BTS V in Squid Game Season 2, Tae is Making Fans Crazy

Fans excitement is on another level after hearing the rumour of BTS V in Squid Game season 2. Korean drama Squid Game ruled over the world a few weeks before and everyone across the world is excited about its second season.

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Season 1 of Squid Game ended on an open note, that suggested its second part. As it ruled over the world and became worldwide famous, people are eagerly waiting for its second part. However recently it is in news again for its unique reason. The reason is V posted a picture of himself with Squid Game actor Lee Jung-Jae who played the lead role in Squid Game. Lee Jung-jae played the role of Seong Gi-Hun who survives at the end of all deadly games.

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The fans’ excitement and speculation have a reason as V posed as one of the characters from Squid Game in his show that was in LA. Army (BTS fans) was crushing over V costume as he was looking hot and sexy. Moreover, the recent Selca just raised fans curiosity. Fans are guessing and trying to find the clue as it is quite possible that V would act in Squid Game.

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V has already acted in one of the most popular Korean drama Hwarang. He won everyone heart with his character and acting. it is not new for V to act in Squid Game.

One of the speculations by fans is that he would be the younger brother of Lee Jung-Jae who he adopted before joining Squid Game. Earlier, there was sa speclation that he would be the mastermind of all these games.

Whatever the reasons and speculations are, it would be really interesting and fun to watch BTS V in Squid Game. If he would be playing a negative role, it would be more interesting to see a Sexy and hot villain.

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There is a high possibility that V loved Squid Game and its characters and this is the reason he met Lee Jung-Jae and he choose the costume from Squid Game. BTS members in the past used to mention their favourite shows and movies or at least what they are watching. After joining Instagram, they are more open to their fans and often post what they are doing and loving these days.

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Even if it is not true that V would join Squid Game, it is interesting to see him in his favourite costume and if it would be true, this would be a great level of excitement for fans across the world (for both Squid Game and BTS fans) to see V in Squid Game.


We are really excited and crossing our fingers in the hope to see V in Squid Game and if it is not possible, we are waiting for his comeback in Korean dramas (or movies). In fact, it would be a great pleasure to see all BTS members in Korean dramas and movies. BTS members are multitalented as we have seen them multiple times in various shows. Moreover, they can play any kind of role from the rich, handsome CEO to sexy hot villains. We can only wish and hope for the best.

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