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12 Best Asif Ali Zardari Memes that can Make you Laugh

Asif Ali Zardari is a former Pakistani President. Before sharing with you guys the best circulating Asif Ali Zardari memes, let us tell you the reason behind it.

Many people have lost their interest in politics however Zardari become famous for his comment during an interview. During an old interview, Saleem Safi asked the former Pakistani President if his heart was broken by anyone and he replied “he does not have a heart that someone could break”. (pretty savage)

Everyone was impressed by the savage and intellectual reply of Zardari. However, the people started using their brains to create Asif Ali Zardari memes. These desi memes are so good that they can make your day and can give you a good laugh.


c: @uak


c: @memesofPakistan


c: @saeen-to-saeen


c: @queenAfshan




c: @Maheeeeeennn-


c: @rameen-farooqi




c: @achaw-sahiiii


c: @HzaaminAbbasi


c: @stopoffin


c: Moinazim-graphics

This interview was old but Memers know how to renew the old stuff and make it famous. Do not you think once again Memers done an amazing job. These are our top Asif Ali Zardari memes. What’s Yours?

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