17 Best Chinese Romantic Dramas to Watch Right Now

Although most Chinese Dramas have the story of a rich man who falls in love with a middle class or poor girl. Here are our top Chinese romantic dramas that you can watch.

Some are still office romances and some are different.

1: A Little Thing Called Love:

This is a 2019 Chinese romantic drama and it is a comedy-drama that focus is on friendship. An ordinary girl falls in love with the most popular guy in the school. She works hard in her studies to be close to him.

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2: Delicious Destiny:

Chinese drama Delicious Destiny is about two people who come close by destiny. This Chinese romantic drama is about Li Yu Zhe who is a famous chef and Song Jia Ming who is the director of a culinary show. They have lots of difference but soon start developing feelings for each other.

3: Skate into Love:

This is a 2020 friendship comedy-drama. Two young people who belong to different professions starts on wrong tracks but soon develop feeling for each other.

4: Unexpected:

Unexpected is one of the Chinese romantic dramas that revolve around a manga artist who stuck inside of his own fantasy world (in his manga). In that world, he faces evil people and tries to turn them into good. This drama is the blend of the fantasy world and the real world just like Korean Drama W (Two worlds).

5: Meteor Garden:

Korean drama Boys Over Flower is adapted from this drama and both these dramas have the same storyline. The story is about a poor girl who gets admission to the most famous school. The story is about her struggle to be fit in wealthy people and also this is the story about love and friendship.

6: My Girlfriend is an Alien:

My Girlfriend is an Alien is one of the Chinese romantic dramas that is a blend of romance and fantasy. An alien girl stuck on earth. She meets with a CEO who has temporary amnesia. She inhales men hormones. The drama also has comedy elements.

7: The Starry Night, The Starry Sea:

This is one of the Chinese romantic dramas where you can find the love of human and Mermaid. It seems like the Korean Drama The Legend of Blue Sea but this time the man is the Mermaid. Shen Luo is an ordinary human who meets a man with extraordinary powers. The man turns out Mermaid who helps her, they fall in love with each other.

8: Our Glamourous Time:

Our Glamourous Time (2018) is about two young people, Lin Qian who has not much success in her work but she is hard-working. She meets with Li who is a retired military officer and now CEO of a company. This drama is about love and the struggle to find success.

9: The First Half of My Life:

The story revolves around a housewife who seems happy with her married life but her husband suddenly file for divorce. Then she realizes the problems. The drama is about the problems of married life and household problems. This is one of those Chinese romantic dramas that focuses on married life problems.

10: Nice to Meet You:

Gao Jie always wants to become a Jewelry designer. She meets Yu Zhi and falls in love with him who is the owner of a Jewellery company. One of them prefers western styles of jewellery while the other prefers traditional designs.

11: Memories of Love:

This is the love story of a couple who separate their ways and meets again after 10 years. This is one of those Chinese romantic dramas whose story is from present to past. This is about a couple of Le Fei and Xin Chen who have changed in all these years. They meet again and find the same attraction.

12: The Interpreter:

Qiao Fei is a student who wants to become a translator. Destiny makes her meet a French translator, many problems arise and finally, they fall in love.

13: Love 020:

This is a 2016 drama and is one of the most famous Chinese romantic dramas. It is about two gaming experts who play the popular game online but they have never met each other in real life. They finally meet in real life and fell in love with each other and this makes many people jealous as they both are perfect for each other.

14: Here To Heart:

Wen Nuan and Zhan Nan Xian moves on after a bad breakup, but they both ar enot happy with hteir new partners. This is an emotional drama that have mix sad and happy emotions.

15: Granting You a Dreamlike Life:

Lin Jing travels to Shanghai to know about her heritage. she finds a diary of an old woman. This dairy reveals the love story of an actress and a man. This is also one of the Chinese romantic dramas where there is a blend of the events of past and present. Lin Jing knows about her real identity through this diary too.

16: All Out Of Love:

The story revolves around two step-siblings. They had a bad childhood so they always support each other. They both start developing feelings for each other but try to suppress their feelings. The story is about the true emotions of love and has many sad moments too.

17: Go Go Squid:

This is a 2019 Chinese romantic drama. A singer fell in love with an engineer but she is too scared to approach him and hides her feelings. She is very outspoken in front of others, but in front of her crush, she becomes numb. This is a cute love story that you can watch.

These are our top Chinese romantic drama. How many you have watched yet?

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