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10 Top English Best Friends Movies Who Turned into Lovers

ByNaz khaliq

Dec 2, 2021
best friends movies

It is always fun to watch best friends movies, and it is sometimes more fun to watch these best friends turning into lovers and life partners. We have a list of some English best friends movies where the friends fell in love with each other.

1: Love, Rosie (2014):

English best friends movies

This is one of the English love story movies that is based on the novel Where Rainbows Ends. The plot revolves around Alex and Rosie who have been friends for quite a long time. Alex gradually realizes that he has romantic feelings for Rosie while Rosie just wants to be friends. she gets pregnant from someone else child and after giving birth to a baby girl, Alex becomes her Godfather. After many years of staying with other people, they both realize that they are the best partners for each other. Love, Rosie cast has Lilly Collins and Sam Claflin in lead roles. The genre of the movie is a romantic comedy.

2: Friends with Benefits (2011):

English best friends movies

This is one of the best friends movies that is a romantic comedy movie. Jamie and Dylan become platonic friends. After having sex for few times, they return back to just friends. They tell their families that they are just friends. After having a few arguments and being perplexed about their feelings, they confess their love for each other. The cast includes Justin Timberlake and Mila Kuis. The movie is also available on Netflix.

3: Juno (2007):

English best friends movies

The movie plot revolves around Juno who gets pregnant with the baby of her best friend Paulie. Juno does not want the child and thinks to abort the child but she cannot. With the passage of time, she gets emotionally attached to the child and starts feelings for Paulie. Before that, she always used to ignore him and especially after an unexpected pregnancy avoided him. Paulie confesses that he is always in love with her and he would love to take care of their child. Juno cast includes Elliot Page and Michael Cera.

4: The Duff (2015):

English best friends movies

This is one of the English best friends movies based on the novel of the same name. The movie plot revolves around Biance who is friends with the popular girls of the school. One day, her best friend and neighbour Wesley reveals to her that she is a Duff, a person who people keep as an extra in the group. She also realizes that people only use her to reach other popular friends.

She feels humiliated but asks Wesley to make her the popular girl with all her qualities. In return, she offers her help to Wesley in his science test. Amidst all this learning they became close and fell in love with each other. The Duff cast includes Mae Whitman and Robbie Amell.

5: Just Friends (2005):

English best friends movies

The story of this best friend who falls in love revolves around Chris an obese high school student who loves his best friend Jamie. He writes all his confessions in a notebook that is caught by schoolfellows. They humiliate him at the party leaving him heartbroken. Jamie also clarifies that she doesn’t love him. Chris leaves the town and after a few years becomes a successful man and also a handsome one. The circumstances lead him to reach the town again where he struggles with his past love for Jamie.

After lots of troubles and difficulties, Chris again confesses his love for Jamie and Jamie also realizes that her true love can only be Chris. It is one of the popular English best friends movies. Just Friends cast includes Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in lead roles.

6: The F Word (2013):

English best friends movies

This is a Canadian Comedy movie. Wallace and Chantry become friends after meeting at a party. They develop a connection and have a discussion on various topics. They both are struggling with their relationship with random people. Gradually they start feeling for each other but are unable to confess. After lots of struggle, they confess to each other and get married in the end. The F World cast has Daniel Radcliff and Zoe Kazan.

7: Made of Honor (2008):

English best friends movies

Tom and Hannah have been best friends for 10 years. Tom dates a new girl every week while Hannah is more concerned about her future. Hannah decides to leave for Scotland to pursue her career. After her departure, Tom feels that without Hanah, he feels empty. He realizes his love for Hannah. However, Hannah comes back with the news that she is engaged and she asks Tom to be her maid of honour.

Tom tries his best to win Hannah but his past and image of a playboy cause problems for him. Tom finally makes a place in Hannah’s heart as a lover and he is able to stop the wedding right before the wedding oaths.

8: Love & Basketball (2000):

English best friends movies

The first meeting of Monica and Quincy is in childhood. They both love basketball and it is their passion. It is easy for Quincy to pursue his passion for basketball but it is hard for Monica to go against society’s set standards for women. After some years, they meet again and it is the same for both. Monica tries her best to achieve her dream of becoming a successful basketball player. the movie focuses on their passion for basketball and love for each other that grows with time. This is one of the best Friends movies that is highly praised by critics.

9: No Strings Attached (2011):

English best friends movies

It is one of the popular best friends movies who turned into lovers. The cast includes Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. The movie plot revolves around Emma and Adam who start having a sexual relationship on the term that there will not be emotions involved. They often meet and spend romantic time together but are persistent on their terms. Adam is the one who starts feeling for Emma and treats her more romantically. Emma ends their relationship but eventually finds herself in his arms. They both become lovers by heart.

10: The Wedding Singer (1998):

English best friends movies

Robbie and Julia become friends and they are engaged to their respective partners. Robbie’s fiance leaves him on his wedding day and his life is highly disturbed. Later Julia asks for his help in her wedding preparations. During the wedding events, Robbies comes to know that Julia’s fiance treats her like trash. Gradually they develop feelings for each other. This is one of the best friends movies that is a romantic comedy. The cast includes Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore.

This is our list of top best friends fall in love movies. How many have you watched?

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