5 Best Weight loss Drinks that can help you in Losing Weight

Losing Weight is everyone dream and many people search for easy weight loss methods. We are suggesting the five best Weight loss Drinks that can help you in losing weight. However, if you feel after using it one or two times, that these drinks are effecting you badly, you can stop drinking them. These weight loss drinks are not some miracle, you have to take care of your diet too.

The reason is some of the ingredients heat up the stomach. However, you can increase your water intake to avoid it.

Weight loss Drink 1:

Take one teaspoon of Cumin seeds and put them in one-litre water. Cover it for a night. The next morning, take one glass empty stomach and finish the remaining water throughout the day. You can use plain water before and after the meal and this Cumin seeds water at other hours.

Weight Loss Drink 2:

Take one small piece of Cinnamon and put it in hot water. Cover it for some minutes and drink it. You can also use it in another way, that is to put Cinnamon in water, boil it and then drink it as tea. It tastes good too even without sweetener. There are two types of Cinnamon, try to use the right side one.

Weight Loss Drink 3:

Take half a teaspoon of Cumin Seeds, one small piece of Cinnamon and half a teaspoon of Fennel seeds. Put them in water and boil them with the lid on. Boil it for few minutes and drink it before sleeping. It will also help you in digesting your food.

Weight Loss Drink 4:

Take one teaspoon of Cumin seeds, one teaspoon of Fennel seeds, one teaspoon of Carom seeds, half lemon without peeling and one small piece of turmeric root. Put all these things in one glass of water and cover it. Leave it overnight. Take this drink empty stomach the next morning.

Appreciate the Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Drink 5:

If you cannot take any of these drinks, you can simply squeeze one lemon in water and take it empty stomach. You can also simply take one small piece of cinnamon, boil the water and take it as tea. It also tastes good.

Important to Note:

  • The one thing that is important to remember that you cannot feed yourself with excessive calories and still expect to lose weight with these drinks. The main function of these weight loss drinks to detoxify your body.
  • These weight loss drinks help you in digestion too. You have to take care of your calorie intake, go into a calorie deficit and then you can expect weight loss. Nothing can help you lose weight if you are in a calorie deficit. It depends on you whether you can do a workout along with it or not.
  • The other thing that is important to note that sometimes these seeds, especially cumin seeds, Turmeric roots, Ginger etc do not suit everyone. These drinks can heat up your stomach, if something like this happens, you should not try these. Go for that method of weight loss that suits your body.
  • You have to be a realist in the weight loss journey because this is not some miracle. It cannot happen if you simply sit, eat everything and then expect to lose weight with these Weight Loss drinks.

Remember one thing:

Its true everyone is beautiful and you should love yourself but you have to love yourself enough to take care of your health. Set small goals and do not overburden yourself. Weight loss happens, you just need the patience to notice it and do some effort for it.

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