11 Best Dramas of Yumna Zaidi for Pakistani Dramas Fans

We have a list of the best Pakistani dramas of Yumna Zaidi that you need to watch if you are loving her in Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi. If you want to see her remarkable acting skills and her intellect to choose the script then this list is for you.

Yumna is currently working in Pakistani drama Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi and her acting skills are ruling over people heart.

There are lots of Pakistani dramas in which she has acted but we are listing down those in which Yumna Zaidi did wonders.

1: Jugnoo (2015-2016):

Jugnoo is a light-hearted romantic drama in which a girl Jugnoo fell in love with a rich guy. Jugnoo is a bubbly girl who has lost her father. Some events lead her to meet Zulfi played by Zahid Ahmed. Zulfi is a timid guy who cannot do anything without his father will. However, he gets married to Jugnoo. Zulfi comes back to his house and his father forcefully tries to send him out of the country. Jugnoo starts her journey to meet Zulfi. This drama has 18 episodes and it is based on the novel Shehzori by Mirza Azeem.

2: Drr Se Jati Hai Sila (2017-2018):

This drama is based on rape victim Sila by one of her close relative who lives with them. The drama received notice from Pemra due to its portrayal of rape victim bu there is no doubt that these kinds of animals can be found anywhere. This drama is a journey of a girl whose voice is shunned by her mother but eventually speak in front of every person in the family. This is one of the difficult role of Yumna that she played brilliantly.

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3: Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi (2013):

This is one of the dramas of Yumna Zaidi in which she is not playing the lead role but she got an award for her supporting role. The drama is based on a short story with the same name by Amna Mufti. Yumna is playing the role of Asiya who lives in a village. The story focuses on exchange marriage, rivalries and domestic violence. The storyline is depicted beautifully that this drama outshined in 2013. The cast includes Saba Qamar, Noman Ijaz, Sohail Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi in lead roles.

4: Ishq Zahe Naseeb (2019):

This is one of Yumna Zaidi dramas where she did not play the lead but without her intense acting and expressions, Ishq Zahe Naseeb could not be completed. Along with Zahid Ahmed, she created magic on screen. Yumna played the role of Shakra who is hallucinated by Sameer played by Zahid Ahmed. The lead actors including Yumna Zaidi, Zahid Ahmed and Sonia Hussain done a remarkable job. The number of episodes is 30.

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5: Guzaarish (2015):

It is one of the sad romantic dramas of Yumna Zaidi. Zara, Zain and Saad are cousins in drama Guzaarish. Zara and Zain are in love played by Yumna and Ahmed Ali Butt respectively. On their wedding day, due to some misunderstanding, Zain leaves Zara. Their Families decide to marry Saad (played by Affan Waheed) and Zara. Zara is heartbroken as she is madly in love with Zain. The family politics ruin her life.

After marriage, she tries her best to give Saad the place of a husband. Saad also takes care of her. Zain realizes after Zara’s marriage that he did wrong to her. However, Zara chooses her husband. This is a heartbreaking love story of Zara that eventually finds peace in her husband. However, she has to go through a lot to prove her faithfulness to her husband.

6: Zara Yaad Kar (2016):

Zara Yaad Kar is one of the dramas of Yumna Zaidi in which she played the role of a sensible and pure girl who fell in love with a married man played by Zahid Ahmed. Her intentions are pure and she tries her best to hide them. Hadi lives in the house of Uzma and is married to his cousin who is a greedy and characterless woman. She cheats on him but Uzma always advises and encourages Hadi to make his relation better with his wife. Hadi pure love does not change his wife played by Sana Javed and she demands a divorce from him. Eventually, after heartbreak and lots of betrayals, Hadi ends up with Uzma.

7: Yeh Raha Dil (2017):

This is one of the highly praised Pakistani dramas of Yumna Zaidi. Yeh Raha Dil is a romantic Pakistani drama. The story focuses on the lives of Hayat and Zaki played by Yumna and Ahmed Butt. Hayat is going to marry Nida who is an arrogant girl. The circumstances lead him to meet Hayat and they both develop a bond in Nepal. Hayat loses her house and most of her belongings due to some events.

After returning to Pakistan, Zaki offers Hayat to live in his house and takes his parents permission. His father notices that Hayat is a better companion for Zaki. After lots of ups and downs in their lives, they end up together. People love this drama because of the friendship bond that Hayat and Zaki share. the drama has 26 episodes.

8: Pukaar (2018):

This is one of the Pakistani dramas of Yumna Zaidi that focuses on love and the hardship of a widow in this cruel society. The drama starts with the beautiful love story of Samra and Fahad. Samra is a lively girl whose life is ruined after the death of her husband Fahad who belongs to a Feudal family. Samra goes through every injustice that her mother-in-law does because she is a widow. Her life is miserable even after her son is born until the entry of Sarang played by Zahid Ahmed.

Sarang was in love with Samra even before her marriage but destiny makes him meet her again as a family member. It is unbearable for Sarang to see a woman in this state and he takes a stand. People start talking about their relationship but he does not care. He promises Samra that he will help her and her son to get out of this hell. At the end of the drama, Samra accepts Sarang as her life partner.

9: Inkaar (2018):

One of the strongest roles of Yumna Zaidi is in Inkaar. She is playing the role of an innocent girl Hajra who is trapped in an evil man’s fake love. She finds out about it right before when he tries to molest her. After getting over this traumatic event, she moves on with her life and is ready to marry a nice man played by Sami Khan. The man ((Rehan) tries to kill her on her wedding day. She takes a stand and files a complaint.

However, Rehan tries to prove her characterless by using their past. The drama stands out amid other Pakistani dramas in which the girl’s father, as well as her fiance, stands with her throughout the trial. In the end, she proves that Rehan is the culprit and win the case. The drama has 24 episodes.

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10: Pyaar K Saadqay (2020):

Yumna stole our hearts with her character Mahjabeen. The girl is so innocent that she cannot understand the evil and shrewd people. She gets married to a rich woman’s son Abdullah who is also considered a foolish person. Abdullah is manipulated by his step-father who wants to take over his wealth. Their married life is disturbed by the evil eye of Abdullah’s stepfather played by Omair Rana. The drama is also about the development of a relationship between two innocent people who are unable to understand the meaning of it. It also focuses on the issue of harassment by family members that is hard to accept for society. The drama has 30 episodes.

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11: Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi (2021):

This is one of the Pakistani dramas of Yumna Zaidi that is currently airing. The drama has multiple plots but Yumna’s character is shining brightly. The drama raises many social issues including human trafficking, prostitution, child marriages and child labour. The drama is getting lots of appreciation and people are in love with it.

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