15 Best Korean Comedy Series that Will Make You Laugh

Korean Dramas provide you with all sort of entertainment and always has lots of stock for Comedy lovers. Here is a list of the best Korean comedy series that you can watch to entertain yourself.

There are many Kdramas that have plenty of funny scenes and we have tried our best to list the best ones.

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1: Welcome to Waikiki (2018):

Whenever there is a discussion on Comedy Korean dramas, Welcome to Waikiki always come first. This Korean drama has all the craziness that you need in your life. It has two seasons but people love the first season more. It has 20 episodes. The story is about the journey of three young men who come together to make a film. However, they are unable to get any profit. This is a roller coaster of laughing out loud.

2: Mr. Queen (2020-2021) :

People found escape from their dull life by watching the Korean drama Mr. Queen. This is one of the most popular dramas of 2021 and also it will make you laugh like crazy. The story is about a man who transfers back to the Joseon era but in the body of a woman. The woman is a Queen and of course, married to a man (The King). Things become crazy as he is a man from inside and a woman from outside.

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3: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017):

The story of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is about a girl who has supernatural strength. She can beat 100 people at a time and can protect her boyfriend. This is also one of the most popular and most loved Korean dramas of all time. The drama has 16 episodes.

4: Chief Kim (2017):

There is always a place for craziness in Korean Dramas. Cheif Kim is also known as Good Manager. Kim Sung-ryong has a history to work with a gang but then he joins a corrupt company. In the beginning, he only sees his benefit but gradually starts thinking about getting rid of corrupt people and systems. The drama is also famous for the bromance of two male leads.

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5: Kill me Heal Me (2015):

Kill Me Heal Me is a 2015 South Korean drama and it has 20 episodes. The drama is about a businessman named Cha Do-hyun who has dissociative identity disorder and he tries to get back control of his life with the help of Oh Ri-jin. The drama becomes a source of comedy when Cha also transforms into a woman who fell in love with the brother of Oh Ri-jin. This is one of the best comedy Korean dramas that you should watch.

6: She Was Pretty (2015):

Although the drama focuses on romance the comedy scenes between different characters make this drama a funny Korean drama. The drama is about two childhood friends who meet after many years. The boy is unable to recognize the girl as she is no longer pretty. In fact, he is irritated by her without knowing the truth. This is also one of the famous Kdrama.

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7: The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016):

This Korean comedy series is famous for its romance and unique storyline but one thing that people remember until now is its comedy scenes. A mermaid who is in love with a human reaches his house. The interaction between the main leads and supporting characters are unforgettable. This drama can make you a bit emotional but its comedy scenes will make you laugh hard. The Legend of the Blue Sea is also available on Netflix.

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8: Reply 1988 (2015):

Reply 1988 is one of the best Korean comedy dramas. The drama focuses on the ordinary lives of Korean families. It is about their relationships as neighbours and families. It also focuses on the youth, their problems and their love life.

9: Goblin (2016):

Goblin is one of the best Korean series that is also famous for its remarkable comedy scenes. The bromance between two male leads and their comic scenes made everyone fall in love with them. It is a fantasy Korean drama about a man who is stuck between life and death and a grim reaper who is also stuck between duty and emotions. The comic timing between characters makes Goblin a funny Kdrama.

10: Hit the Top (2017):

Hit the Top is one of the 2017 Korean comedy dramas. It is a romantic comedy drama and has 32 episodes. The drama is about a pop star named YooHyun-jae who travels from the past. He comes to know that he is dead now and starts an investigation about his death.

11: The Fiery Priest (2019):

The Fiery Priest is a 2019 Korean comedy series whose main focus is on crime. It is about a priest and a detective who come together to solve a crime. They try to catch the murderer of a senior priest. The drama is full of craziness and you can watch it to entertain yourself. The drama has 40 episodes.

12: Fight For My Way (2017):

One of the best Korean comedy series is Fight for My Way. The drama revolves around two best friends Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra. This Korean drama is the best example of love and friendship and can make you laugh like crazy. The drama is about the journey to fulfil the dreams and to find love. The drama has 16 episodes.

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13: My Father is Strange (2017):

My Father is Strange is a family Comedy drama. This Korean drama will provide you with all sorts of family comedy that you can witness in your house. The family has three sisters and one brother. The drama is based on their lives with each other and their bond. The drama is a little bit longer than other Korean dramas and it has 52 episodes.

14: You Who came From Stars (2013):

This is one of the Korean comedy series that has a fantasy backdrop. The series is about an alien who is stuck on earth ad fell in love with an actress. The actress is unique in itself who is confident and savage. She is a great source of entertainment and laughter in the series. The drama is also an interesting watch.

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15: Vincenzo (2020-2021):

Vincenzo became the talk of the town recently and it is a great funny Korean drama. The drama is based on crime but more than that it is a great Korean comedy series. The drama is about a man who reaches Korea to grab his wealth that is hidden in a building. The building tenants cannot leave it ad there are a lot of other problems that are going around. Amidst all this, the drama provides a lot of entertainment in the form of comedy scenes.

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