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10 Best Imran Ashraf Dramas for Pakistani Dramas Fans in 2024

ByNaz khaliq

Oct 20, 2022
best imran ashraf dramas

Imran Ashraf has gained a top position in the Pakistani Entertainment industry with his dramas. Before we mention our list of best Imran Ashraf dramas, here are some of the dramas he has also acted in Pakistani dramas such as Kehen Deep Jalay, Paimaanay, Jhoot, Tabeer and Jaal.

Here is the list of Pakistani best Imran Ashraf dramas:

1: Badzaat (2022):

best Imran Ashraf dramas

Although the drama could not set an example or create hype, Imran Ashraf character is appreciated. The drama focuses on the life of Wali who is already hurt by his mother’s actions. He fell in love with a simple girl Anabiy who comes to their place to live. Wali’s cousin who hates him, after coming to know Wali’s likeness for Anabiy, somehow traps everyone in his plan and gets married to Anabiy.

Although he does not like her even he hates her to reject his advances as he is a flirt. He makes Anabiy’s life hell. As usual, the character of the woman played by Urwa Hocane is not strong, but Imran is playing a character who cares for everyone, even those who always hurt him. He tries to help Anabiy many times.

2: Dil Mom Ka Dia (2018):

best Imran Ashraf dramas

It is one of the famous Pakistani dramas of Imran Ashraf and the presentation of Ary Digital. Imran is playing the role of Azhar, the younger brother of the main lead, Yasir Nawaz. Azhar falls in love with the cousin of Ulfat (his sister in law) who is arrogant and treats everyone badly. Tamkinat is totally the opposite of Ulfat, a calm and sober girl who works hard to earn. Azhar wants to marry Tamkinat but his family is scared as Ulfat has set a bad example.

Ulfat does not want to see Tamkinat in the same house as she wants to control everything. After lots of problems, Azhar and Tamkinat get married and Tamkinat handles every situation and takes care of the family. The drama has 30 episodes. This is one of the Imran Ashraf dramas where he did not play the lead role but people liked his character. Apart from Imran Ashraf and Yasir Nawaz, Hira Mani and Neelum Munir played the lead roles in Dil Mom Ka Dia.

3: Mushk (2020):

best Imran Ashraf dramas

Mushk is highly praised for its writing and dialogues. Although it has some flaws, the drama is considered one of the best Imran Ashraf dramas. It is also one of Imran Ashraf dramas which he wrote and it showcases his writing talent. Imran is playing the character of Adam who is in love with a girl Mahak. Mahak already got married without the knowledge of her family or Adam and even she has a child with that man.

Mahak comes back because her husband is kidnapped in Pakistan by his uncle. She comes back to find him. However, she is unable to tell her family as no one knows where her husband is. On her way, she meets another girl Guddi and asks her for help. Mahak tells everyone that the child is of Guddi. Adam soon comes to know about it and promises Mahak to find her husband. The rest of the story is about Adam’s sacrifice and finding the new love of his life. Mushk cast includes Imran Ashraf, Urwa Hocane and Momal Sheikh.

4: Dil Lagi (2016):

best Imran Ashraf dramas

This is one of the characters of Imran Ashraf who is not a lead but won the heart with the portrayal of the character. Imran is playing the character of Datagir who is Mohid’s assistant and a loyal friend. He always supports Mohid and wants the best for him. When Mohid fell in love with Anmol (a furious girl), Datagir also fell in love with her younger sister. Their cute interactions and dialogues are worth watching.

Dil Lagi is another one of the best Pakistani romantic dramas that you should watch. The cast includes Mehwish Hayat, Hamayun Saeed, Imran Ashraf, Mariam Ansari and Saba Hameed. Everyone did a great job.

5: Tau Dil Ka Kaya Hua (2017):

best Imran Ashraf dramas

Imran portrayed the character of Tipu with perfection. In the beginning, he just seems like a nice person who likes his best friend Zoya. Zoya’s elder sister Maya played by Aiza Khan is a proud girl. She got divorced from her husband Faris who loved her so much. She leaves him for another man. Amidst all this, she traps Tipu and gets married to him. This time Tipu teaches her a good lesson.

Tau Dil Ka Kaya Hua is a different concept that usually Pakistani industry does not show. The cast is huge with popular actors like Zahid Ahmed, Imran Ashraf, Sami Khan and Aiza Khan. (this was the first time, that I admired Imran Ashraf acting and character in a drama).

6: Raqs-e-Bismil (2020):

best Imran Ashraf dramas

Raqs-e-Bismil is a romantic Pakistani drama which won everyone’s heart. The drama is about a man Musa who always believes in family values and can do anything to save the family grace. He fell in love with Zohra without knowing her true identity as she was wearing Hijab to conceal her identity. He asks her to marry him but soon he comes to know that Zohra is an escort. This breaks Musa’s heart but love tingles him. He asks Zohra many times about marriage.

However, Zohra rejects him and marries a rich man who only wants to use her to gain benefits. Musa saves Zohra and eventually, they both get married. This is one of the popular Imran Ashraf dramas. Raqs-e-Bismil cast includes Imran Ashraf and Sara Khan in lead roles.


7: Inkaar (2019):

best Imran Ashraf dramas

Inkaar is another one of the best Imran Ashraf Pakistani dramas in which he is playing a villain role. Imran is playing the role of Rehan who uses girls to fulfil his lust. Hajra is an innocent girl whom he finds his new prey. Right before he is about to fulfil his purpose, Hajra runs away and directly tells him to stay away from her. Rehan takes it on his ego.

The rest of the drama is about Hajra’s trial when Rehan tries to kill Hajra on her wedding day. He threatens Hajra and tries to prove her character. At the end of the trial, Hajra wins the case and Rehan gets punishment. The way Imran portrayed this negative character proves his versatility. Yumna Zaidi played the lead role of Imran Ashraf in Inkaar.

8: Alif Allah Aur Insaan (2017-2018):

best Imran Ashraf dramas

This is another challenging role of Imran Ashraf which he performed with perfection. Imran is playing the role of transgender Shammo. He along with his friend often goes to weddings to dance. At the wedding of a rich man, his daughter makes fun of Shammo and his friend.

She humiliates them so much that Shammo curses Nazi. At the end of the drama, he decides to be humiliated by people and live a respectable life. He became a popular hairstylist. Alif Allah Aur Insaan is a Pakistani drama about humans finding their purpose in life after getting rejected by loved ones and society.

9: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (2018):

Imran Ashraf dramas

Even after doing so many roles with perfection, Imran finally won everyone’s hearts across the globe with the Pakistani drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Imran is playing the character of Bhola who is considered abnormal. Although he understands most things his brain is considered underdeveloped. Noor enters his life but she has no interest in him.

With the passage of time, she realizes the innocence of Bhola and also comes to know that his mental condition is due to some medicine side effect. Noor decides to protect her husband. At the end of the drama, they both have a child and find comfort in each other. Apart from Imran Ashraf, Iqra Aziz played the lead role in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. It is considered one of the best Imran Ashraf dramas and his character is still memorable.

10: Namak Haram (2024):

best Imran Ashraf dramas

If we say that Namak Haram starring Imran Ashraf and Sara Khan in lead roles is going to be 2024 biggest hit, it would not be wrong. Though some people find it cliche, the outstanding acting of Imran Ashraf and Babar Ali is making the serial worth watching. The story of this Imran Ashraf drama is based on revenge and it will be clear with the time why Mureed wants to take revenge on the family of Amin Qureshi played by Babar Ali. Namak Haram is going to be one of the best Imran Ashraf dramas of 2024.

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