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Top 5 Characters from Guns & Gulaabs an Indian Webseries on Netflix

ByNaz khaliq

Aug 28, 2023
Characters from Guns & Gulaabs
Characters from Guns & Gulaabs

Finally, Netflix brought an Indian Webseries that is actually worth watching. Before mentioning the top characters from Guns & Gulaabs, here is a short review of Guns & Gulaabs

The best thing about this Indian Webseries is, that it is an amalgamation of crime, thriller and black comedy. It is a treat to watch a series with fewer abuses and unnecessary s*x scenes. The story engages you throughout the series and you can finish it in one sitting.

The story of Guns & Gulaabs is set in a land where crime is taken lightly. Everyone is slaughtering but it seems like common people do not care.

The story revolves around a gentleman and lover boy Tipu, the innocent school boys Lal Krishna and Gangaram, the man who has seven lives and cannot be killed Atmaram, a school teacher Chandralekha who wants to fly but eventually stuck in the town, a policeman Arjun who seems to be a hero but actually a cheater and a corrupt and a son who wants to take his father legacy of crimes forward but gives the audience a surprise with his true identity.

Though all the characters from Guns & Gulaabs played a pivotal role in the webseries, here are some of my favourite characters from this Indian webseries on Netflix:

Paana Tipu:

The audience is impressed with the innocence of Tipu who kills people by accident and does not bother to hide the murders. He is intelligent enough to drag the dead body to the mountain but does not hide it from the people. In fact, he does not know whether to hide it or boast about it to be popular. Not only Tipu’s innocence steal the audience’s heart but also his pure love for Chandralekha. Even after rejection, he supports her and wants the best for her.

Tipu’s pure heart wins in the end and he also wins Chandrelekha’s heart. The reason is absurd that she starts liking her after knowing he murdered two people but we believe she is impressed with Tipu’s bravery.


It is absolutely a breath of fresh air that the makers of Netflix Guns & Gulaabs presented the high school boys by maintaining the innocence of the youth. They present a contrast of all the criminals. Gangaram is definitely not a weak boy as he is a witness of a murder and he finally confesses his love for his teacher. Where all the senior actors did an amazing job, the young boys totally stole the show. Kudos to the makers for giving them an equal share of the screen and the audience got a chance to see amazing characters and actors.

Lal Krishna aka Nannu:

If Tipu’s father would not be a criminal, I believe he would be like Nannu. He seems a reflection of Tipu, an innocent face and a good heart. He writes love letters by listening to English music and gives such a comfortable feel that we actually want to do that too.


A dangerous killer who cannot be killed as it is believed he has seven lives. The way, his character is presented is absolutely fun to watch. In fact, the little puns in the series make it more enjoyable and so do the bad characters. His calculation of time while talking on the public phone and the perfect cuts that he gives while murdering someone are the highlights of his character. Of course, nothing can beat the rumour of his seven lives which seems a reality in the end.


More than a girlfriend of Tipu, I admire her character as a school teacher. She can be termed an ideal teacher when she not only scolds her students for doing the wrong deed but tries to help them as the exams are approaching. Moreover, the best thing is when she meets Gangaram after he confesses his love for her. The way, she tries to make him understand is absolutely remarkable. She tries to understand him and guide her. However, it definitely shows the series is set some years back as the role of teachers and students respect for teachers has changed.


If you love crime thrillers with a blend of comedy, Guns & Gulaabs is for you. You can watch it on Netflix.

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