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13 Best Turkish Forced Love Dramas and Turkish Obsessive Lovers Series 2023

ByNaz khaliq

Nov 15, 2022
best turkish forced love dramas
best turkish forced love dramas

We list some famous and best Turkish forced love dramas and Turkish obsessive lovers series. But before that, we must clarify that love is not forced, it is a beautiful feeling and can only be achieved through respect, love and care. Like other themes, obsessive love, toxic love, violent behaviours and kidnapping are some of the dominant themes in the Turkish series.

However, there is good news for fans who do not like these toxic love stories almost all dramas portray these males in Turkish series as villains and not heroes (just like many Thai dramas) and in the end, the female ends up with someone who actually deserves her.

Disclaimer: Many of these Turkish series depict these toxic men as violent to the female even some rape the woman so it can be disturbing for some audiences.

1: The Pigeon (Guvercin) (2019-2020):

Turkish forced marriage dramas

The story of this forced marriage Turkish drama revolves around Zuluf and Kenan. Their families are enemies of each other as Zuluf’s father was accused of Kenan’s father’s murder. He has been wrongly accused of it however Kenan family hates Zuluf’s family. Kenan has a heart of gold and loves his family. Kenan actually has a step mother who is evil and always causes lots of misunderstandings because of her hate. Zuluf’s brother and Kenan’s sister are in love and Kanan’s sister runs away from home. Kenan’s younger brother who hates Zuluf’s family so much and is always in wait to harm them tries to kill Zuluf’s brother.

After an agreement, it is decided that Zuluf will marry Kenan if their siblings want to marry each other. In the hope of ending the enmity, Zuluf is forcefully married to Kenan. However, Kenan is a good man and Zuluf fell in love with each other. This is one of the Turkish forced marriage dramas which is better than many other long Turkish melodramas. The love story of Zuluf and Kenan is beautiful and you should watch it. (their marriage is forced by elders but they fall in love)

2: Destiny (Elkizi) (2021-2022):

turkish forced love dramas

The story of this Turkish obsessive lovers series revolves around a girl Ezo. Ezo’s father was obsessed with her mother which eventually caused her death. Ezo witnesses her mother’s death at the hand of her father. She keeps it in her heart. Even after her mother’s death, her father treats her badly. One day, Ezo burn down the house and kill her father.

There is hardly anyone who gets to know about it. The circumstances do not favour Ezo as she is also stuck in a bad marriage. A rich young man who wants to get Ezo’s property marries her forcefully. He also becomes obsessive with her. This Turkish drama with obsessive love is short and ends abruptly. It has 13 episodes.

3: Black and White Love (2017):

Turkish force love dramas

It is one of the famous Turkish forced marriage dramas. The drama story revolves around a doctor and a mafia leader. Asli is a kind doctor who treats her patients with kindness and love. Ferhat is involved in criminal activities and one of his men is shot one day. He kidnaps Asli to treat the man however he tells his family that they are in love. Gradually, he forces Asli into marriage. There is a lot of hate at the beginning of this forced marriage TV series, but gradually they fall in love with each other.

4: Kara Sevda (2015-2017):

Turkish forced marriage dramas

This is a romantic Turkish drama with a tragic love story of Nihan and Kemal. However, it is one of those Turkish dramas you cannot stop watching. The story revolves around Nihan, Kemal and Emir. Nihan belongs to a rich family and Kemal is a poor young man. They fell in love with each other from day one, however, Emir is obsessed with Nihan. He along with his father betrays Nihan’s father and they owe them lots of money. Emir offers his help in exchange for marrying Nihan. On the other side, Kemal is falsely accused of some crime and ends up in Jail.

There is a lot of struggle on Nihan’s side as he hates Emir and he is not only obsessed with her but also harms others who get in his way to get Nihan. Emir forcefully marries her and Kemal thinks she betrayed him. Emir constantly threatens her with her family. He is not ready to divorce Nihan. There is so much pain in the relationship between Nihan and Kemal. This is one of the family romantic dramas where especially the family of Kemal is his worst enemy. It is one of the forced marriage dramas and it has two seasons.

5: Siyah Inci (Black Pearl) (2017-2018):

Turkish obsessive lovers dramas

It is one of those Turkish forced love dramas which involve rape, so it can be highly disturbing for some people. Hazal and Kanan are in love while Varul is obsessed with her. Hazal is so happy on her wedding day but when Kanan is also getting ready somewhere, Varul kidnaps Hazal. He rapes her so she would not be able to run away or marry Kanan. He also manipulates her and Kanan will never accept her. Hazal hides everything and shows everyone that she actually ran away from the wedding.

Varul forcefully marries Hazal and Kanan is heartbroken. However the pain and the urge to revenge are in Hazal’s heart. She starts scheming to destroy Varul and his evil family. The drama has a happy ending. It is available in Urdu dubbed and also in English subtitles.

6: Adi Sevgi (Hidden Wings) (2022):

Turkish obsessive lover dramas

Zeynep is an innocent young girl who becomes a prey of a rich man. Volkan falls in love with Zeynep and becomes obsessed with her. This obsession is actually very dangerous and he starts threatening her with her family. He wants to marry Zeynep whose dream is to complete her studies and become successful in her career. On the other side, a passionate teacher Elif gets the idea about forced marriage and that Zeynep is engaged in the house of Volkan.

She tries her best to stand against the powerful family of Volkan who supports him in his evil deeds. They point out that Volkan is actually suffering from some mental illness and Zeynep is just his prey. This Turkish obsessive lovers series has 11 episodes.

