Item songs and the Slogan “Stop Objectifying Women”

Women of the entertainment industry defend Item songs but they Complain about Objectification. Women of today are more conscious and educated than before. They raise many issues and highlight all the injustice that society or men do to them. These voices are mostly of some influential woman otherwise women’s voices and their real issues are unheard.

Out of these influential women are women of Showbiz. Society is affected by the Showbiz industry and by the characters these actors play on screen. Even people who follow them try to adapt to their lifestyle.

1) Women Performing Item songs are a reason that society objectifies women:

One of the complain or issue that women of today raise are that society objectifies women and that men should stop objectifying a woman. In my opinion, these women are also one of the main reasons that society has started to objectify women.

Society particularly men (as mostly rules are set by them) sees a woman as an object. They want to see women, judge her on her physical appearance, it makes them happy. This is a common phenomenon. The issue is not on the presence of a woman in movies or dramas. This is their work, many are portraying strong characters, doing their job, we respect their choice. However, the issue is when a woman starts complaining about those issues that they themselves have created.

As someone has said, it is to show, this is the reason that it is called Showbiz. And the Show is of woman. If we leave dramas aside, in advertisement and in movies, a woman is just for show, no action, no intelligence, just some dance moves, some romantic scenes with the male lead. They hardly show a woman who can speak of her mind, they hardly show a woman who can write, who can give views on politics or any other social issue. This is one of the reasons, men of our society also consider woman as an object that only exists to satisfy their needs.

One of the answers that some women can give that all characters or movies are mostly made by men. Men are not forcing women to come into these movies to do item songs and to come in advertisements. Women are earning a lot of money by doing these. But then they should not complain about how men see them, how men objectify them. When you are performing as an item in an item song, then you are an item, an object that people use.

You are talking about how your body moves, how perfect is your chest, hips, how much pleasure you can give to a man. Then how can you expect from men or any other person to respect you and not see you as an object?

Bollywood is replete with these kinds of Item songs and it is like no one from India criticized it before. Some people have done it, but nothing can stop these songs. They add good music, high beats, amazing dance moves, everyone goes crazy and hardly anyone thinks about the lyrics. We are just adding the link of new song “Ek Toh Kum Zindagani” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj9WzSyI1j4

Feminists can listen to this song again and see what these women are trying to offer to society.

By continuously adding item songs, now it has become necessary that a movie cannot be completed without an item song. This idea has definitely come from Bollywood as Hollywood movies are mostly consisting of strong content that they don’t need songs. And Pakistani showbiz industry is just following the Indian entertainment industry.

If you are portraying as an item, how people will look you as a strong woman. Yes, you can be strong enough to dance naked, but you are not strong enough that anyone can consider to cast you as a solo actress. People can come to the cinema to enjoy your Item song, but they will hardly watch it if the whole film is based on you. (bitter truth)

However, Bollywood has started to produce some movies, in which they are giving women their space. Many movies are based on women, but item songs are still a necessity. In a movie, one woman is portraying as a police officer, an agent and in the same movie, another woman is dancing semi-nude on some song with explicit lyrics that are pointing every part of her body.

We have no problem with their work, they have chosen this, it’s their personal matter. However, associating it with Women’s empowerment is ridiculous. For you, women empowerment is to expose your body and there are many who are struggling for that Woman empowerment that will allow them to get an education and to free from any type of harassment.

Come relax, have Max fun
………….Bite me
I am instrument play me
(Dance can be pure form of art, but this is definitely not)

Recently, Neelum Muneer also done an item song, and she tried to escape from all the backlash by putting all blame on ISPR. To know the whole story, check this youtube video by Sana’s Bucket. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwymtsrxhJ0

2) Stop Complaining about Objectifying:

This is your personal matter what you are doing is not our concern, however, these actresses should stop spreading the message of women empowerment. They should stop complaining about objectifying. They should not be an ambassador of women’s empowerment. What message you are trying to give, you are confused.

  • Stop saying that this is women empowerment, this is your work and this is what you are earning from. If some woman is working as a doctor, people will call her doctor, if you are doing an item song, people will call you an Item and you should check the definition of an “Item”.
  • Those who chant the slogan of women empowerment kindly use this media platform to portray those characters that can bring change in the society. It can change the thinking of men of our society towards women that they are also a respectable and important part of society.
  • There is enough of struggle we women are doing to get a respectable place in the society. Stop confusing and complicating everything.
check out video on Youtube

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