13 Best Ary Digital Dramas List for Pakistani Dramas Fans

Pakistani dramas provide you with lots of Entertainment. Just like other Pakistani channels, we have Ary Digital dramas list that will help you to find some of the best Pakistani dramas. This list consists of those Ary dramas that have a unique storyline that makes them unique from other dramas. Here is Ary Dramas list that you should watch.

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13: Meray Pass Tum Ho (2019):

This Ary tv drama created havoc especially because of its controversial theme that shows a lead female character who commits adultery. This was the first time when a lead female character was shown in this way and the character was also played by one of the most famous Pakistani actresses Ayeza Khan. Obviously, most viewers of the drama were men who were thankful to show men in a helpless state and a woman characterless.

Although it was not a new theme, the drama was talk of the town because of its strong cast, amazing Ost and controversial dialogues proving women’s disloyalty. Meray Pass Tum Ho is on our list because of its unique theme and dramatic portrayal of characters. Meray Pass tum Ho cast includes Ayeza Khan, Hamayun Saeed, Adana Siddique and Hira Mani in lead roles.

12: Ishqiya (2020):

Ishqiya is the story of Hamza who is in love with Hamna. He wants to marry her but she does not talk about it to her parents. She agrees to marry someone else and this breaks Hamza. Hamza is in madly love with Hamna who also hides her engagement for many days from Hamza. Hamza decides to take revenge on her and sends a marriage proposal for Hamna’s sister Roomi. He blackmails Hamna that he will destroy her sister lived, but he does not do it.

After marriage, the lovable nature of Roomi makes Hamza fall in love with her. However, he maintains his bad image in front of Hamna. His life with Roomi starts blossoming when one-day Hamna tells Roomi about her past. Roomi leaves Hamza in the end. This Ary drama is on our list because of the beautiful relationship of Hamza and Roomi but you should be ready to get a heartbreak. Ishqiya cast includes Feroze Khan, Hania Amir and Ramsha Khan in lead roles.

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11: Shukk (2014):

This Ary tv drama revolves around the life of two married couples. Ehtisham and Sehrish are happily married but they do not have any children. This makes Sehrish irritated and she is often disturbed. Their life is disturbed when Ehtisham ex-fiance Sania enters the neighbourhood and she is married. Sania’s husband is abusive and he often humiliates her. Their child is disturbed and always in fear. Ehtisham notices all this and he gets attached to the child. This makes Sherish uncomfortable and jealous. She starts suspecting Ehtisham and Sania relation.

Gradually it seems Ehtisham feels happy when he is with Sania and her son. He tries his best to comfort Sehrish but things get worsen. After Sania decides to move out from his abusive husband, her relationship with Ehtisham changes. However, she is guilty that she destroyed Ehtisham married life. This is a beautiful story of relationship, marriage and understanding. Shukk cast includes Sanam Saeed, Ayesha Khan ad Adeel Hussain.

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10: Mera Saaein (2010):

Mera Saaein is a political Pakistani drama that focuses on the life of a feudal lord. The feudal lord played by Noman Ijaz love to acquire power, be it the power of wealth or women. His first wife is unable to give him a male child and he wants it badly. If he an eye o some woman, she cannot escape.

The drama also focuses on the life of women that live under the roof of Saaein (lord) and their effort to sustain their power in the life of Saaein. There are lots of conspiracies in the house and only the most clever one will get away. Mera Saaein has two seasons and the season 1 cast includes Noman Ijaz, Savera Nadeem, Amina Sheikh and Sunita Marshal in lead roles.

9: Balaa (2018):

Balaa is the story of a physically impaired girl Nigaar. However this time the drama did not show her as a poor wretched girl who face the wrath of others. In fact, Nigaar is a witch who does not care about others. In order to hide her inferiority complex, she makes everyone life hell. She likes her cousin Taimoor but he is in love with another girl Saba.

Nigaar makes Saba’s life hell and throws her out of Taimoor life. She gets married to Taimoor and tortures his mother to such an extent that she dies. However, this drama is on our list because of a perfect revenge plan that is executed by Taimoor. This is a must watch Ary drama that you cannot miss. Balaa cast includes Ushna Shah, Bilal Abbas Khan and Azekha Daneil in lead roles.

