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Cravings in Love are Irresistible and how it feels If you Crave for some Person

by Naz khaliq
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Cravings are not limited to food, it is for all those things, places or even people that we love and desire. Only the person who has craving for these things can realize this feeling. Only those who crave can tell you that it is the most satisfying hobby or habit and it is the most relaxing phenomenon. Craving meanings can be described only by those who have a strong desire for something or someone.

There is a void in the stomach, the brain stops working, you are unable to focus on anything unless you get your favorite food and eat it. You restlessly change your position from here to there. Even someone’s favorite TV.show cannot help in this situation. The thing that happens to me is if I see that food on my favorite TV. Show, I start craving for it. You say to yourself, okay this is it and this is the last time I am eating this. After eating, you are satisfied but only until the next time.

Most people have cravings for fast food, sweets or even tea or coffee. One can tell you that they also like to smell their favorite food as some drug addict. Right before eating, one can smell the chocolate and it can release happy hormones throughout the body. I look at the chocolate, smell it repeatedly, eat it. Once I start eating, it seems difficult to stop at one or two.

It seems ok if you are in a healthy weight ratio, as eating your favorite food does not affect much on your weight. However, your skin can be damaged by eating too much fast food. On the other side, after having it you will feel guilt about the calories you have eaten. Moreover, because of this, you are getting fat. However, this guilt feeling is nothing compared to craving. This is a never-ending process. You cannot get rid of this and food is the only thing that can be the source of happiness for many people.

The craving for a person is more dangerous than food. The reason is that person is not one house away or can come to you on one call like some food delivery. Most of the time the person you crave is far from you.

You cannot always get that person that you are craving. If the other person loves you the same way, then your craving can be satisfied at the right moment. In this case, it is the possibility that you will start craving the next moment or the next morning.

Otherwise, it has dangerous consequences. A person can fall into depression. Every time you start craving for that person, your heart will start beating fast and your mind will seem to be exploded. Even you can have panic attacks because you cannot see them, feel them or have them.

Craving for a person often leads to tolerating their abusive behaviour too. When you crave someone, you just focus on your needs, desires and neglect their toxicity. You neglect the fact that a person is bad for your mental health in the long run. Your heart shuts the brain out and focuses your attention on the right moment.

In some situations, you can even try to fulfill your craving from someone else. However, you are mistaken. The heart needs what it craves for and it cannot be at peace until you feed it with what it wants. If it wants some particular person, it will be only satisfied with that one. You can go to another person but your cravings for that particular one will bring you back.

In both cases, craving for fast food or sweets can destroy your physical health and craving for a person by ignoring their bad traits can destroy mental health.  However, no matter how much people warn you about the dangerous effects of cravings, if you want it, you will struggle to have it. Otherwise, you can never be at peace.

Cravings in love become most painful when you do not get the person you want. Sometimes, it also happens the more you are crazy about a person, the sooner the feelings vanish.

People can try to associate their cravings with something beneficial and healthy.  It seems easy, but it is not. It is like a struggle, to satisfy ourselves temporarily.

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