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10 Best Hania Aamir Pakistani Dramas to watch in 2023

ByNaz khaliq

Mar 2, 2023
best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas
best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas

We have a list of the best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas. By giving the hit Pakistani dramas Mere Humsafar and Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, Hania Amir has become one of the most famous actresses in Pakistan. She is also popular across the border. Hania Amir is a young and talented Pakistani actress who has taken the entertainment industry by storm with her remarkable acting skills. She has appeared in numerous dramas and has won the hearts of millions of fans across Pakistan and beyond. Here is a list of some of the most popular Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas which you should watch.

1: Ishqiya (2020):

Pakistani drama Ishqiya

Ishqiya is one of the romantic Pakistani dramas. It is also one of the popular dramas of Hania Aamir. The story revolves around two sisters who fell in love with the same person. Hania is playing the character of Roomi whose elder sister Hamna used to love Hamza in her college days. Hamna leaves Hamza without telling him the reason and gets married to her cousin. She is too timid to tell her parents about her relationship. Hamza takes it as a betrayal and threatens Hamna that he will take revenge. He approaches Roomi, sends a marriage proposal and marries her.

Though he does not do any harm to Roomi and treats her well, he gives the impression to Hamna that he will make Roomi’s life miserable. The audience loves the scenes between Roomi and Hamza. The character of Hania is a lively girl who spreads love. However, the ending is not as fans expected. After coming to know about Hamza and Hamna, Roomi leaves him in the end. Ishqiya has 28 episodes. The cast of Ishqiya includes Hania Aamir, Ramsha Khan, Feroze Khan and Gohar Rasheed in lead roles.

2: Anaa (2019):

best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas

Anaa is also one of the most popular Hania Aamir dramas. It is a family romantic drama series based on family relations, love and marriage. The cast of Anaa includes Hania Amir, Shehzad Sheikh, Naimal Khawar and Usman Mukhtar. The drama revolves around two families who have been feuding for years, but their children fall in love with each other. Hania is playing the character of Daneen who is lively and cannot take humiliation. She is in love with her cousin Areesh. Their families are not on good terms but they both love each other.

Daneen is obstinate but she loves Areesh so much. However, the misunderstandings deepen with time and Areesh gets married to someone else. Daneen is heartbroken and on her family’s demands, she also gets married to a rich family. The drama does not end well for both of these characters. Anaa is considered one of the best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas and it was really popular. Apart from the character of Hania, people love the characters of Usman Mukhtar and Naimal Khawar.

3: Dil Ruba (2020):

best Hania Aamir dramas

Dil Ruba is one of Hania Aamir dramas in which she portrayed a different character. She is playing a character who has multiple affairs just to get benefits from the men. She is playing the character of Sanam who love to fool around. She traps the men and squeezes the money from them. As she is beautiful, men easily become her prey. Sanam’s mother tries to make her understand but she does not realize it.

She betrays many men who are in love with her. Sanam gets married but now she is betrayed by a man. Though there are many Pakistani dramas with the same theme, Dil Ruba is also one of the famous Hania Amir dramas. The cast of Dil Ruba includes Hania Aamir, Shehroz Sabzwari and Mohib Mirza in lead roles.

4: Titli:

best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas

The story of Titli revolves around a girl Naila played by Hania who believes more in physical beauty. She wishes to have a beautiful and fair skin life partner. Naila’s cousin rejects her and prefers her sister over her. This hurts Naila’s pride and she forces her sister to reject the cousin. Later Naila marries a rich man but she treats him badly. She also humiliates his family often. The reason is she thinks her husband is not good-looking. When she is pregnant she prays that her child would not be like her husband.

Even after having two children, Naila still has bad behaviour and ultimately she develops an extramarital affair with a good-looking neighbour. Apart from Hania, Ali Abbas and Emmad Irfani played the lead roles in Titli. This is one of the Hania Amir dramas which has 24 episodes.

5: Phir Wohi Mohabbat (2017):

best Hania Aamir dramas

Hania is playing the character of Alishba who is kidnapped in her childhood by her parents’ servant. Her father caused an accident which results in the killing of the servant’s wife and children. Though the servant is loyal to them he cannot take this grief. He takes Alishba somewhere far and raises her as a daughter. On the other side, Alishba’s whole family is distressed. Years later, destiny brings Alishba into the same house as a servant because she has to save her father (as the servant raised her as a father).

