13 Best Living Together Chinese Tv Series for Asian Dramas Lovers

We have a list of the best living together Chinese tv series. This includes Chinese Tv series where the couple moved together in a house before falling in love or after in love. These couples willingly or unwillingly moved together in a house. The relationship starts with lots of arguments and gradually turn into love. Here are the best live in relationship China tv drama series.

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13: Unexpected (2018):

Unexpected is a fantasy romance Chinese tv series. The drama focuses on the life of a manga artist who gets stuck into his own manga. He reaches into a world that is not real and the only way he can return back is to solve all puzzles. He has to save a woman who is also an evil person and then he would be able to go back to the real world. The drama has 23 episodes.

12: My Love Enlighten Me (2020):

After a pop group disbands, an enthusiast pop star life is disturbed. She is confused as to where to start her new life. She starts her new life as an ordinary girl where she meets an engineer. The man has an amazing memory and remembers everything, however, there is something very strange that happens as he forgets very important things regarding their relationship. My Love Enlighten Me has 24 episodes.

11: Love the Way You are (2019-2020):

The story is based on high school love where a girl fell in love with her high school senior. A misunderstanding causes their separation. They meet again after some years. The girl has become a model while the boy has become a chef. A struggle of hate and love starts and they are unable to hide their feelings. Cdrama Love the Way You Are has 24 episodes.

10: My Dear Lady (2020):

My Dear Lady is a story of a married woman who is broken after many years of dedication and investment of emotions in her marriage. she decides to file for a divorce but she also wants the custody of her son. She needs money for that, but unfortunately, she gets into an accident and has to pay a lot of money. She starts seeking a job and that is also not easy. Until she reaches the office of the same person who she has to pay money for a car accident. My Dear Lady has 16 episodes.

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9: Flavour Its Yours (2019):

This is another fantasy romance Chinese drama. The story revolves around a man Lu Wei who has a great sense of taste and is a cold-hearted person. He is unapproachable by many girls and has no interest in them. Lu Wei is a wine critic and meets a girl who has no sense of taste. She has lost it in an accident when she was young. Their taste is switched due to some chemical reaction. This interesting Cdrama has 25 episodes.

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8: Girlfriend (2020):

The story revolves around a girl who wants to become an actress. She is hired to act girlfriend of a rich Ceo. While pretending they fell in love with each other. The girl paves her way to a successful acting career as well as the love of her life. Girlfriend has 36 episodes.

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7: The Brightest Star in The Sky (2019):

The story revolves around Yang who has a passion for music and an Idol Boxu. Boxu is an arrogant guy and he has lots of flaws. After Yang joins his company and his assistant, she tries her best to transform him into a good person. Boxu also finds the meaning of his life and a successful career after Yang enters into his life. The drama has 44 episodes.

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6: About is Love (2018):

About is Love is a fantasy romance Chinese television drama. The drama is about a man who has a severe disease that prevents him to be close to women. However, this disease is strange as he is immune to only one person who can also help him. He finally finds Zhou and comes to know that he is fine in her company. He asks her to help him out while being arrogant. However, love gradually changes him.

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5: Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

The drama is about a milk delivery girl and a famous boy at school. The boy is not only handsome but is really popular. The delivery girl fate intertwines with the handsome guy. He finds amusement in teasing her but she is also a brave girl who does not give up. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me has 23 episodes.

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4: Love Designer (2020)

Love Designer is a romance Chinese tv series. The story is about a passionate fashions designer Zhou who has dedicated her life to her work and profession. Song Li is a boss of an e-commerce company. They both meet due to some lawsuit and are compelled to work together. Love Designer is a famous living together Chinese tv series where a couple soon fell in love.

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3: Count Your Lucky Star (2020):

The story of this Cdrama revolves around the fashion world. Lu is expert and famous in the fashion world but is an arrogant man. However, no one can deny that he is a master in the fashion world. Tong is also a fashion designer but is a beginner. Their lives are switched and turned upside down when they accidentally kiss each other. Lu starts facing failure while Tong becomes famous. This Chinese television drama has 34 episodes.

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2: My Amazing Boyfriend (2016):

This is an interesting fantasy romance Cdrama. The story revolves around a mutant who is sleeping for centuries and an actress. The mutant is awakened by the actress and he starts living with her. She tries her best to get rid of him but eventually fell in love with him. The drama is adapted from a novel with the same name.

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1: Put Your Head On My Shoulder (2019):

The story revolves around Si Tu Mo who has a crush on her childhood friend but eventually gets tired of his behaviour. She meets a physics student Gu Wei and is impressed by his dedication and passion. Their mothers are childhood friends and think that they both would be best for each other. The drama has 24 episodes.

Whats your favourite from the above list?

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