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15 Best Must Watch 2021 Korean Dramas List

ByNaz khaliq

Jan 1, 2022
2021 Korean dramas
2021 Korean dramas

Korean drama industry does not disappoint us and provided lots of entertainment in 2021. Before mentioning the best must watch 2021 Korean dramas list, let us tell you that Kdramas, movies and music overshadowed the world in 2021. Korean Entertainment industry deserves much more appreciation across the globe, as they are presenting a unique storyline with different characters and strong acting skills.

Here is the list of some of the best 2021 Korean dramas that you should watch.

1: Squid Game:

2021 Korean dramas

The show/drama that amazed the world with its picturization, characters, storyline and acting skills is Squid Game. This show showed the world that the Korean Entertainment industry is taking over the world. The drama is based on a game show that can take your life if you blink your eye for a second. You have to be careful at every step to win or to be alive. The second and third season of Squid Game is expected and fans are eagerly waiting for it. Squid Game is available on Netflix too. (Watch here)

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2: My Name:

2021 Korean dramas

If you are looking for a female-centric action Korean drama, My Name is for you. The story is based on a young schoolgirl whose father is killed. Her life which was not even easy before, has become more difficult. She tries to find out the killer of her father and changes her identity. Han So Hee played the character of Yoon Ji-Woo and proved that she is one of the best Korean actresses. You can see lots of action scenes and the skills of Han So Hee. Apart from her, Park Hee Soon and Ahn Bo-hyun played centric roles in this 2021 Korean drama. (watch here)

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3: Home Town Cha Cha Cha:

2021 Korean dramas

It is one of the romantic 2021 Korean dramas. The story is based on a dentist Yoon Hye-Jin who moves to a new town. She meets a young man who helps the needy and the elders. Their relationship starts with friendship and they soon fell in love. This is one of the highest-rated Kdrama of 2021. (Watch here)

4: One the Woman:

2021 Korean dramas

The story is based on the life of a female lawyer who loses her memory after an accident. She finds out that she is suffering from amnesia but the twist is that she is mistaken for one of the richest women. She is the look-alike of a rich heir. She has to face a lot of conspiracies in her new home. This is one of the comedy must watch 2021 Korean dramas. It is a good watch for fans of strong female-centric dramas. (watch here)

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5: D.P:

2021 Korean dramas

D.P is set in the year 2014. The story revolves around the training of Korean military police. The struggle is real for the participants as they have to prove themselves amidst all the tough training as well as bullying. There is no place for the weak person and they have to suffer at the hands of their strong superiors. D.P gained much popularity and there is speculation about its second season. D.P is also popular on Netflix. Although its subject is serious, it is one of the best 2021 Korean dramas. (Watch here)

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6: The Devil Judge:

2021 Korean dramas

The Devil Judge is one of the mystery action Korean dramas of 2021. The story is set in a fantasy world that is opposite to real South Korea. To serve justice, the Korean government plans a live session of a court where the judge will make a decision in front of the public. Kang Yo-han played by Ji Sung has a painful past and that has made him a heartless person. He is the judge of that live court session. There are lots of strong characters besides strong female characters that play an important part in the drama. (Watch here)

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7: Hospital Playlist 2:

2021 Korean dramas

After the success of season one of Hospital Playlist, fans wished for season 2. This year second season of Hospital Playlist. The story is about five doctor friends, their workload, problems and relationships. They stand with each other in every problem and also there are many comedy scenes that provide relief in the tough situations of emergency cases. (Watch here)

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8: Youth of May:

2021 Korean dramas

Youth of May will always be remembered as one of the painful romantic Korean dramas of 2021. The drama is set in the year 1980. It is a love story between a nurse and a medical student who wants to live a happy life amidst all chaos. It would not be one of the highest-rated dramas, but Kdramas fans loved it for the soft love that it depicts with the painful memories. (Watch here)

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9: Taxi Driver:

2021 Korean dramas

Taxi Driver is based on a webtoon. This is one of the action crime based 2021 Kdramas. The drama is based on the real crimes that happened in South Korea.

The story is based on the life of a young man whose mother was murdered. He now works as a Taxi Driver for a company that can take revenge on you. This is another highest rated 2021 Kdramas whose second season is expected soon.

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10: Vincenzo:

Korean drama Vincenzo

Vincenzo became not only one of the popular Korean dramas of 2021 but of all time. It is the story of a man who believes in Karma and to serve this takes his revenge. He comes back to Korea to take his wealth that is hidden in the building. However, his life changes when he finds out that it is not easy for tenants to evacuate the building and now he has to fight against a big mafia. The drama has everything from comedy to action to crime and there are so many characters that you will find it hard to love only one. This is one of the not to miss 2021 Korean dramas.

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11: Mr. Queen:

2021 Korean dramas

With a huge stock of laughter ad the amazing acting of female lead actress Shin Hae Sun, Mr Queen ruled over Kmedia in 2021. Everyone enjoyed and praised this drama a lot and it became one of the most popular 2021 Kdramas. The story focuses on the life of a man who is a playboy but due to some accident, he is stuck in a world where he is a queen.

The twist is he is a man from the inside but outside his physical body is of a female. Everyone treats him like a queen and he has to find a way to get out of this world that exists in ancient times. This is one of the best 2021 Korean dramas that you cannot miss.

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12: Mouse:

2021 Korean dramas

Mouse is one of the most complicated psychological thriller Kdrama of 2021. It focuses on the question that whether psychopath is born like this or society make them criminals. It explores various cases of killings, especially a real-life case that was an inspiration to make this Kdrama.

After the killing, the psychopath is calm and he does not feel any regret or shame. A police officer’s life is almost destroyed while exploring this case. This is another mind-blowing Kdrama that will surely blow your mind with its mysteries. This is one of the most complicated 2021 Kdramas. (Watch here)

13: Voice 4:

2021 Korean dramas

This is another crime mystery thriller Kdrama that already has 3 seasons. The series focuses on the life of a female investigator who has a unique ability to hear more than ordinary humans. She solves many murder cases with her unique ability. Every time her colleagues doubt her abilities, she proves them wrong with her willpower. This is another must watch 2021 Kdramas. (watch here)

14: Penthouse: War in Life:

2021 Korean dramas

If you want to go crazy with the storyline, Penthouse is for you. This Kdrama has three seasons and every season is like that one thing that you either do not want to see but you cannot resist. The makers successfully set a mark in the Kdrama industry. It is about family politics and more than that the greed for power and money. There are very few characters that are loyal to each other otherwise everyone has thirst for each other blood. The PentHouse is also one of the most-watched Korean dramas of 2021. (Watch here)

15: My Roommate is a Gumiho:

2021 Korean dramas

Gumiho is in Korean folklore and it means nine-tailed fox. My Roommate is a Gumiho is a light-hearted Kdrama of 2021 with comedy and romance. Although the drama could not gain much appreciation it is a good choice for you, if you want to see a light-hearted Kdrama. The drama is about a Gumiho who has to live hundreds of years but his fox beads are in a human female. He has to live with her to find out the solution to this problem however the girl starts having a love feeling for him.

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