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Best Youtuber Award : Content Quality Vs most viewers

by Naz khaliq
The image of PISA Awards 2020 that given the Best Youtuber Award
Pic credit : PISA

The Best YouTuber award is given to Zaid Ali and Ducky Bhai by award show (PISA) in which the organizers added the new category. They decided to add the Best YouTuber Award category among other categories. This was the first time that some award show gave limelight to YouTubers.

This is a really good thing. However, by looking at the winners, it is clear that they did not see the content quality. They only examined (if did) who has the most viewers and subscribers. https://www.pisa.com.pk/

It is natural for people to think that those who have more likes and views are most popular and they deserve an award.

I personally have watched Zaid Ali and Ducky Bhai videos. In Fact, I never missed Zaid videos when he started making videos or when he used to make videos in the real sense.

Zaid produced content at the start and now there is nothing new from his side. In fact, it’s been a long time that we did not see any content from his side. In the case of Ducky Bhai, I honestly tried to see his videos, but I found nothing in it that could sustain my interest.

Of Course, people have different taste, if I do not like anything, it does not mean no one should. However, all I found were many abusing words and maybe he is a gamer, so people like him more than others.

YouTubers were also on all over social media when there was a huge controversy of who is copying whom and who is stealing whose content. Ducky Bhai’s youtube channel was shut down, so obviously it is a huge achievement for him, that controversy worked for him now. However, whatever was done to him total injustice and now it paid off well.

Here are some bitter truths about Youtube viewership:

  • The majority of people come to youtube for merely entertainment purposes. They have the least interest in content quality. If it is not true, then look at the trending videos on youtube. Just like our dramas, in which focus is more on grabbing the audience by creating controversies or by producing saas/Bahu saga.
  • The YouTubers who try to produce different content that has a deep meaning or give a lesson, they get fewer views and subscribers. The reason is again the same, there are few people who come to youtube to see something different. Mostly just scroll down and click on that kind of entertainment video because they do not want to use the brain.

However, one should not take award shows that much serious. Look at the number of awards shows Bollywood produce and look at the winners. Mostly they just give an award to everyone by creating lots of categories. Most award shows are preplanned and mostly they just give awards to those who just earn more. The content and quality don’t matter.

So what will happen now after Best Youtuber Award?

Now only a few will continue to work on their moral policies and will continue to focus on good content. They will ignore this “grabbing more viewers things” by hook or by crook. However, there will be now more focus on attracting the audience by any means.

For these you tubers, I think they should continue to produce good content. I know this award seems like a prize for your hard work but it cannot decide who is the best you tuber.

Recently Ducky has cleared about many things and cleared that there are different kinds of content that different you tubers are producing. Moreover, these content should be judged differently and if next time, there would be some award show, it will help to fairly distribute the award among more you tubers. I guess, this is a good idea and it will good more limelight to different content creators.

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