4 Best English Doctors Movies to Watch

We have a list of some best English Doctors movies that you should watch. Some of these movies are based on real life doctors.

People are interested in the lives of doctors and want to see something related to their fields. There are many countries that produce lots of Medical series every year. It is a popular genre for many people. Some Medical series depicts the struggle of doctors in the work field and some also depict their personal life.

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Where there are many Medical series across the world, there are movies too. Here is the list of English movies that are based on the life of doctors.

4: Doctor Zhivago (1965):

One of the best English doctor romance movies that are set in Russia around the Russian Civil War and World War 1. it is also one of the English doctors movies that are based on the novel Doctor Zhivago. The book was really popular in the West but for some reason, it was banned in the Soviet Union. The movie filmed in Spain and it revolves around a physician Yuri Zhivago played by Omar Sharif who is an Egyptian actor. His life goes upside down because of the Russian Revolution. The film was criticized for focusing more on romance than history. The doctor is in love with a woman and their life become difficult because of the war.

3: Something the Lord Made (2004):

This is another autobiographical English movie that is based on the lives of doctors. The movie focuses on black doctor Vivien Thomas and his White partner Alfred Blalock. They both enter John Hopkins Hospital where the black people only work as Janitors. They developed the field of heart surgery. The focus of the movie is to save the Blue babies. Vivien also faces racism in the hospital but Alfred does not leave him. Alan Rickman and Mos Def played the lead roles in the movie. Alfred dies in the end and Vivien continues his work at Hopkins.

2: Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (2009):

This is one of the English doctors movies that is also autobiographical. It is based on the life of world-famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson (1961-1987). The story focuses on a medical case of twins whose heads are joined with each other. Ben Carson travels to Germany to treat the children and spent few months understanding the complications. The risks are high and he does not want to lose any of the children. He became famous worldwide after successfully doing the operation and saving the children. Cuba Gooding Jr played the role of Ben Carson. The movies received positive feedback from critics.

1: Awakenings (1990):

Awakenings is also one of the English doctors movies that are based on real-life doctors. This English movie is based on British neurologist Oliver Sacks memoir. The main character is played by the famous actor Robin Williams. In the movie, Dr Malcolm Sayer is a capable doctor who has a soft and kind heart for his patients. He discovers the positive effects of the drug L-Dopa. Other doctors and Nurses become more passionate and kind to their patients by seeing Dr Malcolm efforts.

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