8 Best Korean Vampire Dramas that you should Watch

English series are famous for their vampire dramas and movies, but we have good news for Korean dramas fans. There are Korean Vampire dramas and movies that you can watch right now if you are a fan of Vampires.

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Vampires are that creature that we can commonly see in English series and movies and there is no doubt that English series has given us so many handsome vampires. Although the Korean entertainment industry has not produced Vampire shows in large quantity, however Korean dramas fans should not disappointed by it.

Here are 6 Korean Vampire dramas, one Korean Vampire movie and one Korean Vampire Shortfilm that we have mentioned below:

8) The Vampire Lives Next Door to Us (2015):

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This is a South Korean Vampire short film. The film is 16 minutes long. The cast of The Vampire Who Lives Next Door To Us includes Ji Sung and Park So-Dam. The short film is about a vampire who works in a morgue. He has a personal interest in the corpses and asks them about their lives and why they died. The vampire finally gets a corpse who wants to live and he tries to fulfil her wish. This vampire short film is available on Youtube.

7) The Sweet Blood (2021):

This is one of the vampire love story Korean drama and it is about 118 years old vampire girl who wants to live an ordinary life. The vampires do not drink blood directly from humans but now they are advanced and prefer to drink human blood alcohols. A hot and handsome vampire suddenly appears but he has some hidden motive. This Vampire Kdrama has handsome vampires and it is a light-hearted drama.

6) The Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015)

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It is a 2015 South Korean Vampire drama that set in history (Joseon period). The drama has Lee Joon-gi, Lee soo-hyuk, Kim so-eun and Lee Yu-bi as the main cast. Lee Joon-gi is playing the role of a guardian vampire who is living for more than a hundred years.

He keeps an eye on all vampire to maintain peace so that no vampire will disobey the rules. On the other side, Lee Soo-hyun is playing the role of an evil vampire who is more interested in power. There is only one way through which he can be killed. The drama is about love, power and a struggle for goodness to win over evil. The drama has 20 episodes.

5) Orange Marmalade: (2015)

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Orange Marmalade is a teen romance fantasy drama and it is also a Vampire love story Korean drama. This is a 2015 drama starring Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Seolhyun, Lee Jong-hyun as lead actors. The story revolves around a society where people know about the existence of vampires and Vampires are still discriminated by humans.

The vampire lives among humans but hides their identity. The story is about a vampire girl who falls in love with a human. The drama also has flashbacks from their past lives. The drama has 12 episodes. Both the lead actors won awards for their performances in the drama.

4) Vampire Prosecutor: (2011)

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Vampire Prosecutor is a 2011 South Korean Vampire drama. This Vampire detective Kdrama has two seasons and the second season aired in 2012. The famous actor Yeon Jung-hoon is playing the role of vampire prosecutor in the drama. The drama is about a vampire who is a prosecutor by profession and he solves various crimes. The dram falls under the category of a crime mystery thriller. The first season has 11 episodes while the second season has 12 episodes.

3) Blood : (2015)

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Blood is a 2015 South Korean Vampire drama and it has 20 episodes. Blood Korean drama is an action romance thriller and is a Vampire love story Korean drama. The drama revolves around doctors and one of the doctors played by Ahn Jae-hyun is also a vampire. The vampire falls in love with a human who is also a doctor in the same hospital played by Kyun hye-sun.

Blood is about a love story where a vampire tries to control himself as he does not want to spoil the life of a human girl. Eventually, he is unable to resists. However, his resistance is also against evil. The epitome of the evil vampire is played by Ji Jin-hee who believes in power and wants the good vampire to join hands with him. Blood is a Vampire doctor Kdrama.

2) The Vampire Detective: (2016)

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The Vampire Detective is a South Korean vampire drama. It aired in 2016 and has 12 episodes. This is a Vampire detective Kdrama and it tells the story of a detective that later turns out a vampire who works with his friend to solve the crime.

A girl joins their league and together they make an amazing team. The drama has a really interesting story and it ends on an open note and many fans still expect it’s season two. The cast includes Lee Joon, Oh Jung-se and Lee Se-young. The drama also gives a strong female lead who shows her awesome kicks and punches.

  1. Thirst: (2009)
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Thirst is a Korean Vampire movie and it released in 2009. The movie is about a man who due to some illness and odd vaccination gradually turn into a vampire. He cures the disease but it is only temporary, soon he realizes that he can only remain healthy away from the disease if he drinks other people blood.

In order to stay away from killing people, he steals blood from the hospital. The movie also highlights the man who is also a priest affair to his best friend wife. The cast includes Song Kang-ho and Kim Ok-bin as leads. The movie is a crime horror thriller and the movie has won many awards. The movie has many disturbing scenes and a serious vampire movie.

These were our top Korean Vampire dramas and movies, have you watched any?

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