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16 Best Korean Movies and Dramas of Park Shin-hye

ByNaz khaliq

Mar 5, 2021
park Shin-hye dramas
Park Shin-hye dramas

Park Shin-hye is one of the most famous Korean actresses, here is the list of the top 16 movies and dramas of Park Shin-hye that you should watch.

Korean actress Park Shin-hye is not only beautiful, but she is also also a well-known actress in the whole world.

Dramas of Park Shin-Hye:

1: You are Beautiful: (2009)

Park Shin-hye dramas

This is one of the dramas of Park Shin-hye that is about a music band and a girl who pretends to be a boy to take the place of her brother. The band gains popularity after she joins it as a man. Things get complicated when the men from the band start falling in love with her and ultimately the most arrogant one and the girl fall in love with each other. This is a must-watch Korean drama.

2: Heirs: (2013)

Park Shin-hye dramas

It is the love story between a rich boy played by Lee Min-Ho and a poor girl whose mother works as a maid in that boy house. The story is about various love relationships along with a love triangle and based on class division. This love triangle is definitely one of the most famous ones in Korean dramas. This is one of the dramas of Park shin-hye about a rich guy fell in love with a poor girl.

3: Memories of Alhambra: (2018)

Park Shin-hye dramas

This drama of Park shin-hye revolves around mysterious incidents. The drama is about the real world and a mysterious world and it is a science fantasy action thriller. The drama has 16 episodes and has Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye as the main leads.

4: Tree of Heaven: (2006)

dramas of Park Shin-hye

This is one of the saddest dramas of Park shin-hye that ends with a tragic death. However, it is also one of the most innocent love stories of the Korean drama industry. A stepbrother falls in love with her stepsister and tries to hide his feelings until the girl also fell in love with her.

The circumstances lead the boy to be a gangster while the girl played by Park Shin-hye has to work as a maid. Until they meet again and fell in love with more intensity than ever but it leads to their deaths because of social norms. The drama has 10 episodes.

5: Pinocchio: (2014-2015)

Park Shin-hye dramas

This Park Shin hye drama has 20 episodes. It is about an old man who adopts an almost dying kid as his son whose father has been killed and framed for many crimes. The old man has a son and a granddaughter. Years passed by and these two children who grown up as brother and sister fell in love with each other.

They hide their relationship at the start but soon they tell other people. The girl is suffering from a syndrome Pinocchio and whenever she tells a lie, hiccups start and she becomes a reporter and it becomes hard for her to report without telling a lie. Along with the revelation of crimes and criminals, this is one of the dramas of Park Shin-hye that has a cute love story between the leads.

6: Doctors: (2016)

Park Shin-hye dramas

A spoiled teenager who is about to become a doctor but she is not ready to accept anyone’s bullshit. Many love this drama because of the strong character of the girl played by Park Shin-hye but after she becomes a doctor there is no action scene of her.

However, her fighting scenes are still people favourite. The is one of the dramas of Park Shin-hye that is about the life of doctors and there is a love triangle, a struggle to do better and a love story between a student and teacher who later becomes her senior.

7: Heart Strings: (2011)

Park Shin-hye dramas

The drama is about friendship and is a rom-com where a young girl tries to become a musician amid all modern-day singing trends. It is a struggle between traditionalist and modern singers and definitely has a love story.

8: Hayate The Combat Butler (Twainese drama):

Park shin-hye dramas

It is the Twainese drama aired in 2011 and is a rom-com. It is about a young man who because of a shortage of money and because of the irresponsible behaviour of his parents fell into lots of debt. He thinks of kidnapping a rich person and demand ransom for it but he eventually fell in love with the woman played by Park Shin-hye.

9: Don’t Worry I am a Ghost (Third season):

Park Shin-hye dramas

The story is about a man who loses his memory after waking up in the hospital. After some struggle, he is able to find his house and there he finds a young woman. The woman turns out a ghost and it reveals that due to an accident the man can now see ghosts. The woman asks him to help her to find the criminals.

10: My Cute Guys: (2013)

It is a romantic comedy drama based on a webtoon. It is about a girl who does not like to go outside but spy on her neighbours particularly a young man with who she has fallen in love. This is also a love triangle and there is another man who is a webtoon artist who loves the character of Park Shin Hye. The drama has 16 episodes.

11: Sisyphus : The Myth (2021)

dramas of Park Shin-hye

Sisyphus: The Myth is a story of a man who wants to uncover the death mystery of his brother and a woman played by Park Shin-hye who travels back in time and helps him. The drama is attracting lots of attention for its plot. This is one of the dramas of Park Shin-hye that is aired in 2021.

Best Park Shin Hye Movies:

12: The Call (2020):

Park Shin Hye movies

The Call is one of the most popular and complicated Park Shin Hye movies. It is also one of the popular Korean movies. The plot is twisted and complicated in a good sense and it will blow your mind. The plot of the movie revolves around a girl who receives a call from the past. It takes her some time to understand the situation as it is also connected to her childhood.

She tries to help the girl from the past but her life becomes hell after involving in this. The cast includes Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong-seo. There is no doubt that Jeon jong-seo did wonders with her character and acting skills too.

13: Alive (2020):

Park Shin hye movies

Alive is a Korean horror movie and it depicts the survival of two young people played by Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah-in. They try to be alive amidst Zombies. The whole town has turned into zombies and these two people have to survive. The movie depicts their struggle to hide and fight for their survival.

14: The Evil Twin (2007):

Park Shin hye movies

The Evil Twin is about two young twins and one of them gets killed in an accident. Everyone used to love one of them more because of her calm and innocent nature while the other one is also scolded for her evil nature. After the death of her twin sister, the other one starts living in the name of the dead one. This is one of the Korean horror movies that you should watch.

15: Heart Blackened (2017):

Park Shin hye movies

The plot revolves around a Business Tycoon Tae-san whose fiancee gets killed. Her daughter from first wife becomes the prime suspect played by Park Shin Hye. However Tae-san loves her daughter and tries to do every possible thing to find the killer. This is a great mystery thriller that you should watch.

16: The Royal Tailor (2014):

Park Shin hye movies

This film is set in Joseon Dynasty starring Park Shin-hye, Yoo Yeon-seok and Go Soo in lead roles. The plot revolves around the change in fashion in the Royal Palace. By breaking the laws of the Royal palace, a new tailor in town introduces some new fashions to people. This movie can also be termed a South Korean Fashion movie.

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