BTS Army is Praising Saba Qamar But Why?

BTS is one of the most famous Kpop group right now. They have a large fan following that is named BTS Army. Recently Pakistani actress Saba Qamar released a video and BTS Army fell in love with her.

Are you wondering why BTS army suddenly is in comment section of Saba Qamar new video? We tell you the reason.

BTS got popularity and fame all over the world and the scenario is not different in the case of Pakistan. Maybe it is hard to believe but BTS has a large fan following in Pakistan too. BTS Pakistani Army has placed Billboards in big Pakistani cities like Lahore and Rawalpindi on BTS members birthdays.

BTS army keeps an eye on BTS related news. They can reach anywhere where there is mention of BTS. Even if someone utters a single word and praise for BTS, fans are there. BTS spread the message of love and their fans know how to appreciate those who do the same.

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar recently released a video on her Youtube channel “Saba Qamar Official” and we were surprised to see the BTS army in the comment section. The army praised Saba Qamar for mentioning BTS and many are wondering whether Saba is also BTS army or not.

The song is about a struggle to go through difficult situations in life. when you are stuck in a relationship and it is hard for you to survive without that person. However, you survive and try to heal yourself.


This is also the message of BTS in their songs where they tell you to love yourself, work hard and survive through difficult situations. The reason is ultimately the success will be at your feet, whether it is in case of some relation or your struggle to achieve something.

The song that is named Ek Adhuri Love Story” (An incomplete Love Story) ends on a beautiful note by Kpop Band BTS.

Like an Echo in the Forest

Better Days will come Back around

As if Nothing happened

So, Stay strong, Move on


Life Goes On


In the video description, Saba also put a heartwarming note to BTS and tells that Life Goes on by BTS is also her favourite song and it inspires her.

BTS army quickly senses the BTS presence in the video and jump into the comment section. They are also really happy that a Pakistani actress praise BTS and they inspire her too. Saba Qamar is definitely one of the finest actresses in Pakistan and fans are very excited about it. They want to hear more about BTS from Saba. They want to ask her how she feel about BTS and how they inspire her.

We will love to listen about it from Saba. We agree life should go on no matter what happens. You are facing hardships, failures, rejections, it’s okay, it’s life. You are given a new life every day, you can try again and make it better. Even it is not, you should keep trying until you achieve your goal.

You can do it, remember the struggle of BTS, if not, you should see it. The government of South Korea has changed its rules only for them and few years back they were about to disband. They are in this position, that World knows them and they are competing and succeeding against Western top musicians.

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