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Coronavirus in Pakistan /Precautions/ Is it really deadly?

by Naz khaliq
 Coronavirus and COVID-19

The Coronavirus that started with China already done lots of damages there. The damages are not only that people are died from it, but also in the form of mental disturbance and the whole business world is shattered because of it. Not only those people are affected who were doing business in China, but also trading is also suspended until there would be some clean chit.

Recently, Coronavirus has reached in Pakistan from Iran because of two infected people. Two cases are reported yet, one is in Karachi and others in Islamabad. However, that infected person did not have any idea about it at least for one week and later he reached to hospital and came to know about it. So, how many people got infected by him, still no one has a clue about it.

Maybe these are rumors, as the reports of the infected person come forward so quickly. Anyways, it created fear in the country.

As a strong economy and a developed country like China still could not find its treatment so it will be impossible for Pakistan to find one. However, there are some precautions and measures to take care of that are suggested by doctors.

Some precautions regarding Corona Virus:

  • Drink water continuously the whole day.
  • Try to drink lukewarm water for few days.
  • Do not go in crowded place.
  • Wear mask, when there is need to go outside of house.
  • Avoid spicy and fast food.
  • Wash your hands after coming from outside.
  • Wash your hands more often.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid meat or if there is need, properly cook it
  • Avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of cold or flu
  • Avoid contact with wild or farm animals.

Why there is no one to take care of what is harmful to eat?

Although it does not matter anymore, how it spread, however, it is also a need to take care of that matter too for the future. Food authorities must check and test all the eatable things that people start eating especially if its a new trend.

I am saying this because I have heard many times that Chicken is not safe to eat (in Pakistan). There is always constant fear about that and most sane people are trying to avoid it. Although it is very difficult especially for young people because all the fast food contains Chicken.

However, I did not listen that any food authority or any doctor, etc ever tested how and why it happens. Although doctors suggest not to eat it. Furthermore, if it is true or not or what should we do. In fact, if it is true then why chicken is still the most common type of meat to eat in Pakistan. I know it is available at a cheaper rate than other types of meat but still, human life is more important. Why they do not focus on providing other types of meat at a low cost or why they do not provide any solution for safe meat.

I guess there is already the countless number of problems in Pakistan that these kinds of matters remain unnoticed. However, the developed countries should at least look into these kinds of matters.

Shameful act of selling things on high prices when there is dire need of them:

It is also a question on the morals of people, especially in Pakistan that shopkeepers start selling things at high prices when there is a dire need for that. It does not matter for them whether it is the matter of death or life. What if these people themselves are affected by this. Such an act of immorality by humans.

What if, the fear about Corona virus is more a well-constructed plan and it is not as deadly as it seems:

Recently this revelation and thinking came to mind, so I thought to add it too. As we all know there are more deadly diseases than this. Many people are died by these diseases every day, however, there is no panic about any disease.

What if, this all fear is a well-constructed plan by some secret agency. As we all know, China has one of the biggest trading industries in the world and it is hard for some countries to digest it. Maybe it all started because of that and the fear that surrounds it and some specific countries are sidelined by creating this havoc are all well-planned. Maybe we need to think about it also and there is no need to panic.

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