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11 Best Japanese Romance Dramas that You Should Watch

ByNaz khaliq

Jun 30, 2023
Best Japanese Romance dramas
Best Japanese romance dramas

People love Asian dramas and romance is a popular genre. Just like other Asian romance dramas, we have a list of best Japanese romance dramas that you cannot miss. These are also popular romance dramas.

Here is the Japanese romantic drama list.

1: Good Morning Call (2016):

Best Japanese romance dramas

Nao is very happy as she finally gets a chance to live in an apartment. However, she has to share her apartment and it reveals that she has to live with the most famous boy at school. They make a deal that they will not reveal this to their schoolmates. They try to hide their relationship from their schoolmates but are unable to hide their feelings for each other. There are lots of romance that can be seen as they live under one roof. They gradually fell in love with each other. This Japanese romantic drama has 17 episodes.

2: Mischevious Kiss (2013):

Japanese romance dramas

This is one of the popular Japanese romance dramas that is a remake of Taiwanese drama. The drama is also based on Japanese manga. This is one of the Asian dramas that is made in many languages. The story revolves around a girl who is not good at studies. She fell in love with the most handsome and intelligent guy at school. She tries to confess her feelings but always gets humiliated in return. Everyone mocks her because she is rejected by the popular guy. Things change when the girl’s parents turn out to be the best friends of the guy’s parents. They leave her in the boy’s house and later they are married.

The boy helps her in her studies so that she will get good grades and always teases her. At the end of the drama, he finally confesses his feelings for her. The drama has 16 episodes.

3: From 9 to 5 (2015):

Japanese romance series

This is one of the best Japanese romance dramas that is based on manga. The story revolves around Junko who has an embarrassing encounter with a priest. The priest is young and handsome. After some time, her family forces her to meet a man for marriage. It turns out that the man is none other than the priest. This Jdrama has 10 episodes.

4: A Girl and Three Sweet Hearts (2016):

Best japanese romance dramas

The story of this Japanese romance drama revolves around a girl who meets with her ex and starts working for his family business. She starts living with him and his two brothers. They all develop feelings for her. Everyone tries to win her but she becomes confused about the relationship. This romantic Jdrama has 10 episodes.

5: My Little Lover (Minami-kun no Koibito) (2015):

Best Japanese romance series

The story of this Japanese romantic drama revolves around two best friends who get separated due to some events. After some time they meet again but the girl has shrunken and turned into 15 centimetres. The journey of craziness starts between these two and they try to figure out how she can return back to her original size. This Japanese romantic comedy has 10 episodes.

6: Operation Love (2017):

Japanese romance series

Operation Love is another Jdrama that has many remakes in different languages. The story of this Japanese romantic drama revolves around a man who is at her friend’s wedding ceremony. However, he loves her and regrets that he could not confess his feelings.

He gets a chance to go back in time and confess his feelings toward her. He tries to change his destiny so that he will win her over. This Jdrama has 11 episodes.

7: Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi) (2008):

Japanese romance dramas

This is one of the best Japanese romance dramas. The story revolves around a working woman who does not have a boyfriend. She finds a robot who is programmed to be a perfect boyfriend. This is also a love triangle Japanese drama as the man at her company also loves her. This Jdrama has 12 episodes.

8: Love Last Forever (Koi Wa Tsuzuku Yo Doko Made Mo) (2020):

Japanese romance dramas

A nurse in practice fell in love with a doctor. She studies hard and becomes a practising nurse to be close to him. She gets a job in the same hospital. Many years have passed and the doctor has changed. She tries hard to get his affection but he seems to be arrogant but a perfectionist. He is kind at heart but treats his coworker coldly. However, with the passage of time, his feelings become apparent to everyone.

9: Last Kiss (2015):

Best japanese romance dramas

Last Kiss is a Japanese romance drama that revolves around Manatsu and Fuyuki who get admission to the same beauty school. They develop a love feeling toward each other. However, they get separated due to some misunderstanding. After some years, they meet again and their love increases. This Japanese romantic drama has 3 episodes.

10: Coffee and Vanilla (2015):

Best Japanese romance dramas

Coffee and Vanilla is one of the most popular Japanese romance dramas. The story focuses on a beautiful girl Risa who is also a timid person and is not ready for any love relationship. She gets attracted to Hiroto who is a rich handsome man who saves her from a harasser. Risa is impressed by his mature personality and they start dating. She tries to become more confident after their relationship. This is also one of the passionate Jdrama with lots of kisses. This Jdrama has 15 episodes.

11: Animals (2022):

Japanese romance dramas

It is one of the business Japanese romance dramas. The story revolves around Shikamori Umi who has to work like a robot in an office because her boss is very strict. After she falls asleep during an important event and faces backlash, she decides to change her life. Shikamori joins a beauty company known as Animal Beauty. Her life starts changing as she makes good friends there and also falls in love with the handsome CEO of the company. This series is about the struggle of Shikamori to prove herself as a talented person and her love life. This Japanese romantic drama has eight episodes.

You can watch all these dramas on Kissasian.

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