11 Best Memes on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Before we share the best memes on Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth, we tell you what happened recently. With the news of a rift between the Royal family, every person in the world was interested in what is going to happen in the British royal family.

After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the Royal family, people were very curious but the curiosity stopped for a while. However, the recent interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry created havoc in the world. Although it would be a bit disappointing and a sort of threat for British people or the Royal family, there are many who are enjoying this situation.

The meme parties came forward and created lots of memes on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interview. Here we are sharing some of the best memes on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that you can enjoy especially if you are a Desi.

(The credits are mentioned. We will not decide who is right or wrong, we will enjoy the memes on Meghan Markle)


I asked Queen to return Koh-i-Noor and she took my Jewelry from my dowry and submitted it to family treasure“.

Ya, that’s the biggest problem, Meghan, of course, a mother-in-law does these type of things after marriage, especially in a desi household.

credit: @RantsPakistani


This meme can only be understood by Desi people as it is the famous poster from a famous Bollywood movie Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham. Noting can be this accurate to represent the situation of the royal family right now. The situation of the royal family right now is the situation of desi households from centuries.

credit: as watermark / goes to owner


The Memers just took an old lady to describe the situation of Queen who wants to talk to Meghan Markle face to face about what she said in the interview.

credit : British Memes


How can Desi people miss Samina Peerzada (Pakistani legendary actress) who often asks a personal question to celebrities in her show.

According to this meme on Meghan Markle, Samina is asking Meghan, Has she ever thought to do Black Magic on in-laws?

credit: @antifatwa


The situation of the house of the Royal family is just like the situation of any Saas Bahu and Saazish serial of India or we can say Pakistan too. Oen rich guy who wants to marry a poor girl and his family does not agree to this. Somehow he succeeds in marrying her but ultimately the guy parents throw the girl out of the house. (sounds perfect)


The queen is planning to do Black Magic on Meghan according to this meme on Meghan Markle. The queen has lots of memories running through her mind and she is not happy with this marriage (according to this meme)



This sounds familiar and we often hear it in Pakistan too where people are in search of fair complexion daughter-in-law and there is a lot of criticism regarding brown complexion people (girls). People are laughing sheepishly over this meme but deep inside they know they do and want the same for their sons. After all this complex came to us from white people.

credit: @thehumorists2


Desi people know how to set memes on any situation and they know what is happening in their society. Every man hears the same thing from society or from his parents for taking a stand for his wife.



The famous phrase from an Indian songs Jinee Mera Dil Lutteya (the one who stole my heart) and in which reply, someone has to say Oho, Oho. Queen did not reply Meghan and this is the biggest injustice that anyone could do.

credit: dedlad


One of the hilarious memes on Meghan Markle, Is not it?

credit: @sara-Pirzadaa


The other typical Desi thing that we can hear in the desi household is to teach daughter-in-law that you can’t do things as you want. (This is not your father house, so turn off the fan)

credit: owner

These are our top favourite desi memes on Meghan Markle.

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