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9 Best Chinese Medical Dramas | Doctors Romance Dramas

Asian dramas have plenty of doctors dramas and here we are presenting before you the list of the 9 best Chinese Medical dramas that you should watch.

List of 13 Korean Medical Dramas to Watch

The story of these Chinese Medical dramas are different from each other so it would be a great treat for Cdrama fans.

1: You are My Hero (2021):

The story of this Chinese doctor romance drama revolves around a passionate doctor Mi Ka and a military agent Xing Ke Lei. Mi Ka life revolves around her patients and Xing Ke Lei is also works days and night to save people. They both meet each other at a joint training and gradually fell in love. The number of episodes is 40.

2: Broker (2021):

This Chinese doctors drama revolves around a broker and a biological researcher. A passionate biological researcher works hard to make her country proud while a man with hidden agenda joins their team. He is after the research work but they both fell in love. This drama is also nows as Fatal Attraction and the number of episodes is 40.

3: South Winds Knows My Mood (2021):

Two enthusiastic researchers join hands with each other and fell in love. However, the man returns to his country and get into an accident. The girl misunderstands that he is not sincere with his work and deceiving him. They both get separated but eventually meet again and work for their relationship. This is one of the Chinese Medical dramas where you can see doctors romance. This Chinese drama has 42 episodes

4: Intense Love (2020):

This is the love story between an actress and a doctor. They both are perfect in their fields but remain single. They are good looking and many people are attracted to them. However, they both remain without love until they meet each other. This Chinese drama has 24 episodes.

5: The Centimeter of Love (2020):

This is the love story between a doctor and a senior pilot. They both are highly professional and successful in their respective careers. They are pressurized by their families so they avoid being home. Eventually, they find peace when they both meet each other and fell in love. This Chinese drama has 46 episodes.

6: With You/Together (2020):

This Chinese doctor drama is based on real-life stories during Covid. The drama has 20 episodes and it tells the real-life situations that people faced during this pandemic. This is one of the Chinese Medical dramas where you can see doctors struggle to treat people.

7: Dear Herbal Lord (2020):

This drama is a historical romance Chinese drama where a woman comes to marry the Herbal Lord. This drama is also fantasy as it revolves around the magic of herbs. The woman wants to marry the King of Herbs to get back her powers. This Cdrama has 24 episodes.

8: The Journey Across the Night (2020):

This medical drama is unique in its content as it revolves around a man whose family is suffering from Schizophrenia. He wants to study psychiatry but also want to stay away from his home. He is afraid that his fate will be the same as his family. This Chinese drama has 26 episodes.

9: Healer of the children (2020):

This Chinese medical drama revolves around a team of doctors who work hard to serve humanity. This also revolves around a competition between doctors to prove themselves better than others. This drama has 44 episodes.

10: Trace (2020):

The story of Trace revolves around a team that consists of 6 members. One of them is a forensic examiner and a criminal psychologist. They work hard to solve crimes and go through near-death situations many times. This is also a crime thriller Chinese drama and it has 36 episodes.

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