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10 Best Suspense Thriller Japanese Movies that You Cannot Miss

by Naz khaliq
Suspense thriller Japanese movies
Suspense thriller Japanese movies

If you are a fan of Suspense thriller mystery movies, you cannot skip our list of best suspense thriller Japanese movies. Asian dramas and movies are attracting people across the globe so how can you miss the Japanese movies? Here are some of the best Japanese movies that you cannot miss.

1: The Snow White Murder Case (2014):

The movie is about a murder mystery. It is one of the mystery, psychological thriller Japanese movies. The movie is about a murder at a cosmetics company. Yuji receives a phone call from one of his old friends who asks him to solve the murder case at the company. Yuji starts investigating the case and there are many suspects. The cast includes Gou Ayano, Nanao, Mao Inoue and Misako in the lead roles.

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2: Cube (horror thriller) (2021):

The plot revolves around six people who are locked in a cube-shaped room. They have to find out the clues and solve them to go out of the room. All these people are meeting for the first time in this cube room and they have to crack codes to get out of it, otherwise, they will be stuck. The movie is a remake of a Canadian movie of the same name.

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3: The Werewolf Game: Death Game Operative (horror thriller) (2020):

This is another game-based Japanese movie. The participants have to take part in the game willingly or unwillingly. They can lose their lives and their lives are like a joke to wealthy people. Masamune is one of the game operators but when he finds out that one of his students is participating in the game, he decides to save her. Masumune taught Yuzuki as a tutor and he does not want her to lose her life. This is one of the thriller Japanese movies that are based on a novel.

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4: Find (action, horror thriller) (2019):

Destiny or a revenge plan gathers eight girls in an abandoned church. They do not have any idea why they have gathered there. A man with a mask appears in front of them and kills a girl.

The girls realize that they all are going to die. The man starts killing the girls one by one and this all is linked to a revenge site “Find”. This is one of the suspense thriller horror Japanese movies.

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5: Every Trick in the Book (2021):

The movie plot revolves around a famous award-winning novelist. One day, he gives permission to his editor to read his upcoming novel. The novel is about a case that the novelist experienced some years ago. The editor gets curious as if the events are based on the novelist’s real-life experience or just fiction.

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6: Signal: Long-Term Unsolved Case Investigation (mystery thriller) (2021):

Signal is one of the mystery Japanese movies which is adapted from a Korean drama of the same name. The movie is about a murder investigation in two different times that overlap. It involves serial killings that is happening for several years and only one person can contact in the past to know more about murders and the killer.

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7: Impossibility Defense (psychological mystery thriller) (2018):

The plot is revolved around a man who kills people on request. He kills people in a way that no one can find out that the victims have been murdered and it seems like natural death. The Police try to chase him many times but failed to do so until a female detective is about to catch him.

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8: Memories of Murder (mystery thriller) (2017):

It is a detective thriller Japanese movie. The movie is a remake of the South Korean movie Confession of Murder. A man comes to the Police station to confess that he has murdered the five people.

However, Police do not arrest him, he turns into a novelist and narrates the story and becomes a celebrity. There are a lot of mysteries hidden and the motive of the novelist is something else.

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9: Laplace’s Witch (mystery thriller) (2018):

It is one of the mystery thriller Japanese movies. The movie plot revolves around mysterious death by a dangerous gas. Police ask the help of a geochemist professor to solve the murder mystery. It is also an adaptation of the same novel.

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10: Get My Revenge (mystery thriller) (2016):

The plot revolves around a revenge law that is passed in the year 2002. It allows victims to take revenge on the criminals without involving the law. Yasuyuki is the man who thinks this law is not right but his mind has changed after someone killed his wife. He decides to take revenge. It is also one of the thriller Japanese movies which are based on a novel.

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