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Covid-19: People will die because of Ignorance rather than virus itself

Covid-19 emergence and the world have shaken badly but this is not some kind of terror from some specific country, this threat is worldwide.

It is necessary to finally lock down the whole country (Pakistan). In fact, it is necessary to put curfew and who so ever wander (without some emergency) outside of their house in this situation, they should directly put them in isolation even if he/she is not showing symptoms. (not because of the symptoms of the virus, but because of the visible symptoms of ignorance and stupidity.)

The reason to show my anger on this matter is Pakistani people sometimes show too much ignorance. I am experiencing it myself that people are not taking it seriously while the government is requesting them to stay inside.

People are visiting their relatives’ houses in my neighborhood and while asking, they are saying death is uncertain and blah blah.

As I earlier said that if death is uncertain, then no one should go out and earn or do anything. They should just lay down in graves and wait for the death angels.

Moreover, people are thinking that this Covid-19 virus can affect anyone but not them. With this belief, the virus is spreading quickly.

It is not about only those people who do not listen to the news or use social media, people are talking about the serious threat but besides they are not taking any measure.

This is indeed a good step by the government to lock down all cities. In fact, they should do it in the beginning because on a personal level people have no conscience.

In my opinion, the government should ban all traveling when the first case of the virus emerged, as with the news of holidays, people start visiting each other houses from one city to another. Not only from the outside of the country but even from one city to another, people thought it is a good opportunity to enjoy and celebrate the holidays.

People are not taking any precautions on a personal level and will blame officials if something bad happens. Moreover just like Polio about which there is a strong belief in some particular group that it is for controlling the birth rate. For this reason, the Polio workers have to face death threats and even many get killed in some areas of Pakistan. Many avoid and hide their children whenever the Polio team arrives.

The same kind of thinking is regarding Covid-19 where some people believe that there is nothing wrong and this is some fabrication. There is also news circulating around that people ran away from quarantine because of some rumors regarding being killed. The government had to enforce the army to control the situation.

It is true that there is a deadly threat of Covid-19 but the equal amount of threat we are facing is ignorance. These kinds of people will die for sure but more than that they will be a cause of death of thousands of others.

There is no use of starting a campaign on social media for spreading awareness, as these people will not listen unless there will be strict actions from government officials. I am not saying that spreading awareness is wrong but to control this kind of ignorance some strict is needed.

People are not socially responsible or care about the rights of others, if someone does not care about his/her own life, they should think about others.

The only solution is to control people rather than the virus, then everything will be fine.

This nation will not die because of the shortage of vaccine or lack of treatment, it will die because of ignorance.

May God save us from this virus and from the ignorance of people.
Naz khaliq

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Naz khaliq

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