11 Best Arrange Marriage Korean Dramas

It is very common in dramas to fell in love and then gets married. However, there are some arrange marriage Korean dramas where couples fell in love after marriage.

We have a list of arrange marriage Korean dramas that you need to watch if you believe in true love and the gradual development of love. Many of these arrange marriage Korean series are beautiful and make you fall in love with them.

11: Marriage, Not Dating (2014):

Korean drama Marriage Not Dating revolves around a man who does not have any interest in marriage. His parents want him to marry. He meets a girl Joo Jang-mi who has no luck in marriage proposals. She also has no luck in love and never gets success in relationships. He takes her to his home and tells everyone that she is his girlfriend. They fell in love gradually. This arrange marriage tv show has 26 episodes.

10: Sassy Girl Choon Hyang (2005):

Lee Mong-ryong and Sung Chu-hyang meet each other by accident. Mog-ryong sees her embarrassing photos and teases her often. Chu-hyang gets fed up with this and become ill. Mong-ryong feels bad and comes to meet her. They both are in the same school and everyone comes to know about Cha-hyang and Mog-ryong sleeping together. There is no love or one-night stand but their school fellows make it a controversy. They try to shut people mouths and get married to each other. This is one of the arrange marriage tv shows that involve love triangles from both sides and it has 17 episodes.

9: Emergency Couple (2014):

A medical student and a dietitian fell in love with each other when they are in school. They marry each other but their relationship could not survive. The man ends up his dream of becoming a doctor and becomes a salesman to earn. They both meet again and their love starts emerging again. This Kdrama has 21 episodes.

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8: Bride of the Century (2014):

Choi Kang-joo is the heir of a rich family and he is under the curse that his first wife will be dead. He is engaged to a wealthy heiress who is arrogant but she disappears right before the marriage. She is replaced by her look-alike who is sweet and has good nature. Kang joo gradually fell in love after marriage with her because of her good nature. This arrange marriage tv show has 16 episodes.

7: The King 2 Hearts (2012):

Kim Hang-ah is an officer of the North Korean special force. Lee Jae-ha is a crown prince who does not care about well being. They meet at a joint military training. They both start off with a lot of arguments. However, Lee Jae-ha fell in love with Kim Hag-ah. A marriage is arranged between them but things become complicated when someone kills the king and they have to stand against each other until the matter is solved. The cast of the drama includes Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi. The drama has 20 episodes.

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6: Wonderful Life (2005):

A man ( Han Seung-wan) travels to Singapore to meet his first lover. He meets another woman at the airport and they switch their passport by mistake. The second woman (Si-jin) reaches the address that is written o the passport. She meets Han Seung-wan who asks her for help to find his lover. They both start searching for Han Seung-wan lover but his heart is broken after finding his lover to be with someone else. Han Seung-wan and Si-jin end up on one nightstand. Si-jin becomes pregnant but Han Seung-wan does not take her responsibility.

After some years, their parents force them to marry because of the child who is now grown up. Han Seung-wan agrees to marry but set a list of rules. After a lot of arguments, they end up in love after marriage.

5: Because This Is My First Life (2017):

This is one of the arrange marriage tv shows in which the couple sign a contract of two years. Nam Se-hee marries a homeless writer and they sign a contract of marriage without feeling been involved. He decides to live with his wife by pretending a house owner. They gradually fell in love with each other. This drama has 16 episodes. The cast includes Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min. The drama is also available on Netflix.

4: Golden Bride (2007):

This is one of the famous arrange marriage Korean dramas and had top ratings. The drama has multiple plots that join together. One of the stories revolves around Jin Joo and Jun Woo who marry each other to travel to Korea. Jin Joo has to treat her mother and it can only be cured in Korea. She travels to Korea from Vietnam along with Jun Woo. They both get married but it is a fake marriage.

Gradually, Jin Joo realizes the serious efforts that Jun Woo makes for her and they fell in love with each other. The other stories are based on serious relationships, love, betrayal and broken marriages. This drama has stories of five couples and it has 60 episodes.

3: Princess Hours (2006):

Two royals families decide to marry their children who do not like each other. The heir likes someone else who leaves him. He is heartbroken and agrees to marry the princess. They both are also in the same school. The relationship after the marriage starts with lots of fights. However, with the passage of time, they start understanding each other. The problems rises when the ex-girlfriends of the heir come back. This is one of the best arrange marriage Korean dramas where love blossoms gradually. The drama has 24 episodes.

2: Mask (2015):

This is a suspense Korean drama that is filled with many conspiracies. However, it is also a arrange marriage that turns into love with the page of time. Choi Min-woo is a son of a wealthy family who has some health issues. He has an evil brother-in-law (Min Seok-hoon) who has eyes on his inheritance and he takes care of the family business.

The brother-in-law has an evil plan and he somehow succeeds in marrying Byun Ji-sook (a poor girl who look like his old girl rich girlfriend) and Choi Min-woo. The poor girl traps in his evil plan but gradually fell in love with her husband. She tries her best to save him and his family from the conspiracies. This Korean drama is also a good watch and it has 20 episodes.

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1: Fated to Love You (2014):

This is one of the best examples of love after marriage in Korean dramas. Lee Gun is a wealthy man who has a girlfriend but she refuses to marry him to pursue her career. Destiny makes him meet Kim Mi-young and due to some circumstances, they spend a night together. They have to marry each other and Kim Mi-young become pregnant.

Despite the fact that Lee Gun does not love her, he treats her with respect and gradually they fell in love. However, destiny has other plans when Lee Gun gets into an accident and forgets his relationship with Kim Mi-young. This is a beautiful journey of a couple from respect to love and from separation to end up together. The drama has 20 episodes. The cast of Fated to Love You includes Jang Hyuk and Jang Na-ra.

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