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12 Best Korean Actresses Born in ’90s are Ruling On Our Hearts

ByNaz khaliq

Feb 8, 2023

There is an immense variety of Korean dramas and people fell in love with the characters of Korean actresses. We are listing the best Korean actresses who are born in the ’90s and they all are ruling our hearts. We want to see them more as they have a long way to go just like queens of Korean dramas.

1: Jung so Min (1989):

Best Korean actresses

Although the actress was born just one year before the ’90s we cannot ignore the hard work that she has put into her work. Jung So Min has performed various characters and her roles are unique. The popular Jung So Min dramas are Playful Kiss, The Smile has Left Your Eyes, Because This Is My First Love and My Father is Strange. The actress did a remarkable job in 2022 most popular Kdrama Alchemy of Souls. Jung So Min is also one of the most popular Korean actresses of all time.

2: Shin Hye Sun (1989):

Korean actresses

For quite a long time, Shin Ye sun are doing roles in Kdramas. She became worldwide famous with her recent Kdrama Mr Queen. The popular Kdramas of Shin Ye Shun is Mr Queen, Angel’s Last Mission: Love and My Golden Life. She played a prominent side role in Kdrama The Legend of Blue Sea. Shin Ye Sun amazed everyone by doing a gender bender role in Kdrama Mr Queen and a blind girl role in Angel’s Last Mission: Love.

3: Park Bo Young (1990):

Korean actresses

Park Bo Young was born in 1990. Her popular Kdramas are Strong Girl Bong-soon and Oh My Ghost. She also performed lead characters in Korean movies A WereWolf Boy, Scandal Makers and On Your Wedding Day.

4: Go Ara (1990):

Korean actresses

Go Ara was also born in 1990. The popular Korean dramas of Go Ara are Ms Hammurabi, Black, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior and Haechi. Critics appreciated her for her role in Kdrama Ms Hammurabi.

5: Seo Ye-Ji (1990):

Korean actresses

Seo yi -Ji was born in 1990. She has done so many Kdramas. The most popular Kdramas of Seo Yi-Ji is It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Lawless Lawyers, Save Me and Moorim School. She has also done a hit Korean movie Recalled in 2021. Seo yi-Ji will always be remembered for her role in Kdrama It’s Okay to Not be Okay. This drama made her one of the best Korean actresses of her time. The drama deals with mental health and made her one of the best Korean actresses.

6: Lee Sung-kyung (1990):

Best Korean actresses

Lee Sung Kyun was born in 1990 and started her career as a supporting actress. She performed second lead character in Its Okay, That’s Love, Doctors and Cheese in The Trap. She performed lead roles in Kdramas Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo and Dr Romantic. Lee Sung Kyun has also done a hit Korean action movie Miss and Mrs.Cops. She is one of those Korean actresses that we want to see more of.

7: Kim Go-eun (1990):

Best Korean actresses

Kim Go Eun was born in 1991. She became famous with her superhit Korean movie A Muse and won several awards for her performance. Korean drama fans fell in love with her after her role in Kdrama Cheese in The Trap. The popular Korean movies of Kim Go-eun are A Muse and Monster. The popular Kim Go-eun Kdramas are Cheese in The Trap, Goblin and King Eternal Monarch.

Her performances in dramas and movies make her one of the best Korean actresses of her time. The actress has become one of the most popular Korean actresses even in 2022 with her Kdrama Little Women.

8: Kim Ji-won (1992):

Best Korean actresses

Kim Ji Won became famous with her supporting characters in Kdramas The Heirs and To the Beautiful You. The most famous Kdramas of Kim Ji won are Fight For My Way, Love Struck in the City, Arthdal Chronicles, Gap Dong and Descendant of the Sun. She was born in 1992.

9: Kim Da-Mi (1995):

Best Korean actresses

Kim Da-Mi stunned everyone with her performance in the Korean movie The Witch (Part 1). The actress has also become one of the top Korean actresses after her Kdrama Itaewon Class. Apart from these two projects, she has worked in Hello My Soulmate.

10: Kim Sejeong (1996):

young Korean actresses

Although Kim Sejeong got worldwide famous with the popular Kdrama Business Proposal, her performance in Kdrama The Uncanny Counter is remarkable. She also acted so well in School 2017. Until now, all the roles this singer-turned-actor has done are outstanding. She is not only one of the young Korean actresses but also a great singer.

11: Kim So Hyun (1999):

young Korean actresses

Kim So Hyun started her career as a child actor. She has a long list of Kdramas. The most popular Kim So Hyun Kdramas are Hey Ghost Lets Fight, Who are You School 2015, Love Alarm, The Tale of Nokdu and River Where the Moon Rises. Apart from these dramas, she has acted in many Kdramas as a child actor. She has also acted in Korean movies and the most famous one is Unforgettable. Kim So Hyun is one of those young Korean actresses who people want to see more.

12: Kim Yoo-Jung (1999):

young Korean actresses

Kim Yoo Jung also started her acting career as a child actor. She is one of the young Korean actresses. The popular ki Yoo Jung Kdramas are Love in The MoonLight, Backstreet Rookie and Angry Mom. Apart from these, she has acted in many Kdramas as a child actor. She is one of those Korean actresses that we want to see more of.

These are our favourite best Korean actresses who are born in the ’90s. There is no doubt about their talent and we want to see them more in the Korean series.

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