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Netflix Elite: Story of rich, spoiled and confused youth

ByNaz khaliq

Mar 25, 2022

Netflix Elite cast

Spanish drama Elite on Netflix with English Subtitles trends whenever a new season comes out. There are three seasons of this drama right now streaming and trending on Netflix but is it really worth it?

In Netflix Elite, there is class division, a struggle for a better future, a struggle to find true love, a war to maintain class superiority and a struggle to fit in a new society and environment.

However, as the name suggests, the main theme is class division as it is common everywhere in the world and for this reason, in every drama.

Netflix Show Elite Story Summary:

The drama Elite starts with Marina’s murder and then the whole story continues along with the murder investigation.

Elite Netflix has two classes, one is high class and the other is poor. The rich one contains arrogant, egoistic, proud youth whose focus is just on grabbing and snatching more and more. I am literally afraid of these all rich people and the way they portray them in dramas, although Parasite movie (Korean) provided insight into poor ones too. Read it here: https://dribblingthoughts.com/parasite/

The poor one is represented by three people who are migrated from some other school as their school collapsed after some bombarding. This group contains three teens Nadia and her two friends Samuel and Christian. Nadia is Muslim so she faces discrimination in this sense too.

Nadia is ambitious and she wants to succeed in her studies. Samuel looked confused at me. Christian is impressed by all the hype of the upper class and he tries to merge in them forcibly. The other main group is all upper-class kids who are proud of their wealth and standard. The destinies of these kids are intertwined.

Nadia fell in love with the rich Guzman, and Samuel fell in love with Guzman’s sister Marina. Christian becomes the pet of a rich couple Polo and Carla who use him in their sexual relationship (basically a threesome) until Marina is murdered by someone. Marina is also involved with Samuel’s older brother Nano, in fact, they have a sexual relationship way before Marina has with Samuel.

Netflix Elite

A confused Youth in Elite:

The first thing that I noticed is every person even if it is rich or poor is confused about whether it’s about identity or whether its a relationship.

  • Nadia is a Muslim who is confused about how to maintain the boundaries of religion along with her relationship with Guzman (a rich teen).
  • Nadia’s brother Omar (a gay) is confused and struck with a rich teen Ander. He struggles with the same to maintain religious boundaries he has to hide his relationship with Ander (The same goes for Ander). Although both Nadia and Omar struggle because of their class difference too.
  • Guzman is confused in terms of the relationship. He has no idea who he should choose and who makes him happy. Before Nadia come to school, he has a relationship with Lu, however, this relationship remains on and off in both seasons. After Nadia comes, he falls for her but is unable to sustain it because of religious differences.
  • Guzman’s sister Marina is also a confused person, in the beginning, we think that she likes Samuel, and she does too. However, with the passage of time, she fell for his older brother Nano. Her relationship with Samuel and Nano continues side by side until she is murdered.
  • Polo and Carla who are a couple, offer Christian to be their sexual partner in order to add spice to their relationship. Christian is in a hurry to mix up with Elite so he has no problem and also because Carla is so beautiful. Everything is working for them until Nano steals expensive watches from Carla’s house with the help of Marina. Polo and Carla both are confused about their relationship but they try to drag it out as much as they can.
  • Lu who is the most selfish from the Elite group seems confident until her half-brother enters in season 2. He has a crush on Lu, in fact, wants to maintain a relationship. At the start, Lu does not show any interest but she is already fed up by running after Guzman that she kisses him. However, Valerio later decides that he is no longer interested in her because of her selfish nature. One thing that I figured out, she tries to overshadow others because she is unhappy in her life regarding love.
  • In both seasons of Netflix Elite and in almost every episode we can find drugs. This confused generation tries to find solace in drugs. The main source of drug supplier is Nano, however, almost every second person do drugs, sometimes for fun and sometimes in distress.

What I like:

Nadia wears a hijab in the beginning and when the principal asks her to take it off, she resists. The principal gives the logic that there is no need to show off or display religiosity as their school is not that kind of place. I like the way when Nadia says that these all rich kids display their status including expensive clothes, watches, jewellery, cars, etc. So, if wearing a hijab is the display of something specific they all should be banned too.

This is so true. Every person in this world, tries or brag or show off from which other people are affected (mentally or emotionally). However, we have made religion some sort of thing to criticize everywhere. The root of evil is other things that should be taken care of and I guess the worst is this class division.

Netflix Elite

What was missing in Elite:

  • The focus of ambitions suddenly shifts to the relationship that almost destroys Nadia’s life as she seems to be the only girl who was ambitious about her career.

The whole drama is based on Marina’s murder mystery, who killed her, what would be the motif etc. Then with the progress of the story, I thought maybe someone killed her because of jealousy. Maybe Nano in anger or maybe Samuel in jealousy or maybe she knows something about someone (I crave shocking disclosures).

However, Polo hits her head with the sculpture and she is unable to breathe again. The reason was so trivial (at least for me) that he hit her to take the watch from her that Nano had stolen from Carla’s house.

The drama is alright, it’s not like wow what a great story. The girls are so beautiful and the men are so handsome. Everything is shining like glitters and this is the reason the drama is on top trending every time it comes on Netflix. Of course the steamy s*x scenes are enough to attract a large audience.

By looking at the confused youth in every drama, it seems that Youth in real life is diverting from their ambitions and career and switching from one partner to another because of their confusion. They are not at peace and their state of mind is confused.

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