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5 Best Obsessive Lovers Chinese Dramas Series

ByNaz khaliq

Nov 11, 2021
chinese obsessive lovers dramas
obsessive lovers chinese dramas

We have a list of some passionate obsessive lovers Chinese dramas series that you can watch if you love obsessive lovers themes. There are lots of romance in Cdramas, and you can fall in love with the characters. However, this can be disturbing for some people as there are lots of forced kisses, dragging and pulling. Here are some of the Obsessive lovers Chinese dramas that you should watch.

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1: Cruel Romance (2015):

obsessive lovers chinese dramas

This Chinese drama is set in the 1930s. It is one of those Chinese drama series that are based on novels. The story revolves around a girl whose whole family is murdered by Japanese and a leader of a crime group. The girl reaches Shanghai in order to find out about the murderer. she has a watch and through it, she is hopeful to find the murderer. She meets the leader of a crime group who fell in love with her at first sight.

He helps her many times and saves her but she does not have any idea about it. The drama mostly covers the conspiracies and fights that happen during that time. Amidst all this, there is the love of crime leader turn into an obsession. This is one of the most successful obsessive lovers Chinese dramas. The drama has 40 episodes.

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2: Sealed With a Kiss (2011):

obsessive lovers chinese dramas

This is one of the Chinese dramas about the unhealthy obsession of a man (Mo Shaoqian) towards a woman (Tong Xue). There is a trigger warning if you want to watch this drama as there are lots of forced kisses. The drama is about two persons who have to live together without their will. Tong Xue loves someone else and the man is already married. However, he does not like his wife and wants to divorce her.

In order to take revenge for a past betrayal from the girl, he forces her to be his mistress. During her stay, she not only has to face his anger and insults, but he forces himself on her. she does not want to leave his childhood love and this makes the man angrier. Gradually Mo Shaoqian realizes that he cannot win Tong Xue by force. This Chinese drama has 30 episodes.

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3: The Girl Wearing Tassel Earrings (2016):

obsessive lovers chinese dramas

This Chinese drama is set in the 1920s. It was a time when broadcast radio became a trend. Qing Tian has extraordinary skills of hearing and she helps in building a broadcast radio station. Hao Ming is a rich man who comes to the station and because of some misunderstanding develop some feelings towards her. He takes away her Tassel earrings that are very close to Qian’s heart. She is determined to take that back and tries to clear Hao Ming misunderstandings. This drama has 48 episodes.

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4: Siege in Fog (2018):

obsessive lovers chinese dramas

The story is about a man who is a flirt but fell in love at first sight with a maiden. The man is wealthy and only he can help the girl to pay off her debt. The girl has a crush on someone else but the man becomes obsessed with her. He followed her around and forces her to be with him.

Finally, the girl marries him because only he can help her in difficult times. After marriage, there are lots of love and hate moments but finally, she fell in love with him. However, they ace lots of problems when the husband old girlfriend returns to his life. The dram has 50 episodes.

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5: The King’s Woman (2017):

obsessive lovers chinese dramas

This is one of the obsessive lovers Chinese dramas that has a historical background. The story revolves around Gongsun Li and Ying Zheng. YingZheng fell in love with her when they are young. Gongsun Li already has a lover who gets poisoned during a war-like situation. Gongsun has to marry Ying in order to get the medicine to cure him. She marries him but finds out that she is pregnant with the child of her lover. Ying Zheng decides to accept the child as his own. There are many forced and sudden kisses in the drama. After lots of resistance, Gongsun Li starts falling for Ying Zheng. The drama has 48 episodes.

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