Chupke Chupke | 6 Reasons to Watch This Pakistani Drama

Starring Ayeza Khan, Osman Khalid Butt and Arsalan Naseer, Pakistani drama Chupke Chupke is winning our hearts. Here are 6 reasons to watch one of the most entertaining Pakistani drama.

Chupke Chupke is written by Saima Akram Chaudary and directed by Danish Nawaz. The drama is presented by Hum Networks.

Acting on Point:

While watching Chupke Chupke, it seems the actors are not acting. They are so natural that you forget whether you are watching a drama or a real-life story. It is not forced and everything is so smooth that it is giving us a happy vibe. We are in love to see Arsalan Naseer who is also surprising us with his natural acting skills. If you do not know, Arsalan Naseer is a famous YouTuber who is entertaining us for many years.

Ayeza Khan,as Meenu Won Our Hearts:

Many people were complaining about how Ayeza always do a wretched woman role. Although she was praised a lot for her negative role, still the vibes we are getting from her role in Chupke Chupke is something else. The acting is so good and natural that everyone is in love with Meenu. Her character is not only pretty but also a breath of fresh air in all these pathetic women characterizations in Pakistani dramas. The best thing is she (Meenu) is not loud or irritating as sometimes girls characters become.

The Bromance and Bonding:

Whatever family issues are, but we are seeing two cousins who are sharing every good and bad thing with each other. Hadi and Fazi are giving us major bromance goals. They are sharing a lovable bond that we love to see in their scenes. Osman Khalid Butt and Arsalan Naseer are really good actors and it is also good to see Arsalan in dramas.

Apart from Hadi and Fazi, Meenu and her friendship with her cousin Waleed is also really enjoyable. The bonding between Dadi and Mirchi cannot be ignored.

The Family that Conspires Together, Stand Together:

In every Pakistani drama, we see family conspiracies that destroy the whole family. Be it is the conspiracies of Saas-Bahu or women over men, everything is so depressing. Chupke Chupke family also conspire, but their conspiracies give us a good laugh. They compete with each other and entertain us in a good way.

Love Story That We Need:

We are looking forward to see two love stories in upcoming episodes. The love stories in Chupke Chupke is natural and we are sure that they will be memorable for a long time. We are excited to see how the love story of Meenu and Fazi will develop as they are completely opposite to each other.

Moreover, the love story of Hadi and Mishi will also be adorable. Both men are waiting for their dream life partners. It will be interesting to see love story progress.

The Cast and Characters:

Everyone in Chupke Chupke performing their roles brilliantly. Even the young actors (Waleed and Mirchi) are doing a remarkable job. Every character is entertaining in a good way without being loud or forced acting. The storyline is interesting and the writing and direction are really good. The Dadis (grandmothers) are amazing and they are playing their roles without being loud.

This is definitely a realistic approach to normal happy families of Pakistan where ups and down goes side by side.

If you are not watching Chupke Chupke, you are missing a good watch. It is exactly the kind of dose, that you need after a long hectic day.

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