15 Best Boss Employee Romance Chinese Dramas

Boss Employee romance is a dominating theme in Chinese dramas. We have a list of Boss Employee Chinese romance dramas that you can watch to see office romance. Although there are many boss employee romance series, we have chosen the most popular ones.

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1: Boss and Me (2014):

This is one of the popular boss employee romance Chinese dramas. The drama is the love story of a boss and a young woman. The boss who is a wealthy person has a sister who has a rare blood type. He meets a woman who also has the same blood type. The man Feng Teng hires the woman so that she will be a blood donor for his sister. Gradually he falls in love with the woman. his best friend soon intervenes ad starts causing lots of troubles in their life. This is one of the famous boss employee romance Chinese dramas and ith has 33 episodes.

2: About is Love (2018):

The story revolves around a man who cannot interact with the opposite sex. He had gone through s something bad in the past and this affected his present life. He is a rich business but cannot be in the presence of a woman. He meets a woman and feels absolutely fine in her company. He hires her and makes a contract with her. He gradually falls in love with her. This office romance Chinese drama has 30 episodes.

3: Our Glamorous Time (2018):

Our Glamorous Time is one of the most famous boss employee romance Chinese dramas. The story of this drama revolves around a former military officer who is now running a business and a worker Lin Quin. The man Li Zhicheng family business is about to fail when he returns to save it. Lin Quin helps him in this journey and they fell in love with each other. This office romance drama has 50 episodes.

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4: Well Intended Love (2019):

Well Intended Love is one of the popular Boss Employee romance Chinese dramas. The story of this Chinese drama revolves around an actress who is suffering from Leukemia. She needs a bone marrow transplant. She marries a rich CEO on the terms of a contract. This office romance drama has two seasons and it has 36 episodes.

5: Lucky’s First Love (2019):

The story is narrated by three couples in the workplace. It is about a girl who never believed in love. she is a girl with potential who believes in making her career. She is hired by a strong and determined man who has reached this position by his hard work. Their relationship starts with a lot of bickering but they fell in love with each other. This office romance cdrama has 24 episodes.

6: When a Snail Falls in Love (2016):

When a Snail falls in Love is a crime based boss employee romance Chinese drama. The drama story revolves around the head of a crime unit who is hardworking and has strict rules. A new intern Xu Xu enters the crime unit. All the crimes that they encounter are connected to each other. It seems these crimes are done by one group or person. They both fall in love with each other. The number of episodes is 21.

7: Pretty Li Hui Zhen (2017):

Pretty Li Hui Zhen is a story about a girl who was pretty in her childhood but circumstances changed her physical appearance. She has a childhood best friend who is unable to recognize her. She is also embarrassed by her looks and hides her true identity from her handsome friend. Destiny makes her meet her best friend who has also become her boss. He does not recognize her and criticize her for her clumsy nature. This boss employee Chinese drama has 46 episodes.

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8: The Interpreter (2016):

The Inpterpreter is a story about a girl who always wanted to be a translator. She is poor and supports herself financially by working as a waitress. She gets into trouble with a French translator. Soon, she finds out that the man is her examiner where she has to give her an examination for a translator. She passes the test and also they become close to each other. This good romantic tv series has 44 episodes.

9: Love Me If you Dare (2015):

Love Me if You Dare is one of the best Boss employee romance Chinese dramas. The drama revolves around a mysterious man who hires a girl as his secretary. He lives in an abandoned house but soon his true identity reveals. this is also one of the best Cdramas that you cannot miss. There are lots of twists and turns in the drama and also has a great love story.

10: Best Time (2013):

Best Time story revolves around two high schoolmates when a girl Su Man falls in love with Song Yi. song Yi is an intelligent and ambitious boy who later becomes a successful businessman. After some years, he returns back and establishes a successful company Su Man joins the same company to be close to him. This is one of the boss employee romance Chinese dramas that has love triangles. This office romance cdrama has 47 episodes.

11: Yes! Mr Fashion (2016):

A rich man joins a fashion company and hides his true identity. He wants to find out about the death of his mother. He meets an ambitious woman Li Xiao Kui at the company. They both compete to get a good position. However, with the passage of time, fell in love with each other. This boss employee Chinese drama has 28 episodes.

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12: Shall We Fall in Love (2018):

Jiang Yi Nan is an optimistic man despite his failure in his life. He saves Chen Xiu Yue from drowning and later decides to work in the same company. He gets selected and work hard. He tries to become the top applicant of the company. He encounters lots of rivals at the company. Later it reveals that he got selected because of some mistake. This boss employee Chinese drama has 35 episodes.

13: The Fox’s Summer (2017):

The Fox Summer is one of the popular boss employee romance Chinese dramas. The story revolves around Gu Chengze who is an adopted son of a wealthy family and take care of the family business. The family wants that their biological son who is not interested in the business should handle it. The grandmother gives this responsibility to Gu Chengze. He meets a fashion designer who is an ex-girlfriend of the biological son (Gu Jinyu).

He tries his best to make them close so that Gu Jinyu will join the company. The family intervenes again as they do not want them to be together. Amid all this, Gu Chengze and the fashion designer fell in love with each other. There are two seasons and the episodes are 44 of this good romantic series.

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14: Sweet Dreams (2018):

Sweet Dream is a fantasy romance boss employee Chinese drama. The drama revolves around a kind-hearted girl who has had a crush on a florist for quite a long time. She applies to his shop to work to be close to him. They find some device that will help them to sleep better but there is some fault in the device. The girl starts seeing the dreams of the guy and sees his childhood bad memories. She helps him to recover from these bad memories. This good romantic series has 48 episodes.

15: Love is Fate (2019):

The story starts with three friends who set up a business. One of them is dead, the other one is sick and the third one lost his son. The sick one calls his daughter from abroad. The daughter gets into an accident and starts seeing the future. Through this she is able to see that the misfortune they are going through, there is someone behind this. This good romance series has 42 episodes.

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These are our Chinese office romance series, how many have you watched?

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