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Dreams: 5 types of weird dreams that people experience daily

Dreams are those events or incidents that go in our unconscious mind and when we sleep we start having them as dreams. It is also said that even if we look or think about something for some seconds and we do not notice that we did, it can come into our dreams. A small gaze or small thought can bring something or some person into our dreams. Although sometimes I think, it’s weird, I did not think about this particular person or thing but it came to my dream.

Some people say that it is a sign of something, I mean just like if your stomach is upset, you will have more dreams. Some people say that whatever they see in dreams, it turns into reality. It is also said by some people that if you see some snake in your dream, it means that some enemy is after you. People go to experts to asks about the meaning of their dreams, sometimes they meet with genuine dream interpreter and sometimes they just waste their money on some fraud.

Types of dreams that I experience and You can relate to them:

However, there are some common dreams that every second person sees that are flying or being chased by someone. Here are some of my dreams that are repetitive and one of them is (I bet ) different but I do not have any idea why I have this one.

Hair on Tongue:

  • I often have a horrifying or weird dream that I got hair on my tongue and when I see them in the mirror, I get terrified and says that oh, the only thing that left was tongue and now I am getting hair on the tongue too.
  • I do not why I have this dream or is this something to be afraid of. But in my opinion, there are two reasons for it, I guess when I do backbiting, my conscience hit me back in my dreams or when I say something harsh to someone. Lolz. Or because I always say, I am a hairy person so the thing comes back again in my dreams.

Flying and Chasing:

  • Other than that I often have a dream about flying and that someone is chasing me. I like the dream of flying, it happens as I am on some high place like some mountain and I move my arms and it becomes wings and then I start flying. Chasing is like a frightening dream in which someone is chasing me and I am afraid and running here and there.

Some Celebrity:

  • I have to confess that I also saw some actors or actresses in my dream too. Sometimes it happens that I am about to eat something and sometimes right before my eating, I wake up and I do not like this at all. I mean I was just about to eat and I could not and it is heartbreaking.

School life instead of the fact that you have left it long ago:

  • I also see my school building, that I am studying there or having exams (more often). Sometimes that I have forgotten my roll no slip and they will not allow me to sit in exams without it. Sometimes that I could not succeed in exams etc.

Creepy animals:

  • I have also seen snakes, lizards too, maybe it is because I really despise especially lizard that just crawls on my house wall without any reason and it is just unbearable for me.

These are the most common and some are weird types of dreams that I have experienced. If you have any weird kind of repetitive dream that you think is different from others, you can share it in the comment section.
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