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13 Best Evan Peters Movies and Dramas if you Love him in Netflix Dahmer

ByNaz khaliq

Oct 18, 2022
best Evan Peters movies
Best Evan Peters movies

Born in 1987, Evan Peters impressed everyone with its complicated roles and shined brightly. Before we mention our list of best Evan Peters movies, let us tell you it takes lots of courage to do the kind of roles that Evan Peters does. Even people have to go through therapy after doing such kind of roles which leaves a deep impact not only on the audience’s mind but also on the actors who are deeply involved in such characters.

Here are the best movies of Dahmer actor Evan Peters that you should watch to see his incredible acting. (The list is random)

1: Dahmer-Monster : The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022):

People are going crazy over the Netflix new release Dahmer. It is a biographical series and is about a famous serial killer. He use to kill innocent boys and men between the years 1978 and 1991. Jeffrey had a troubled childhood because of the negligence of his parents and his drug-addict mother. Whatever the reasons, the killing cannot be justified at any cost. It should also be remembered that from this kind of killer serial or psychopath series, one should loathe the crime and the criminals and not start obsessing over it.

The makers should also try their best to present the character so people would not love it. People are praising Evan Peters who absorbed himself into the character from head to toe. The series with 10 episodes are trending on Netflix and talk of the town. It is considered one of the best performances of Evan Peters which he did in his career. (Just praise the performance, don’t make the serial killer a hero)

2: Clipping Adam (2004):

The movie is about a teenager whose mother and sister are killed in a car accident. His father develops drinking habits, so he moves into the house of his grandmother. He finds peace there. The movie is also about his relationship with his friends and the environment in school. Evan Won an award for best breakthrough performance as it is considered one of the best Evan Peters movies.

3: An American Crime (2007):

The movie is based on sisters who face physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their caretaker. The caretaker is greedy and keeps her eyes shut in case of her own children but abuses the poor girls. Evan is playing the character of Ricky who in the beginning listen to the caretaker but tries to help the girls. However, the elder sister played by Elliot Page dies because of the torture.

4: Remarkable Power (2008):

It is one of the comedy Evan Peters films. Evan is playing the role of Evan. The plot focuses on a late-night show host who struggles to save his career. He is also in a tough situation due to his wife. It also involves mystery and murder.

5: Never Back Down (2008):

It is one of the Martial Arts films. Evan is playing the character of Max who befriends the main protagonist Jake and introduces him to MMA. Jake wants to be a fighter and impresses the instructor with his skills. Evan is not playing a major role though in the film. The movie also scored an award in the category of the best fight.

6: Adult World (2014):

It is one of the comedies Evan Peters dramas. The story is about a girl Amy who starts working in a shop (adult shop) to earn for living. Evan is playing the role of Alex who is the owner of the shop. Amy has also a great interest in poetry. After an event, Alex scolds her and she leaves the job. However, she realizes that she actually misses him. She again comes back to the shop and they start dating. This is a light-hearted comedy-drama of Evan Peters.

7: The Lazurus Effect (2015):

It is one of the supernatural horror Even Peters movies. The movie is about an experiment where two doctors find a way in which they bring back dead people to life. The serum that they use is termed Lazurus. Evan is playing the role of Clay who is a lab assistant and along with another lab assistant, they run the same experiment on a dog but it goes wrong. Their lab is shut down after authorities come to know about it. They do not stop and try the experiment on a woman which causes the death of Clay and his assistant along with other people. Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, and Sarah Bolger played prominent roles along with Evan Peters.

8: Safelight (2015):

It is one of the Evan Peters films which is set in the era of 1970. Evan is playing the role of Charles a diable person who is often mocked and bullied for his disability. Charles decides to take part in the photography contest. Vickie is a girl who is also fed up with her narcissistic boyfriend. After knowing that Charles wants to take part in the contest and to do this he has to go lighthouse.

He cannot drive because of his disability so Vickie offers her help. With the passage of time, they develop a bond and share each other life. The movie ends with Charles taking a photo of Vickie’s departure. Juno Temple played the lead role opposite Evan Peters in the movie.

9: The Pirates of Somalia (2017):

It is one of the Evan Peters movies based on the book of the same name. The story is about a young man Jay Bahadur played by Evan Peters. After completing his degree as a journalist, he tries luck in his experience. He finally gets the inspiration to try something new as a mission to investigate the background of piracy in Somalia. Apart from Evan Peters, Barkhad Abdi, and Melanie Griffth played vital roles in the movie.

10: Dark Phoenix (2019): X-Men: Apocalypse (2016): X-Men Days of Future Past:

Evan Peters played the character of Peter Maximoff. He can move with the speed of a superhuman and is the mutant son of Magneto. He uses his abilities for the good. Dark Phoenix is an American superhero film. It is part of the series X-men. The cast includes people with supernatural abilities and supernatural powers. There are two opposites of these powers which are evil and good. Apart from this movie, Evan has already this character in movies X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) and X-Men Days of Future Past.

11: I Am Woman (2019):

It is one of the Evan Peters movies which is also an autobiography. It is based on the life of singer Helen Reddy. The movie opens when the singer arrives in the city of New York along with her three daughters and a little money. She becomes a superstar in a short span of time. Evan is playing the role of her husband.

12: Mare of East Town (2021):

It is one of the HBO Crime dramas. It is also considered one of the best crime series and one of the best Evan Peters series. He won an award for his performance in the series. The series is about solving murder crimes. A female police detective Mare starts investigating a murder case. Evan is playing the character of her assistant, a Detective named Colin. The series was critically appreciated and grabbed many awards.

13: American Horror Story (2011-):

It is one of the horror anthologies (a series) and every season contain different characters and stories. In Murder House (2011), Evan played the character of Tate who is a patient of Ben. Ben is his psychiatrist whose daughter finds solace in the company of Tate. Apart from that, he played roles in the Freak Show (2014-2015) which is about a Freak show led by Elsa Mars.

Evan is playing the character of Jimmy who wants to live a normal life. In Hotel (2015-2016), Evan is again playing a role of a violent man who builds a secret torture chamber. He also played pivotal roles in Roanoke (2016, Cult (2017), Apocalypse (2018) and Double Feature (2021). It is also one of the most popular Evan Peters series.

Apart from these series and films, Evan also did a cameo in 2018 Dead Pool 2.

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