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Coronavirus Covid-19: Deadly threat but people are not serious about it

Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid-19 threat is real and it is spreading and infecting people with the speed of the flash. You open any social website, only you can see new cases, infected people and precautions.

The government of Pakistan took the best possible step and asked people to stay at home. They announced holidays and made sure that every educational institution will be closed.

However, Pakistani people are not taking it seriously. I do not know about big cities, but the situation in small cities is the same as it was before the threat. If I look around me, everyone is still visiting our house. There are departments whose employees could not get holidays but they are not serious about wearing masks. People are taking it so lightly that nothing can happen to them.

Some are on the verge of extreme stupidity and saying nothing can harm us because we did not do anything wrong in our lives. Ya, right, good people can never be infected or neither have they died. This is not some kind of belief on Allah, it is another level of stupidity. God did not approve stupidity and it is always said that precaution is better than cure. The government have taken this step because it knows that Pakistan cannot have that much capacity to handle too much damage. In my opinion, it is the best step by the Pakistani government to do it.

The other thing is many people are disheartened that their marriages postponed. The government did not put a ban on weddings, they put ban on social gatherings. So it would be better if you go with 2,3 people and get married without showing off to hundreds of people. But they cannot do this, so just calm down and wait until there will be no threat.

Some people are saying that the government should not shut down the mosque. In my opinion, we should not be that fragile that on small incidents our faith sentiments start getting hurt. I know mosque is the place of worship but we can pray at home until everything will be fine. It is not some agenda of anyone, it is to stop social gathering. So pray at home and mosques will be populated again when it will be the right time. Although I do not think so in my city, anything is closed. People are still doing what they were doing before.

If people will start taking serious washing of hands, wearing masks and gloves, it will be beneficial for the future too when Coronavirus Covid-19 will not be a threat. This will develop a habit in them to wash hands regularly and to keep everything disinfected. But it will be possible only if people will stop making fun of it and saying that oh, nothing can happen to us.

When it was limited to China, people were saying it cannot reach in our country. When it has reached in Pakistan, people are saying it cannot reach to our cities or our homes.

Recently the Sindh government has decided to close all markets, restaurants, and malls and this is the need of the hour. As currently, Sindh is the most affected province of Pakistan right now. People should not be panicked and they should listen to the officials and wait for the better day. I know people will be jobless but if they will listen and follow the instructions, they will be alive to earn again. Otherwise, if you are dead, the money will not do any good.

I agree we should pray to God to make everything better, but we should do some effort too. We on an individual level, take it seriously and start focusing on disinfecting everything including our own bodies.

I say to all those people who are well aware of the danger to make sure that the people who are close to them wear masks and gloves when they need to go outside. Just use any method on them and make sure they are taking the precautions.
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Naz khaliq

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