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10 Best Thai Mafia Romance Series With English Subtitles

ByNaz khaliq

Apr 19, 2023
best Thai mafia romance series
best Thai mafia romance series

If you are looking for the best Thai mafia romance series, we have a list for you. It is good news for Asian series fans, that there are plenty of Mafia romance dramas in Thai. Some of these are also available with English subtitles so it will be easy for you to watch them. Otherwise, you can watch some of their clips on Youtube.

1: Morrasoom Sawat (A Tale of the Little Deer and Her Hunter) (2015):

best Thai mafia romance dramas

The story of this Thai mafia romance series focuses on Sayumphu who is a CEO of a company. Sayumphu has a dark past when he was in a mafia gang but he wanted to leave it. He falls in love with Kwag who is an innocent girl and does not know about his past. They both are separated due to some misunderstanding and Sayumphu’s past also starts haunting him. The Thai mafia romance drama has 16 episodes.

2: Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur (2017):

thai mafia romance dramas

The story of this Thai mafia romance drama revolves around Wayu and Pavarin. Wayu is a member of a gang who fell in love with the daughter of a mafia gang leader Pavarin. Pavarin’s father is a drug dealer and the police are always after him. Before meeting Pavarin, Wayu seems to be a cold-hearted person who is always running away or fighting with Police. After meeting her, his heart starts beating for her. However, it is not easy to sustain love despite all the fights between good and evil. The drama has 18 episodes.

3: Cubic (2014):

best Thai mafia romance series

This is one of the best Thai mafia romance series and it revolves around two sisters. Their father is in huge debt and this load he has taken from a mafia leader. When it’s time to repay the debt, he flies away with his elder daughter and leaves the younger daughter behind. The younger daughter Ruthainak confronts the mafia leader who is furious. Ruthainak promises him that she will work for him to pay off the debt. Between all of this, the mafia leader is impressed with her intelligence and falls in love with her. Cubic has 16 episodes.

4: The Ambitious Guy (Boss) (2017):

thai mafia romance dramas

Mantou is the daughter of a mafia gang leader. She is in high school and wants a simple life. She wants to get married after school and be happy. Her parents choose a boy for her who is the son of another mafia gang leader. Matou does not like him but Brian has loved her since childhood so he eventually makes her fall in love with him. This is one of the short Thai mafia romance dramas and it has 5 episodes. You can watch U-Prince: The Ambitious Boss with English subtitles here.

5: Mafia Luerd Mungkorn: Suer (2015):

thai mafia romance dramas

Parop is a mafia gang leader who spends his life in danger. Wanvisa accidentally meets him and annoys him so much. Destiny makes them meet again and again. Wanvisa gradually finds out that Parop belongs to a rich family and that his life is in danger. The only way he can be saved is to marry a girl with specific qualities and those qualities are in Wanvisa. In the beginning, she does not like him. Parop kidnaps her and forcefully kisses her many times. Gradually Wanvisa fell in love with him but Parop’s life has many secrets. This Thai mafia romance lakorn has 9 episodes.

6: Lueat Tat Lueat (2015):

best Thai mafia romance dramas

A mother wants to take revenge on her enemy so she switches her son with the mafia leader’s son. She does it so that the gang leader’s son would kill his own father without knowing his identity. These two children are grown up, one as a police officer and the other as a mafia gang leader. This Thai mafia romance series has 14 episodes. You can watch Lueat Tat Lueat with English subtitles here.

7: Karn La Krang Neung…Nai Hua Jai (Once Upon a time in My heart) (2016):

top thai mafia romance dramas

Fahsai is on a trip after her boyfriend breaks her heart. She is at her best and exploring the beauty of Hong Kong. One day, she encounters some mafia gang members and one man Daniel puts her at gunpoint. He is injured and Fahsai has to take him to her hotel room. Fahsai takes care of him. However, the twist is that Daniel had a girlfriend in the past who looked exactly the same as Fahsai.

Fahsai has no idea but Daniel has painful memories of his ex-girlfriend who betrayed her and even killed her with his own hands. It is one of the popular Thai mafia romance dramas. The drama has 12 episodes and you can watch this Thai mafia romance drama with

8: Hua Jai Sila (Man of Vengeance) (2019):

top thai mafia romance dramas

Hua Jai Sila is one of the most popular Thai mafia romance series. The story revolves around two childhood friends who depart from each other. After many years, the boy Sila turns into the leader of a mafia gang and the girl Mingta stands for justice. When they both meet, they do not know that they are childhood friends. Sila was abandoned by his family, in fact, someone tried to kill him and after he changes his name, he also becomes heartless. Mingta brings a good change in his life but he has the pain of his childhood memories and the people who harmed him.

Sila recognizes Mingta from a ring that he gave her in childhood but to tease her, he does not reveal his identity. There are lots of hate and love scenes between them. Sila finally finds his happiness in Mingta who also has no one to call her own. This Thai mafia romance lakorn has 27 episodes. You can watch Hua Jai Sila with

9: Luead Mungkorn: Suea (2015):

best Thai mafia romance series

The story of this Thai mafia romance series revolves around Parop and Wanvisa. Parop is a mafia gang leader and he meets Wanvisa. She irritates him but destiny has other plans. They meet again and again until Wanvisa finds out that Parop is actually an heir to a wealthy family. Parop life is in danger and it is a prophecy that marriage with a girl born on a full moon can save him. Wanvisa finds out that she is actually that girl. The drama is full of secrets and conspiracies. The cast of this Thai mafia romance drama includes Ananda Everingham and Kimberley Anne Woltemas.

10: Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Lohgan (2019):

best thai mafia romance series

It is one of the famous Thai mafia romance dramas. The story is about Petch who is a young woman and is forced to do an arranged marriage. She escapes from the marriage but ends up in the trap of a gangster Seua Pha. Seua Pha wants to prove to his father that he is a capable heir. His father is the enemy of a lieutenant whom Nampeung is going to marry. Seua Pha kidnaps her and forcefully marries her to take revenge. However, he fell in love with Nampeung. Besides mafia romance, there is rivalry between the brothers to take the position of their father. This Thai mafia romance drama has 16 episodes.

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