love and hate relationship of Hayat and Murat where both are playing strong characters. Hayat Murat (the drama is famous with this name in Pakistan) is also one of the famous Turkish drama in Pakistan too and Hande has a huge fan following in Pakistan because of this drama. People fell in love with Hande after this popular Turkish series.

3: Güneşin Kızları/ Sunshine Girls:

The drama is about three sisters whose mother get married a second time. The character of Hande in this drama is a girl who flirts here and there until fell in love with a serious guy. The drama is about family relations and the love relationships of three sisters. It is about love and family commitments. This is one of Hande Ercel dramas where there are multiple plots. It is also available in Urdu dubbed version and has a huge fan following in Pakistan.

4: Azizi:

Azizi is a revenge story of a girl who promises to take revenge from a mafia group who killed her father and led her mother to hospital but she fell in love with the younger son of that group. It could be one of the best serial due to the strong female lead but it was cancelled without any finale. Hande is looking ethereal in this drama too.

5: Çilgin Dersane Üniversitede:

It is a 2014 drama and about the life of university students. The drama is about their relationships and friendship and it is one of the earlier dramas of Hande.

6: Siyah Inci:

The drama is about a girl who loves someone and they are about to marry. This drama has an obsessive lover who kidnaps the girl and forces her to marry him. He rapes her and forcefully marries her. She has no other choice and marries him for revenge. But it has a happy ending for the couple who eventually succeed to be together. The drama focuses on the love triangle but also on the serious issue of rape.

7: Sen cal Kapimi (You Knock on My Door)

The drama cast includes Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin in lead roles. The man offers the girl to pretend as his girlfriend for two months. They fell in love during all this pretension. The Turkish drama of Hande Ercel is released in 2020.

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