What’s Wrong with Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi? Banning Culture of Pakistan

Pemra recently issued a notice to Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi a popular Pakistani drama on Tv-one that people are praising. We all know about the banning culture in Pakistan and Pemra’s action against some Pakistani dramas and movies. We totally believe that there should be a check and balance in the entertainment industry too, but what are the criteria?

Where in the past, some Pakistani dramas and movies were banned for one reason or another. There is a recent controversy regarding the Pakistani drama Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi.

Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi is currently on-air on Tv-one. This is the first drama from some not so popular channel that people fell in love with.

Many sensible minds are praising the drama for highlighting some serious issues in Pakistan that some people do not like to discuss.

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The drama is highlighting the issue of the child or human trafficking in a sensible way and it includes famous names like Yumna Zaidi and Yasra Rizvi. Both actresses are justifying their roles and highlighting the misery of humans particularly women. Other than these two the whole cast is doing an amazing job. The drama deserves more appreciation. The makers took the courage to work on those issues that usually people do not like to watch.

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Perhaps we need time to digest the truth and reality instead of shutting our eyes to serious issues. If someone says, there is nothing like this happening here and makers are just spoiling the name of Pakistan, then this is the biggest dreamland in which they are living.

The reality is heinous and far more complex than it seems. There are many areas in Pakistan where people sell even their own daughters or women are being sold by giving false hopes of a better life. Many women leave their houses in the hope of getting a good job but in return, they are trapped in an unending series of crimes. They not only lose their honour but also the hope to live a life of worth.

Some try to run away but they cannot and God knows how many are dead in the hands of these cruel people.

The questions that arise are:

  • Is it justified to air Pakistani dramas of multiple affairs of men and women, domestic violence on women, the wretched women, the cruel in-laws, the zero progress stories?
  • Should we only watch romance stories that are not even close to reality?
  • Should we turn blind eyes to whatever happening in our society only to prove that nothing is happening and everything is pure in our country?
  • Or should we encourage such makers to highlight these serious issues to show the government to take action against all these crimes?

The thing is we all are not blind not to see the prostitute culture, availability of Alcohol at highly influential parties, the rapes of children and the violence on women.

There is no need to provide evidence of all these, we all know and just need to take a glance around us.

It’s not like, just because we are not talking about something, there is nothing wrong. Everything is wrong around us and we need to correct it by highlighting it.

This is the responsibility of law administrations to control and eradicate these crimes rather than to shut the mouths of people who try to talk about them.

Instead of issuing a notice to Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi for portraying a bad image of Pakistan, officials should try to do some hard work to eradicate the crimes. This is also a fact that behind these criminals, there are strong people who support them, otherwise, it seems impossible that Police and agencies do not have any idea about them.

Here are the top 6 Banned Pakistani dramas and movies:


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