15 Best Haters to Lovers Chinese Dramas Romance

We have a list of 15 best Haters to lovers Chinese dramas that you cannot miss. Chinese dramas have plenty of series that starts with love hate relationships, gradually the couple understand each other and fell in love. Here is the list of popular haters to lovers Chinese dramas.

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1: Love Designer (2020):

Love Designer’s story revolves around Zhou Fang and Song Li who become rivals because of their business. They are forced to work together due to some clauses. Zhou Fang is a fashion designer and he meets Song Li because of a lawsuit. They both are determined and can never give up. Gradually, they help each other to grow and fell in love. This China tv series has 45 episodes.

2: Love is Sweet (2020):

The story revolves around childhood friends who are now rivals. Jiang Lu starts working in a big company to achieve her dreams. she meets her childhood friend who was always her protector. Things have changed now as her childhood friend Yuan Shuai is now her rival. The relationship has turned into rivalry, jealousy and hate due to some reasons. This Cdrama has 36 episodes.

3: Dating in the Kitchen (2020):

Gu Sheng Nan is underestimated by everyone. She works as a chef in a restaurant. Lu Jin has strict rules in his life. They both meet and turn into rivals. However, destiny has other plans as Lu Jin turns out to be the boss of Gu Sheg Nan. Their relationship starts with hate that turns into love. This is also one of the popular haters to lovers Chinese dramas. This love hate Chinese drama has 24 episodes.

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4: Intense love (2020):

This drama revolves around a doctor and an actress. They both have different professions but fell in love with each other. They both are popular in their work field but their love lives are a mess. They both are single and meet each other. In the beginning, they become rivals but soon developing feelings for each other. This Cdrama has 24 episodes.

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5: My Love, Enlighten Me (2020):

Nuan Nuan has a dream to become a pop star. However, due to some circumstances, her dream is shattered. She is dejected over her bad luck. She meets Han Che who is successful in his career but a very cold person. Their relationship starts with bickering but they soon develop feelings for each other. However, Han Che has an illness that becomes problematic for his life. This love hate Chinese drama has 24 episodes.

6: About Is Love (2018):

This is the story of a man who cannot interact with women. He is suffering from a disease that prevents him from interacting with the opposite sex. Everyone thinks he is a cold-hearted person. He finds a woman who is immune to him and he feels alright in her presence. The episode of these haters to lovers Chinese drama is 30.

7: Love The Way You Are (2019):

The story revolves around a girl who is overweight. She is being bullied all her life and shed lots of weight. She thinks that the only way to get love is with a fair complexion and skinny. However, she is wrong and finds out that a man (Ruan) used to love her at school when she was overweight. The drama has 24 episodes.

8: Meteor Garden (2018):

Meteor Garden is one of the most popular Cdramas. The drama focuses on the high school life of young people. Dao Min Gi is enjoying his power and popularity at high school. Dong Shancai gets admission into the same school and challenges his power. Their relationship starts with hate and gradually turn into love. This is one of the best haters to lovers Chinese dramas.

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9: Lucky’s First Love (2019):

This is one of the haters to lovers Chinese dramas that start with the bickering of two people. The story revolves around an independent and determined girl who is hired by a gaming company. The company head belongs to a rich family but he chooses to work independently. Their relationship starts with hate but gradually they turn into lovers. This love hate Chinese drama has 24 episodes.

10: Sweet Dreams (2018):

The story is about a girl who is in love with a florist. She applies for a job at his shop. They find a device through which they can sleep better. However, the device has some fault and the girl is able to see the dreams of the boy. She sees that the boys had bad childhood memories. Through this, she helps the boy to overcome his nightmares. She also comes to know why he acts cold all the time. This hater to lovers Chinese drama has 48 episodes.

11: My Girlfriend (2019):

The story revolves around a woman who believes that she will never find true love. She is single and has lost all hopes of finding true love. She sleeps a lot. She meets a man who is suffering from insomnia. They meet by chance. Their relationship starts with lots of troubles but eventually, they fell in love. The drama has 28 episodes.

12: Love in Time (2015):

This is one of the popular haters to lovers Chinese dramas that are also supernatural. The drama is about a 224 years old vampire who is cold and seems insensitive. Destiny makes him meet a human girl. the relationship starts with lots of cold treatment. It seems that he ignores the girl but he actually cares for her. Gradually, he is unable to hide his feelings for her. The drama has 24 episodes.

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13: Skate Into Love (2020):

Li Yubing and Janice Wu get admission to the same school but they have different dreams regarding their careers. Their relationship starts with hate that soon turns into love. They stay close o each other in hard times. This is one of the popular haters to lovers Chinese dramas.

14: The Brightest Star in the Sky (2019):

The story revolves around a girl who is assigned to work with Zheng Boxu. Boxu is a popular Idol who is arrogant and no one can control him. The girl (Yang) helps him to come out of his comfort zone. He transforms into a talented singer and polishes his skills. Yang also gets experience from this and comes to a skilful manager. This hater to lovers Chinese drama has 44 episodes.

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15: Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (2017):

The story of this love hate Chinese drama revolves around a poor girl who works as a milk delivery girl to meet her expenses. She is in the same school as a handsome but arrogant boy Will Han Qi. Will and his friends always pick on Chu Xia and cause problems for her. However, Chu Xia is not a timid girl and she knows how to deal with bullies. This is also one of the popular haters to lovers Chinese dramas and it has 23 episodes.

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