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8 Best Sanam Saeed Dramas That You Cannot Miss

Sanam Saeed became everyone favourite after her super hit Pakistani dramas Zindagi Gulzar Hai opposite Fawad Khan. Here is the list of Sanam Saeed dramas that you should watch to see her remarkable acting skills.

8: Mata e Jaan Hai Tu (2012):

The main female lead role is played by Sarwat Gillani (Haniya) and Sanam is playing her sister role as Yamina. This Pakistani drama is about the clash of different thinking. The family of Haniya and Yamina are living in America. Haniya (played by Sarwat) believe in her roots that are in Pakistan. The character of Sanam (Yamina) is married to a man who does not believe in his cultural roots. The drama is basically about the clash of culture and the focus of the story is on Sarwat and Adeel Hussain however this is a good watch. This drama of Sanam Saeed is also a Hum tv presentation.

7: Deedan (2019):

Although the concept was different it could attract much audience. The one reason could be that it aired on not so popular channel. The character of Sanam Saeed is playing the role of a woman whose husband is dead and her father -in law wants to marry her. She is in love with another man but the customs of her cultures allow her neither before marriage and nor after her husbands’ death. The drama was telecasted on Aplus.

6: Daam (2010):

Daam is one of the best Pakistani drama but Sanam has a minor role in it. The major roles are done by Amna Sheikh and Sanam Baloch. The story focuses on class difference and the way relation changes because of them. It focuses on the hypocrisy of human who changes their colours according to their benefits. The characters of Amna and Sanam Saaed belong to the upper class while Sanam Baloch’s character depicts the life of poor people.

5: Mera Naseeb (2014):

People praised Mera Naseeb mainly because of the character of Sanam Saeed who played the role of an independent strong girl in the drama. The story revolves around the lives of two girls living under the same roof having different destinies. Although there are many flaws in this drama Sanam portrayed a strong character so it can be a good watch for her fans. This Pakistani drama is also the presentation of Hum tv.

4: Diyar e Dil (2015):

Sanam played the role opposite Mikaal Zulfiqar(Behroz) in Diyar e Dil. Behroz refuses to marry the girl that his father chooses for him because he likes another girl played by Sanam Saeed. His father disowns him and they leave the house. The story is not fully based on Sanam character and later it shifts to her daughter played by Maya Ali but Diyar e Dil is one of the most popular family drama in Pakistan. The cast includes Sanam Saeed, Osman Khalid Butt, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Maya Ali. The number of episodes is 33 and it was aired on Hum tv.

3: Kadurat (2013):

In Kadurat, Sanam played the role of Minah, a girl who becomes obsessed to make everyone life hell. Her mother dies in a car accident when she is a child and her father get married a second time. Although her stepmother is very kind and lovable she cannot accept another woman in her house. It is one of Sanam Saeed dramas where she is playing a negative character. The drama was aired on Hum tv and it has 18 episodes.

2: Shukk (2013):

This is surely one of the underrated Sanam Saeed dramas. The story is about two couples. Sanam is playing the role of a housewife Sania whose husband is an abuser. She has a child. There is another couple (Ehtisham and Sehrish) who lives near to them who has no child. The husband Ehtisham is fond of Sehrish’s child but the wife Sehrish start suspecting their relation. Sehrish spoils her relation and trust with her husband Ehtisham because of her false claims and doubts. Ehtisham starts realizing the tough life of Sania with her husband and develop feelings for her. The storyline is different from other Pakistani dramas and it is an interesting story.

1: Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2012-2013):

No one can forget about this amazing script of Pakistani drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai with the outstanding acting skills of Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan. The drama depicts the life struggle of a woman whose husband got married a second time played by Samina Peerzada. Although it is a common scenario in Pakistani drama the way, Zindagi Gulzar Hai narrates the story of struggle, success and relationships is on another level. This is one of the Sanam Saeed dramas that is also available on Netflix.

Apart from these hit Sanam Saeed dramas, she has worked in Pakistani drama serial Firaaq, Dil Banjara and Talkhiyan. Sanam has also acted in movies and short films.

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