16 Best Chinese Gender Bender Dramas List

Gender Bender dramas where the girls disguised as boys and sometimes boys disguise as girls are quite popular. There are many Chinese Gender Bender dramas that you should watch. Here is our Best Chinese Gender Bender dramas list that you cannot miss.

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16: Prince Coffee Club (2018):

This is one of the Chinese gender bender dramas that is adapted by Korean drama Coffee Prince. The drama revolves around a young girl Gao Xing. After her father died, she has to work for her family. She also has a strong inclination towards coffee. She applies for a job at a coffee shop that only hires males. She always dresses up like a man so no one recognizes her there. This drama has 36 episodes.

15: Sound of the Desert (2014):

This gender-bender drama is based on the novel Ballad of the Desert. The story is about an orphan girl who is abandoned in a desert and raised by wolves. She is adopted by a man and after his death, she moves to a new city by disguising herself as a male. The drama has 35 episodes.

14: Dr Cutie (2020):

The drama revolves around a girl whose father is appointed as a doctor in a palace. She spends her childhood in a palace with the prince. However, due to some conspiracy, her whole family is executed and she is the only one who survives. She returns back to the palace as a man. She tries to catch those who caused the destruction of her family and are also causing damage to the royal family. This gender bender drama has 28 episodes.

13: Butterfly Lovers (2017):

The story of Butterfly Lovers revolves around a rich girl who disguises herself as a man to get admission to an academy. She meets a nerd there who does not recognize her. Gradually they start falling for each other. But it is too late for them as the girl is forced to marry someone else. There is also a book available that depicts their story. The drama has 29 episodes.

12: That Whistling by Youth (2017):

The drama revolves around a girl who disguises herself as a boy to get admission into the school. She has to investigate her friend condition who is in a coma. It is possible that she attempted to commit suicide due to bullying. The drama has 43 episodes.

11: The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 2 (2017):

The drama focuses on the life of a girl who disguises herself as a male to be successful at a shipyard. A man enters the shipyard but he has a hidden motive. They start spending time together and fell in love. There are also lots of conspiracies going on, that they solve. The drama has 34 episodes.

10: Oh My General (2017):

Oh My General is one of the Chinese gender bender dramas that is adapted from the novel General Above I am Below. Ye Zhao is trained as a skilled person and disguised as a male since childhood. She is a warrior and a few people know her secret. She possesses too much power and her enemies try to reveal her identity. She is married to a prince who is lazy and more interested in art. The number of episodes of this gender bender drama is 60.

9: Legend of Hua Mulan (2013):

This is one of the highly underrated gender bender Chinese dramas. The drama story focuses on the life of Hua Mulan who is a legend of folk. She takes the place of her father in the army that contains all males. She disguises herself as a man and fights bravely. The drama has 48 episodes and it is a must-watch.

8: The Romance of Hua Rong (2019):

This Chinese gender bender drama is also a forced love drama. The story revolves around Hua Rong who is kidnapped by a pirate. The pirate wants her as his bride. After many attempts, she succeeds to escape from him and meets a prince. the prince also falls in love with her. Meanwhile, the pirate tries his best to get her back as he also loves her. This drama has 24 episodes.

7: My Bratty Princess (2011):

The story revolves around Situ Jing who is a free spirit lady and love to go on adventure. She does not know she belongs to a royal family. She dresses up as a man to go outside. This drama has 38 episodes. Meanwhile, the Emperor is confused with a puzzle and run away from the palace. He meets Situ Jing and after some confusion, they become friends. They do not know each other true identity and develop a strong bond.

6: Runaway SweetHeart (2013):

This drama was made after the Korean drama To the Beautiful You came in 2012. The story is almost the same. A girl came from foreign to motivate her crush to come back into the sports. She gets admission to the boy school by disguising herself as a boy. After facing bullying, her crush saves her and they become friends. Soon he also fell in love with her. This drama has 30 episodes.

5: The King is in Love (2020):

The story revolves around the daughter of a minister who has to earn money. She enters the palace and become a eunuch there. She hides her identity under the disguise of a eunuch and with the help of the emperor become the head of a eunuch. The Emperor fell in love with her and tries his best to hide his feelings. This drama has 24 episodes.

4: My Unicorn Girl (2020):

The story of this Chinese gender bender drama revolves around a girl who disguises herself as a boy to take part in a hockey team. She is a competent skater and she promises her family that she will get admission to the same university as her mother. She has to pass a test and she works hard to pass that. In order to get admission, she disguises herself as a male to take part in a trial. This drama has 24 episodes.

3: The Rules of Love (2019):

The story of this Chinese gender-bender drama revolves around a Merperson (half-human, half fish like) who has spent more of his life as a boy. After some time, Merperson changes their gender and Yang Luo starts changing into a female. She tries her best to hide and disguise herself as a male until her identity is revealed by her best friend and later her roommate. This is one of the gender-bender drama that has a different concept and it has 12 episodes.

2: Ashes of Love (2018):

Ashes of Love is based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash Like Frost. The story is a little bit complicated as it involves deities and their thousands of years. The flower diety gives birth to a daughter (Jinmi) and prophecies that she will involve in a tragic love. She gives the magical pallet that will prevent her to feel love in order to avoid tragedy. Years after, Jinmi stuck in a love triangle with two brothers who are also deities but kill her lover due to conspiracy. This gender bender Chinese drama is also available on Netflix and it has 63 episodes.

1: Arsenal Military Academy (2019):

This is one of the most famous and much loved Chinese gender bender series. Xie Xiang takes the place of her brother to get admission into the Military academy. She works hard to be competent and become more skilled than boys. Gu Yanzheng who is also competent but playful becomes her roommate. The drama has so many friendship and love moments and also they reveal a big conspiracy against their country. This drama has 48 episodes.

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