8: Ghisi Piti Mohabbat (2020):

The drama is about a girl Samia who marries several times. She is a strong and independent girl but every time destiny makes fun of her. Every marriage becomes a heartbreak for her but she has to marry again for the sake of society. The drama depicts the harsh reality of a society where an independent girl has no place. She has to face harassment everywhere she goes. However, in the end, she prefers to live alone in the end with success in her career. Ghisi Piti Mohabbat cast includes Ramsha Khan and Wahaj Ali in lead roles.

7: Aangan (2017):

Angan is one of the Ary digital dramas that is based on the joint family system/ The drama is about the relationship between brothers and their families. They share their happiness and sorrow together. This is a beautiful family Pakistani drama that you should watch. Aangan cast includes Qavi Khan, Samina Ahmed and Mansha Pasha in lead roles while there are many other famous Pakistani actors in the drama.

6: Besharam (2016):

Besharam drama is about Haider and Mashal. Mashal is an actress and Haider wants to become a politician. Mashal and Haider are invited to a talk show where they have an argument. In the result of that argument, Mashal marries Haider to prove herself. Haider family does not accept Mashal and she tries to fit in with his family. This Ary drama is about love and family relationship and Haider and Mashal love story is a fresh concept. Besharam cast includes Zahid Ahmed and Saba Qamar in the lead roles.

5: Pukaar (2018):

Pukaar is about a girl Samra who gets married to the love of her life. Her dream of leading a happy married life is shattered when her husband is murdered after few weeks. She is married in a strict feudal lords family who has a political background. After her husband died, her life becomes hell. She gives birth to a son and her in-laws do not allow her to step out of the house.

Until one day, a man enters her life as her brother in law. He cannot stand injustice ad takes a stand for her. He promises her to be with him in every tough situation. This is a beautiful story of love, heartbreak and then finding the love again. ope to find love again. Pukaar cast includes Zahid Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi in lead roles.

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4: Cheekh (2019):

Cheekh is one of the most famous suspense thriller crime Ary digital dramas. The drama revolves around a woman who has to fight against her brother in law. The brother in law makes her life hell and does everything evil to stop her. In the process of seeking justice, she loses everything but in the end finally win against him. Cheekh cast includes Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas Khan in lead roles.

3: Dil Lagi (2016):

This is one of the romantic Ary digital dramas. The drama is about the hate-love relationship between Mohid and Anmol. Mohid is in love with Anmol while she hates him because of some misunderstandings. she tries everything to hurt him while he constantly loves her and protects her. They get married but after marriage, Anmol continues her hate. Gradually she realizes the goodness and love of Mohid. This is a beautiful loves story with amazing dialogues and ost that you should not miss. Dil Lagi cast includes Mehwish Hayat, Hamayun Saeed, Imran Ashraf and Saba Hameed in lead roles.

2: Daam (2010):

Daam is one of the best Pakistani dramas and also Ary digital dramas. It depicts the reality of a society where rich people feel they deserve everything including love and respect. The drama is about two girls who belong to opposite social classes. Zara belongs to a poor class who wear used clothes of rich friend Maleeha. She does not have any problem and is always thankful to Maleeha.

Things become complicated when Maleeha’s brother fell in love with Zara. Maleeha does not talk to Zara about it and consider it a betrayal. She conspires against Zara and tries to destroy her life. The drama depicts the harsh reality where only people prefers wealth and status over relations. Daam cast includes Sanam Baloch, Amna Sheikh, Adeel Hussain, Sanam Saeed and Nimra Bucha in lead roles.

1: Pyarey Afzal (2013):

Whenever there is a discussion about Pakistan best dramas, Ary drama Pyarey Afzal is on the top. The drama is filled with beautiful emotions and dialogues. The transition of characters is remarkable. Apart from the main leads, every character of the drama is outstanding. However you need a box of tissues to watch this Ary drama especially the last episode.

Pyarey Afzal is the story of a young boy who fell in love with a rich girl but there are lots of other things that will make you fell in love with this Ary tv drama. Pyarey Afzal cast includes Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ayeza Khan, Sana Javed, Firdous Jamal, Saba Hameed, Sohai Ali Abro and Anoushay Abbasi in major roles.

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