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Covid-19: Coronavirus finally got its name and it looks like some agent on mission

Coronavirus has expanded with new family member Covid-19 and it seems like a secret agency code number or code of some mission. I mean finally, experts were able to give the name to this new virus and it is like some 007 mission. Whatever it is, it has enclosed all the world within the shell of fear.

Even some rich people or government officials cannot go to some other country for treatment. Everyone is now on equal grounds and no one can say that this person is going outside of the country for some treatment. The irony is, people who were in foreign countries that we can call developed countries quickly came back to Pakistan or still coming. The disadvantage of this quick decision was that they were infected from Covid-19 and they will be a cause of infecting other people.

In Pakistan, it is spreading because of those infected people. However it is not the fault of the government, they could not put a ban on them. The reason is, they know it very well that it will lead to another controversy and opponents and some specific groups will use it as an opportunity to blame discrimination.

All the education institutions and gathering of any kind is prohibited. On one side, this is a good step, however, it is impossible for all people not to go outside. Some people are complaining regarding the closing of education institutions, but in my opinion, it is a good decision.

I know it will affect students studies and more than that it will affect university students and their semester will extend. However, the government cannot take the risk as it will be the first to get blamed if God forbidden Covid-19 will spread in children.

As china took initiative to start education on-line (from homes), if people in Pakistan are so concerned about their school syllabus, they can do it too.

Some people are affected in the term that their marriages are halted. The more affected are the ones who have already paid to marriage-hall and planners and they have lost their money.

Trading is suspended and because of that labors are unable to find work. Restaurant food is also forbidden, where is difficult for people not to eat fast food, it will be a problem for all waiters and workers who work there.

However, these losses are nothing as compared to the loss of that person who earns on a daily basis from restaurants, shopping malls, and markets, etc. The businessman will gain all the profits back by increasing the prices, the marriages can be done afterward, the students will complete the studies in summer or winter vacations.

It is also said that precaution is better than cure, and in my opinion, precaution is better than fear. Millions of people have died by diseases all over the world, who can forget Black death in 16 century, Dengue or Ebola virus. I know Covid-19 spread faster than any of the diseases, but still, there is no use of to be afraid.

I know whenever we open social media, the news is all about Covid-19. One thing that we can do is to try to ignore all this news and just focus on precautions and measures.

I am also against all those remarks that death is uncertain, we have to go to meet our creator, etc. I know, it is but does not make others die with you. Moreover, if it so, then I guess we should make our own graves and lie in it and wait for the Angel of death to reach.

The disease has spread and instead of saying how and why we should focus on the precautions and there is no need to be afraid.
Naz khaliq

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Naz khaliq

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