Soon, the family comes to know about the true identity of Alishba and accepts her wholeheartedly. The cousins of Alishba are all grown up and she is married to one of them. In the beginning, she does not like her husband as she is forced to marry him. Gradually she fell in love with him. There are many misunderstandings between them but in the end, the drama ends on a happy note. Apart from Hania Aamir, Ahmed Ali Akbar played the lead role in Phir Wohi Muhabbat.

6: Sang-e-Mah (2022):

best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas

Sang-e-Mah story is based on many characters but Hania also has a crucial role in it. Hania is playing the character of Gul Meena who belongs to a tribal area of Pakistan. Gul Meena is in love with her cousin played by Zaviyar Nauman. The story of Sang-e-Mah is based on a tribal area custom in which women suffer. The love of Gul Meena is at stake as someone else claims her hand.

Gul Meena’s father also gets killed because of that custom in the past. The drama managed to maintain the suspense until the end as no one knows who actually killed Gul Meena’s father while her mother is waiting for years to take revenge. The drama has 26 episodes and the cast also includes Atif Aslam in a lead role. It is one of the best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas.

7: Mere Humsafar (2021-2022):

best Hania Aamir dramas

Although Mere Humsafar seems like a typical saas-bahu story the drama broke many records. Hania is playing the character of a girl Hala whose father left her in childhood and move with his new family abroad. She suffers at the hands of her father’s brother and his wife. The wife of her uncle treats her badly and she is just like their servant until her cousin reaches home after completing his studies.

Fans absolutely loved the character of Hamza played by Farhan Saeed who becomes a hero in Hala’s life. He supports and saves her many times by standing against his mother. He also marries her. Though just like a typical saas-bahu saga the drama has so many episodes it managed to keep the audience happy until the end. Mere Humsafar has become one of the most popular Hania Amir dramas.

8: Visaal (2018):

best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas

Hania is playing the character of a beautiful young but timid girl Pari who gets into the trap of a con man Akram. The character of Akram is played by Zahid Ahmed. Akram confuses Pari with her friend Pernia and by mistake sends a proposal for her instead of Pari. When he gets married, he gets shocked to see Pernia in place of Pari. He clears to Pernia that he was interested in Pari and threatens her that if she will not help him it will not be good. Akram becomes obsessed with Pari while Pari runs to save herself. The drama has 27 episodes.

9: Mjhe Pyaar Hua Tha (2023):

best Hania Aamir dramas

Hania is playing the character of Maheer who fell in love with a rich young man played by Zaviyar. While her cousin Saad loves her since childhood and always supports her. Saad is always there for her and her family. However, when Maheer fell in love with someone else, she asks Saad to lie to the whole family that he does not want to marry her. Saad lies for the sake of Maheer while he himself is heartbroken. The Saad’s family also thinks that it’s his fault.

However, on the wedding day, Maheer is left by her husband-to-be. Though it is not his fault the family has to face humiliation. Saad is asked to marry Maheer to save the family grace. The story continues with Maheer whose heart is broken while she ignores Saad. While her mother continuously blames Saad though he did well for them. Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is one of the most popular dramas of Hania Aamir. The cast of Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha includes Wahaj Ali, Hania Aamir and Zaviyar Nouman.

10: Mujhay Jeenay Do (2017):

best Hania Aamir Pakistani dramas

It is one of the Hania Aamir dramas where she is playing a helpless wretched girl. She is playing the character of Saira who is forced to marry a man much older than her. She is just 8 years old when she is forced to marry a man whose first wife has died and who has a son. Saira is disheartened and her husband gradually starts developing an interest in another woman. He also starts mistreating her. Saira has a childhood friend who often comes to help her.

Her husband soon finds another woman and gives the excuse that she can better take care of him and his children. He also does not leave Saira and even threatens to kill her if she would try to elope. After lots of struggle, Saira elopes with her childhood friend but the villagers catch her. In the end, her husband assures her that he has realized his mistake and will help them to escape. The drama highlights the issue of child marriage, forced marriage, domestic violence and man-made customs. Mujhay Jeenay Do has 24 episodes.

Apart from these famous Hania Amir dramas, she also did telefilms and Pakistani films such as Na Maloom Afraad, Janaan and Parwaaz Hai Junoon. There is no doubt she is the most popular actress of this era and is highly in demand these days.

In short, Hania Amir is a highly talented actress who has delivered remarkable performances in various Pakistani dramas. Her ability to bring out the emotional depth and complexity of her characters has earned her a huge fan following across Pakistan and beyond. The dramas mentioned above are some of her best performances and are highly recommended for anyone looking to watch quality Pakistani entertainment. All Hania Aamir dramas are available on Youtube.

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