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Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi case: A case of Assault or allegation

by Naz khaliq
Ali zafar and Meesha Shafi
Ali Zafar And Meesha Shafi harrasment Case

After the “me too” movement came into the spotlight, many victims came out and spoke.  Recently Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi harassment case has made headlines. Some people are blaming Ali and some Meesha.

The people are presenting their point of view and behind the screen judging others’ characters. We were not present at the moment when and if this happened or not. How can we declare anyone a culprit? 

However, there are some speculations regarding Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi’s case:  

Ali Zafar has more fan following than Meesha.  Obviously, they will blindly support him.

Secondly,  Ali Zafar’s wife is supporting him and this seems to be a strong proof of the innocence of Ali. Those who have an interest in the entertainment industry know very well how wives come forward and hide even the love affairs of their husbands for the sake of their social status or children.    

Thirdly, if Meesha is right then how can she proves.  The thing is people are so uneducated and pointless that they do not know how to take sides and support someone.

Here are the famous comments by most people on the internet who even do not know them personally:

1: She belongs to the showbiz industry, in which anyone can touch any woman or keep the relation of any kind. So harassing words seems like a joke because it is coming from a woman who belongs to showbiz. This thing is not new, I have heard the same thing about women of universities, colleges and those who are working in the education department. Men often use the same wording, same sexist jokes for them. And when will our people able to understand acceptance and rejection. If some woman dressing is not appropriate according to society’s moral code.

 2: Ali Zafar’s wife is more beautiful than Meesha, why he would choose her? ( I have tried to present this in the most decent way than those comments and remarks) Many men harass women in gowns and veils too. It just satisfies them and gives them happiness. Many even cannot see women face. Many think as they have right on the women’s bodies of their family, they have the same in the case of others. If we see logic and reality, then this statement also proves wrong.

 3: Many women try to woo rich men and if not possible in the end they put allegations on them. I agree with this one, these kinds of women are out there. However, the thing in the case of Meesha, she is the daughter of a well-known actress. She is married and has a family. So obviously this statement is not true in the case of Meesha, at least it does not seem like this. 

4: If Ali Zafar harassed Meesha, where is the proof? This is the most illogical and stupid question that someone can ask. Not everyone goes out in hope of getting abused, harassed or raped. Not everyone can think like this if she is working in an office, where all the people are supposed to be educated and well mannered. And last but not the least, her phone was not on the recording mode. 

5: If Ali Zafar harassed Meesha, why she was quiet and now all of a sudden she is speaking? She must be looking for popularity. When a woman is being harassed by some men, even in a street, she goes in a shocking or at least surprising state. And then she thinks, it is better to keep my mouth shut because all crowd will gather and some will judge me or even blame me. If someone thinks women in a gown and full covered face never face harassment then you are not living in Pakistan. And if some woman never faced this, then my dear you are living in a safe environment and you are lucky. 

The only thing that seems logical to me in case of Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi case:

  • Perhaps Ali Zafar did something wrong, as touching is common in the industry and Meesha Shafi did not like this and later she decided to speak about it.
  • Perhaps there was something between them but due to some reason it ended on a bad note and now, Meesha is not letting him free.

There are two bad things that will happen after this case:

  • If Ali’s innocence will prove, then this is a bad thing in a way that the harassment case will become a joke and nobody will take action of harassment reports.
  •  If Meesha is innocent and it would not prove then this is bad again, because then no one will have the courage to talk about this injustice.

 In both cases, harassment will become a joke. 

If we think about the benefits that Meesha will get if Ali will prove guilty. If she is lying about her harassment. She is the one who put this allegation on Ali first. This is the question. The only thing that can be used as a proof that who is getting more sympathy and who is using all this drama for his/her popularity.  

People who know both can tell about them how are they in their lives. It can be used as proof. People should calm down and do not look at the surface, they don’t know what happened back there. And this drama should end now.  

(For those who do not know Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi. Ali Zafar is a famous Pakistani singer who has also worked in 2,3 Bollywood movies. Meesha Shafi is also a singer and she is the daughter of well-known Tv actress Saba Hameed. both are married and have kids.)

Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi have their own point of view regarding this case. Recently many people favoured Ali Zafar in this case and many took back their allegation. Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi harassment case surely raise many questions, it should be handled with care. If Ali is really innocent then it will put every victim into the category of doubt.

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