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Attention and care in Love is as necessary as air to breath

by Naz khaliq
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Every human has feelings and wishes for their life partner. Even if they do not believe in a love relationship before marriage but they want a person in their life who understands their needs in terms of emotions too. It means a human needs someone for physical needs but more than that they need a person who can fulfil their emotional needs.

Nowadays it is very difficult when most people are after glamour, beauty and sexual pleasure that they will be able to fulfil the emotional needs of someone. However, at the end of the day, they are exhausted by all this and try to find a person who can support them emotionally.

In this journey of temporary pleasure, people sometimes lose a genuine person and hurt them. They think it is just a game. They reach that point where they need someone to understand them but they have lost genuine people. Only a few are lucky who get someone loyal and loving after betraying lots of others.

Sometimes, when we love someone, we just attract to their few traits; it can be physical appearance or the way of their talking and behaviour to other people. Moreover, it can be only attraction just like love at first sight.  At that time, we do not know anything about that person and we show no concern or interest in knowing their personalities. 

Men fell in love with the physical trait of women and women can fell in love with the same. After a while, when they are in a serious relationship or get married, they are failed to cope up with the realities of life. The beauty starts fading and real challenges come up.

After we are in love, we start searching for those things that we once wanted to see or wished to see in our loved ones. Gradually, we know that he/she is very different from our dreams. We find ourselves in a difficult situation. We cannot stop ourselves from loving that person and we do not feel happy either. Then there started a struggle to change that person according to our needs and wishes.

Only a few people try to change themselves if they find their counterpart is not comfortable with them. In this era of selfishness, people in love also try to focus more on themselves, than considering their partner’s wishes. At first, a person is acceptable with all his/her flaws or weakness, after some time the partner starts pressurizing them to change. The traits that were attractive in old times, soon become boring.

Idea of Love:

The idea of love is different from person to person, but one thing that is common is that every person wants attention and care from their loved ones. It’s human nature, we are born like this.

No relationship can be successful without attention and care. Our hearts need the blood of attention to make them healthy. Our mind needs the thinking that someone cares for us, inquires about us. Our body needs these nutrients of someone’s glance of attention that tingle every inch of our body and these all when combined, make us healthy and happy. 

I have realized, most people do not change with the passage of time. It is because of the reason that in beginning we do not know much about them. People are in fear that if they will open up at the start, other people will leave. People do it to attract the attention of the other person by only revealing some part of their personalities and hiding most of them.

People are in fear that the other person would think of them as not suitable for them. Most of the time, in order to eradicate loneliness they hide their true selves, present themselves as enjoyable personalities. However, with the passage of time, it all reveals and it only causes pain

I think people should stop doing this, it’s better to disclose every emotion and every problem at the start, rather than make the other person’s life difficult with the passage of time. If someone shows signs of attraction towards you, you should clearly tell them everything about you. this is very necessary to save you and others from future pain.

The media is showing us weird kinds of things and many people think they are all real. In an effort to try that weird kind of thing, humans are unsatisfied in many ways. Humans are not ready to listen to other problems and want temporary relations. In order to do it, they are losing their essence that is love and compassion.

A person should consider their partner’s needs too. Most of the problems occur in relationships when we stop considering other person needs. Try to listen to them if they want to share something without making them realize that they are irritating you. If you will show your anger on their problems they will stop telling you and soon find someone else to share things with. Try to provide your shoulder and be sympathetic if you cannot be empathetic.  

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