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Ayeza Khan: A Popular Pretty actress who is giving us the same kind of characters

Ayeza Khan is one of the most famous and beautiful actresses of the Pakistan television industry. She has done so many Pakistani dramas that it will be hard to count them all.

No doubt, she recently tried to do a different kind of role, however, it was still more of sympathetic character rather than negative. She could not justify the negative characterization, it was more a confusing character. Other characters that she does are almost the same.

Ayeza Khan dramas with Imran Abbas and now the recent one with Danish Taimoor is the same kind of drama of a crying and helpless girl. No doubt, she is a pretty and respectable actress of the Pakistani industry, but she should try to do something different and focus on her acting skills especially in terms of negative portrayal.

Ayeza Khan is a well-known actress in Pakistan and has done a countless number of dramas. She has done almost four dramas with Imran Abbas and all four Tum Kon Piya, Mohabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai, Thora Sa Haq, and Koi Chand Rakh seems to be same. Even it is hard to distinguish between these two that which one is on-air. They all look the same with minor changes here and there.

It is not like Ayeza Khan did not try to do negative roles, but she could not set a mark in that area too. Here we are not discussing her popularity, as she is one of the most popular faces of the Pakistan drama industry. Her dramas like Tau Dil Ka Kaya Hua and the recent most famous one Mere Pass Tum Ho are definitely hit and different. Ayeza Khan has done a different role than her usual crying heroine types, but still, these roles seem like poor, confused and helpless girls type roles rather than negatives.

In Mere Pass Tum Ho, she did her best but it seemed to be more like a girl who is unable to understand what is right for her and is confused rather than a negative character. Her emotions are confusing and it also confuses the audience whether she is portraying a different character or it is the same.

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There is less intensity whether Ayeza Khan portrays a positive or negative character. Moreover, her new drama with her husband Danish Taimoor( Mehrposh) has the typical story of a poor, helpless girl who gets divorced and people will blame her for that. They will drag her out of the house, put allegation on her like she is facing in the current drama Thora Sa Haq with Imran Abbas.

In her new drama, she will be a character who will cry over her destiny and people will make her life hell, the only savior can be someone else who tried to destroy her life.

Those celebrities who are famous, they should try to provide unique content. However, it is also true that people watch their dramas because they are the most famous faces of the Pakistan television industry.

People watch the dramas by seeing the cast that contains these popular faces and sometimes the bad content also get publicity because of this reason. The dramas get hit and makers think people like the content, then the same kind of content circulates around and we see the same kind of story in every second drama.

Ofcourse one of the major reason to follow the same trend is to earn money. If one concept is gaining more audience, everyone will try to make the same content.

People want to see their favourite actors in strong roles, but it seems it is difficult for Pakistani content makers to portray a strong female lead without making it vulgar. These dramas whose scripts based on helpless and wretched women they only spread more despair in a society where everyone takes women for granted and where every woman will think that she has made a mistake to born in the world.

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