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dribblingthoughts.com began in 2019. After observing the society, relationships and human behaviours it was the initiative of a person to share it with other people.

We believe in spreading positivity and try to point out issues and problems not only in society but also in human relations. We try to analyze entertainment shows and literature and it is not limited to a single country. It is not limited to one era, we try to observe, read, watch and analyze every event, show or book. We also share personal stories and poetry.

It is not just an entertainment website, it hopes that people will ponder not only outside of the world but the world that is inside of them.

It encourages its reader to share their thoughts in the comment section, but we do not appreciate spam comments neither we approve it. The Edits that we use in our posts are the property of dribblingthoughts.com and we believe that one should ask permission before using them and with proper credit. Those images that are someone else property if we use, we give them proper credit and we expect the same.

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