7: Zemheri (2020):

turkish forced love dramas

This is one of the Turkish obsessive lovers dramas which ended abruptly due to low ratings in Turkey. Although there was a lot of potential in the storyline and characters. Firuze and Ayaz are young people with dreams and they fell in love with each other. Ertan is a rich businessman who fell in love with Firuze. He blackmails her with something that she mistakenly did and asks her to marry her. Feroze marries him without her will to protect her family.

On the other side, Ayaz thinks that Feroze left her for wealth. Ertan has a younger sister who also fell in love with Ayaz and after resistance when he comes to know about Feroze’s marriage, he marries her. They all are in weird kind of situations where everyone is lying to others. The drama has 10 episodes.

8: Hercai (2019-2021):

turkish revenge dramas

It is one of the longest Turkish revenge love story dramas. The drama revolves around the life of Reyyan and Miran. Reyyan is hated by her grandfather as she is not the biological daughter of their parents. On the other side, Miran is fed by her mother in law since childhood that Reyyan’s father raped his mother and killed his parents. Although Miran falls in love with Reyyan at first sight he is forced by his mother-in-law to get revenge. He marries Reyyan for revenge and leaves her on the wedding day.

Rayyan develops a feeling of hate and suppresses her love for Miran. The whole misunderstandings and lies are fed into Miran’s mind by his grand mother. With the passage of time, their love wins over their hate. This enemies to lovers Turkish drama has three seasons and 69 episodes.

9: Sen Anlat Karadeniz (Tell me about the Black Sea) (2018):

Turkish force marriage dramas

This is an extremely violent Turkish forced marriage drama which involves rape and kidnapping. The story is about 16 years old beautiful girl Nafes who is forced to marry an abusive rich man Vedat. She tries her best to escape from time to time, but every time Vedat’s men catch her and Vedat bears her. Vedat rapes her and she becomes pregnant however the abuse continues. After struggling for seven years, Nafes finally gets a chance to escape. She along with her son hides in the car of Tahir who has no idea about it. Tahir is a man of justice who cannot see any innocent in pain.

Firstly he decides to send her back, but after he comes to know about the long pain and struggle of Nafes, he decides to protect them. It is not easy for Tahir as the villager starts talking about how he is involved with a married woman with a son. Moreover, he also faces death threats at the hands of Tahir. After a long struggle, Nafes gets rid of Vedat and finds peace in the company of Tahir. Tahir also loves Nafes and her son. This forced marriage Turkish drama has three seasons and 64 episodes.

10: Avlu (The Yard) (2018):

turkish obsessive lovers dramas

This is another Turkish obsessive love dramas which causes the death of the girl. Ecem is the young daughter of Deniz. After an ugly fight between Deniz and her husband, he is injured. Deniz is jailed in the attempt of murder and the series of their nonending tragedy starts. Ecem meets a young man Alp when her mother is in jail, she thinks that she has now someone who can understand her. Alp pretends to be a caring man. Gradually it reveals that he is the son of an evil criminal who is also in the same jail as Ecem’s mother.

One day, Ecem who has no idea about Alp’s criminal activities, see him beating and killing a man. She runs away but Alp catches her. Alp becomes obsessed with her but now he locks her in the house. After her mother comes to know about their relationship and becomes the enemy of Ecem’s mother in jail, she asks Alp to kill Ecem.

Ecem also tries to run away and this makes Alp so angry. He ultimately kills Ecem in his obsession and revenge. The drama is about a mother struggling in jail who wants to protect her daughter and her helplessness when she finds out that her daughter is dead. (main theme) The drama is not available on youtube but it is available on Netflix.

11: Bir Bulut Olsam (If I were a Cloud) (2009):

turkish forced marriage dramas

The story of this forced marriage Turkish drama is about a weak innocent and beautiful girl Narin. Mustafa is Narin’s cousin who is obsessed with her so much that when she does not look at him, he also becomes violent. She is married to him without her will. Narin spends her days in constant fear as Mustafa also rapes her. He beats her and pretends that nothing happened and expects the same from her. Mustafa is asked to marry again and he does it to teach a lesson to Narin.

However, Narin is dead inside and she has no will to live. On the wedding day, Narin is shot by Mustafa and saved by Doctor Serdar. Serdar is a kind man and after coming to know about Narin’s wretched life, he decides to fake her death. They announce that Narin is no more, however, Mustafa is always in search of Narin. Narin gets a new life and also a new motivation to live with Serdar. Gradually they both fell in love, however, the fear of Mustafa constantly haunts Narin. The drama has two seasons and 29 episodes.

12: Zuhra:

best Turkish force marriage dramas

Zuhra is a story of a girl whose father sells her in greed to a rich man. It is termed as selling as Zuhra does not want to marry an old rich man, however, his father thinks that it will benefit him. Since the beginning, the struggle of Zuhra to get rid of this marriage has begun. Zuhra is forcefully taken by her father to the rich man’s house where his son also tries to molest her.

Every second in that house is a nightmare. The old man clears to her that he has fallen in love with her and wants her at any cost. Zuhra runs away right after her marriage and is a young kind man who decides to protect her at any cost. The villain is not only the rich man but also his son and grandson, they burn down the young man’s house who is trying to protect Zuhra. This is one of the Turkish forced marriage dramas which is available on Youtube.

13: Canevim (2019):

After Ceylan rejects Taylan, he decides to get her at any cost. Ceylan belongs to a poor family and is also in love with Omer. They decide to get married after the financial situation is better. The financial condition of Ceylan forces her to work in Taylan’s house. In the beginning, Taylan wants to get Ceylan physically but with the passage of time, he falls in love with her. He puts cameras to watch her every move and ultimately becomes obsessed with her. This Turkish obsessive lovers series is available on YouTube.

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