10 Best Thai High School Dramas Romance List

High school dramas are a popular genre in Asian dramas. People love high school romance series. Here is the list of the 10 best Thai high school dramas for Thai dramas fans.

1: Hormones: The Series (2013-2015):

Hormones is one of the Thai high school dramas that created controversy as it deals with homosexuality, sex, pregnancy and violence at the school level. The drama has three seasons. The drama depicts the relationships of high school students and deals with bullying. It is also available on Netflix.

2: Kiss Me (2015):

This high school drama is about Taliw who has a crush on Tenten. Taliw is a bubbly but clumsy girl and Tenten is an intelligent student with a high IQ. Tenten sometimes deals with her with affection and sometimes teases her. Taliw is really confused with the behaviour of Tenten. This Thai drama has 20 episodes. Kiss Me is the Thai version of the Korean Drama Playful Kiss that is also adapted from Twainese drama.

3: Who Are You (2020):

This is one of the Thai high school dramas that is adapted from Korean drama (Who are You School 2015). The story revolves around two twins. One of them is living in poverty and the other one is adopted by a rich woman. the poor one constantly faces bullying at school and tries to commit suicide. The rich sister takes her place at school and treats bullies with intelligence and strength. This Thai high school drama has 18 episodes.

4: Princess Hours (2017):

Princess Hours is adapted from a Korean drama with the same name. Two royal families force their children to marry each other. The prince is totally unhappy as he used to like someone else. Before marriage, he proposes to that girl but she rejects him. After their marriage, the series of hate, jealousy and love begins. They both start understanding each other and fell in love. The drama has 20 episodes.

5: Ugly Duckling The Series (2015):

This is one of the Thai high school dramas that has four stories. Each has different names and a different cast. The name of the stories are Perfect Match, Pity Girl, Don’t, Boy’s Paradise. This high school drama is a romantic comedy. On the whole, it has 30 episodes.

6: Secret Seven (2017):

The story of this Thai high school romance drama revolves around a girl Padlom who does not believe in love. There are seven boys who live near her. Someone tells Padlom that one of the boys likes her. This increases her curiosity and she wants to know about him. She tries to find out about the man who has a crush on her. This drama has 12 episodes.

7: U-Prince: The Playful Comm-Arts (2017):

The story of this Thai high school romance drama revolves around a girl Sung who has a crush on Kiran. She wants to confess to him but get into an accident. She makes a promise to the God of death who send her back to the world with some divine powers. This is a short Thai drama and it has 4 episodes.

8: Senior Secret Love The Series (2016-2017):

This Thai high school romance drama has multiple stories. The first season has three segments names My Lil Boy, Puppy Honey and Bake Me Love. The second season has two segments My Lil Boy 2 and Puppy Honey 2. The stories focus on the study problems and personal problems of students. The number of episodes of this drama is 34.

9: My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 (2017):

The story focuses on Oh who is a high school student. Oh is often bullied by his classmates and hates school. Oh is motivated by a pretty girl who is the girlfriend of the bully. A new student gets admission into the school and becomes friend with Oh. He gives new strength to him and they become more than friends. This is a short high school drama and it has 9 episodes.

10: Girl Next Room: Richy Rich (2020):

This drama focuses on Duchess who was once poor but now she has become rich. Duchess loves to show off until Krathing enters her life. Krathing knows about her past and starts teasing her. However, he likes her too. This drama is short and it has 5 episodes.

You can watch these Thai series on Kissasian.

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